Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

“Pizza makes me think that anything is possible…” –Henry Rollins

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

The next time that somebody asks me: “where did you have the best pizza that you have ever eaten?” I will no longer need to reminisce over all of the lakeside pizzerias consumed on my 2 week Italian adventure…

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

Because he best pizza that I have ever has officially been experienced…right here at home.


Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

Can you believe that this marvellous looking pizza was born out of my own kitchen…My own! I am radiant with pride. From dust to dough; and from dough to delicious…this pizza is box free and dirt cheap! I currently have all of the flour stains on my shirt to prove that I really made it, too.

But what’s even more crazy, is that typical Tash completely forgot to buy both passata AND yeast -(which pretty much remain two of the most necessary pizza ingredients to date) – yet, this pizza still managed to rival a rich standard of total perfection?!  Here, I will be giving you the recipe for the yeast version that I had originally intended to use, but I will also add the cheeky baking powder edition that actually saved me on this one…#Iloveitwhenamiraclecomestogether.

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

I was amazed for the rest of the entire evening. The house smelt like a culinary, Italian wonderland. And now, every time I open the fridge, there sits a (huge) intact pizza, staring back at me and crying out because it so badly wants to be today’s breakfast…

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

And although the kitchen later looked like it had been targeted by madmen with flour bombs – the sweet smell of Mediterranean herbs and vegetables basking in films of olive oil in the oven was becoming mouth wateringly heavenly…I can’t let my tornado-like way of baking ruin my future destiny with home-made pizzas. I cannot wait to do this all. Over. Again….very frequently for the rest of my life…

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

It also kind of killed me to take decent pictures. All I wanted to do was grab the pizza with 2 hands; pull apart the cheesy middle and to let the smooth, olive oiled tomatoes intensity every succulent bite of pepper and greens…but instead, I let the stomach rumbling reign as I snapped away in haste…I knew I would regret it if I didn’t…

“If I didn’t blog about it – it didn’t happen” – Tania.

But man, looking back, there sure was a lot of everything on here…

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

Furthermore, this pizza simply had to involve peaches in some way, shape, or form…I don’t really know why, but peaches are summery; and I love all of peaches, summer and pizza – so surely this couldn’t go wrong? I didn’t question the taste. I just knew that sliced peaches baked onto pizza dough would create exactly the flavours that I was vouching for – so I just rolled with it and embraced the craving, before throwing on some leafy green spinach to round everything out…

This was the best. Idea. Ever.  Like, ever. You don’t actually know the true potential of ‘combination’ until you have done a YOLO on a custom designed pizza of your own… 

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

I really didn’t think that this kind of delicious success would even be possible – never in my wildest dreams. In fact, I waited hesitantly for the thing to bake, whilst being 86.7% ready to finish off the last 2 slices of stale Hovis with some pre-cut slices of cheddar cheese for dinner instead – (I’ve had too many esteem crushing disasters with dough before)….

When I first started out to make these, I still believed that only the world’s best cooks could make create something which so  was visually appealing and truly yummy at the same time. I am a perfectionist – good food needs good pictures. My pizza was confidence was zero. I had no yeast or base, but I went for it anyway (I needed pizza!) – but the results truly were utterly superb: 

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

This pizza makes me so proud. This pizza makes me feel like anything is possible –my new motto is: if in doubt…try it out. 

Good things come from doing something new!

And hey, I also appear to be getting better at math…

(Pizza + peaches) + Sunshine = Happiness.

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

Let’s double the pride.

This is a new take on the 1+1 = 2 analogy – no calculator needed.

This was pizza was definitely the best-made decision of the week. I would marry it if I could.

But how years have passed – void of home-made pizza? The thought of this number makes me so sad; a figure I don’t want to regress on…

My mum always said that one should never eat out anything that could be made better at home…Restaurant pizza was my full-time, eat out hobby – I mean, Prezzo has been my favourite Italian restaurant for years… Eating pizza out was a treat –something which could truly not be made at home…a £10 pizza was a regular necessity…But this is no more. It would be pretty damn difficult for any restaurant to out-dothe freshly baked beauty that joined me for dinner this evening…

I am officially converted to team home-made pizza.

And on top of that; I feel like I have been semi born again….

Home-made pizza is definitely good for the soul, – and who could argue with the mountain load of veggies that you can cram so easily onto it?! There is one colourful vitamin fest happening right here:

(Makes 2 large pizzas, serves 4).

For the dough:

  • 2 ½ C flour
  • 1 C warm water (45* C)
  • 2 tbsp Olive oil
  • ¾ Tbsp salt
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1-3/4 tbsp dry active yeast.
  1. In a large bowl, dissolve the yeast + brown sugar – leave to sit for 10 minutes.
  2. Stir in the salt, pepper + oil, and then the flour.
  3. Turn out the dough onto a well floured surface and knead it until it is no longer sticky.
  4. Put the dough into an oiled bowl + cover it – come back in an hour, after which it should have risen and doubled in size.
  5. Punch the dough to form 2 tight balls. Leave to sit for a minute before rolling out to make 2 crusts. Leave to stand for 10-20 minutes to rise before adding the toppings and baking in a pre-heated oven at 200C* for 20-25 minutes (see below).

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

(My actual dough was basically 2 ½ cups of flour mixed with 1C warm water and 3 tsp baking powder + the salt, pepper and oil) I kneaded it immediately and didn’t wait for it to rise – it came out pretty good! A little firmer than most crusts and quite dense, but nevertheless tasty and fresh! (I like dense bread). Next time though, I will 100% have yeast on hand and I will follow the recipe that I had meant to the first time. I still swear that this is the best pizza that I have ever eaten though…

For the topping:

  • 1/2 medium Jar of pomodoro/bolognese pasta sauce – This may be cheating (big time) – but I had no passata, or chopped tomatoes (why did I decide to make a pizza, again?) But the sauce was incredible!! It created such a fruity and sweet flavour – it really thickened the topping…it was flavourful, sweet and rich…the flavour was already there. I prefer to use brands without any added sweeteners or preservatives. Mix in some extra tomato puree if you prefer to ‘naturalize’ the flavour a bit. I highly recommend this if you have no passata on hand; it truly adds another dimension of flavour to the pizza! – It’s a familiar taste used in a way that you haven’t really tried before, which turns out great!
  • Extra sprinkles of basil, parsley, thyme, oregano and black/white pepper…
  • Caramelized onions (roasted/sautéd ahead of time) + other toppings. Go crazy. Add anything and everything. I even added some artichokes that had been coated in olive oil and herbs…fabulous! Don’t forget your olives, extra tomatoes, spinach and peaches!
  • Compulsory olive oil for drizzling.
  • Kilo’s and kilo’s of mozzarella. 
  1. Spread the sauce over the pizza base, you may/may not have some left over – but just use as much as you would like. (I like loads).
  2. Sprinkle on the herbs…
  3. Heap on the veg + meat as desired…
  4. Throw on the mozzarella. Make mountains.
  5. Drizzle on some extra olive oil and some dried chillis if you are into them (highly recommended).
  6. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200C* for 20-25 minutes. When the crust has turned golden and the veggies are caramelized, it is done.
  7. Admire the sight….
  8. Add extra olive oil and perhaps some balsamic (It’s all good for you!)
  9. Stand in awe.
  10. Look at the clock – it shouldn’t even be an hour from start to finish.
  11. Decide to never order pizza from out again.

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

This pizza = summer.

I am craving some more now (but luckily, my home alone self still has at least 2 days worth of leftovers in the fridge…)

London is currently heating up for another 28 degree day! Yippee! I am looking forward to reading some of my new fiction purchases in the garden later! (Courtesy of Amazon).

Is anyone else a fan of home-made pizza? Do you have any hints/tips for the crust? Or even some topping suggestions? I am still so new to this!

Or more importantly, I should ask: What is your favourite kind of pizza?

Have a great week, and don’t forget to make room for this pizza on at least one night (or three!) this week!

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza Summer Peach and Caramelized Vegetable Pizza

Tash x

Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets.

Perhaps I am finally turning into a (part-time) salad girl after all?

Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets.

A salad without salad = my kind of salad.

Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets.

Therefore…A warm, sweet, starchy and lettuce free salad topped with a kilo of goats cheese = my firmed favourite kind of “salad”. This is the flexitarian in me coming out…

Rich and soft goat’s cheese meets fluffiness and juice; beets do serious business in balsamic; and a medley of world spices work together to raise the taste resolution here immensely…

Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets.

I admit that I didn’t really know what I was doing; however I have heard that the best cook is an empty stomach…so I rolled with this motto and just threw everything in in the name of intuition…

Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets.

I present to you: Perfection:

“Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; whilst lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce make it Chinese…and, garlic? Garlic makes it good” –Alice may Brock.

(This is the taste buds talking).

What even is this dish then? You decide.

Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets.

Although there are greens in this salad – they have been sautéed, salted, and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and spruced up with Mediterranean spices. There is no iceberg, rocket nor any species of mainstream salad veg anywhere to be found, but we are using seasonal produce in an equally ethical way anyway…

“The garden suggests that there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway”—Michael Pollan


I also think that I mentioned in a recent post about how goats cheese is my number 1 new love…It is so thick, crumbly, spreadable and densely creamy all at the same time; there is simply nothing comparable to it! I have also been shocked by its versatility… (I will soon be sharing the goat’s cheese smoothie with you! –And yes, you read that right; there are clearly no limits to our love).

Goat’s cheese adds both texture and taste to anything; be it sweet or savoury. I can also think of a bunch of autumn/fall recipes that would turn weak-kneed at the prospect of goat’s cheese!  – Just think of all of those pumpkin dishes which could marry it too!

I very rarely find a combination that I truly fall head over heels in love with –since ingredients always seem to be more than open for substitution, but here? – Everything was just right…

Right now, it would actually pain me to switch something up. Although I wouldn’t mind adding something a little more…perhaps a drizzle of maple syrup or some extra pumpkin/glazed baby carrots and seasoned bulgur wheat.

I have stars in my eyes.

Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets. Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets.

Despite being a vegetarian dish, this salad brings with it a sensational feeling of satiety and fullness. The wholesomeness of the sweet potato, combined with the richness of the goats cheese and the delicate film of olive oil truly warms your inside and fills every patch of hunger inside…the optional pumpkin seeds add an unexpected crunch, a few extra nutrients and a bit of aesthetics for the photo.

Do I need to convince you any more that I really, really enjoyed this, and that you should too?

Goats cheese, sweet potato, greens and beets carry a certain ‘theme’ to theme…Like, they create the image of a certain type of salad which you just know you would love if they are your kind of things…Take no risk. Do it. Now:

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • 2 bunches of spring greens, chopped.
  • 1 Medium, chopped red onion.
  • Olive oil for frying.
  • 1 clove of crushed garlic.
  • Sprinkles of salt, pepper, parsley, oregano, basil, mixed spice, thyme and sage…none of these are incredibly over powering; so just literally go according to your taste buds or try ½ -1 teaspoon of each.
  • Large sweet potato, diced + cooked.
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • 2 cooked, medium beets, chopped.
  • 2 tbsp apricot conserve.
  • Goat’s cheese!! (Tonnes of it).

onion Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets.


  1. Fry the beets in the balsamic and some salt on high heat until they are caramelized (2-3 mins), then set aside.
  2. Fry the onions + garlic in the spices, adding the seasonal greens once they start to turn clear. Sauté for a few minutes, adding the beets.
  3. Microwave the apricot conserve so that it melts, before using it to coat the sweet potato. Add this to the pan.
  4. Remove from heat once cooked through and the vegetables are tender but not quite wilted.
  5. Serve between 2 plates, adding the goats cheese and pumpkins seeds to suit your liking.
  6. Make up a name for this beautiful dish…before repeating for 3 dinners in a row…
  7. Enjoy!

Yum! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. If there’s something that sounds weird in the recipe, I apologise! I was just really having fun with throwing everything and anything together on the spot…

Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets.Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets.Apricot-glazed sweet potato and goats cheese salad with caramelized balsamic beets.

I have also learnt 5 hours of sleep for 3 nights straight is not a good way to go about 10 hour days on ones feet…extreme irritability and heavy reluctance to do anything becomes a recurring way of life. The eye bags have also been on a roll this week…This morning is another 5am wakeup. I tried to have a go at writing this up last night – but my batteries were drained and refused to co-operate after yet another long day in waitress world. At least it is not thundering and pelting down rain outside (The skies of London were insanely lit up last week).

It feels weird to say ‘last week’ is it Monday already?! That’s a good thing over here. I haven’t had a day off for 5 days now. Monday = Friday in the waitressing world (this week, at least) – TGIM. But that said, London tube trains on the earliest hours of a Monday are always freaky…there is a strange sense of ‘dead dawn’ lingering in the air…and the early morning commuters are always a little more scary/stare a lot more than the 9am ones…

Even though I TGIM, I am getting a little upset by the subtle drawing back of the days – it is only July, but already, the mornings are getting brighter 15 minutes later than I prefer them to, and the evenings are hazier by around 7pm… June contains the longest days of the year, but it has already been and gone! I don’t know how I am going to cope without the abundance of natural lighting for food pictures after autumn has begun to set in…Season change = grief.

My mum is currently away at the moment. Before she left the country, she sent me the cutest text – something that only a mum could ever remember to do whilst she is excited to go off on her travels…she reminded me that some long life milk is always “behind the door or opposite the dishwasher” if we need anyway…. <3 It’s the little things…

Happy Monday! Have a great week! – And remember to try out some goats cheese in a salad without the salad!

IMG_1963 - Copy

Tash x

Bacon, Fried Eggs & Bubble and Squeak: Canteen at the Royal Festival Hall

Could this possibly be the best bacon, fried eggs & bubble and squeak dish in London?

Canteen london the royal festival hall bacon fried egg bubble and squeak

Wake up; see the London eye and smell the wholesome brunch wafting out of here…

Canteen london the royal festival hall bacon fried egg bubble and squeak

The Royal Festival Hall branch of Canteen definitely knows how to flatter its Clarence Court eggs…

Canteen london the royal festival hall bacon fried egg bubble and squeak

What do you get when golden potato becomes paired with some fresh sizzling bacon? And when these sunny-side yolks waste absolutely no time springing into action…?

Action shot:

Canteen london the royal festival hall bacon fried egg bubble and squeak

…There are very few other words for this.

But breakfast is served! (And all day, too!)

With 2 other branches dotted around some of the most accessible locations in London (Spitalfields + Canary Wharf – Canteen on Southbank offers some of the heartiest, and most pure English breakfasts in the city…

Currently standing as one of the most popular items on the menu; the bacon, fried eggs and bubble and squeak here is cooked to a traditional standard of perfection…

Canteen london the royal festival hall bacon fried egg bubble and squeak

I am not even a savoury break-faster, nor the biggest fan of bacon. But canteen totally overwhelms one with a temptation to try comfort food in delicious new setting!

Other breakfast/brunch options include the ‘full works’ with some extra baked beans or black pudding, a selection of chapter-thick bacon butties and chunky sausages. That is in addition to a variety of sweets like: scotch pancakes with banana, or granola with stewed fruits…all served with thick Greek yogurt and the some fruity, syrupy drizzles…the eggs Benedict/royale dishes here are famous for their rich homemade hollandaise. Even the raspberry jam and Seville orange marmalade at Canteen 100% home-made – such a treat when served with real butter on a toasted English muffin, or on fresh granary bread and almond croissants…(Un-pictured).

In addition, the Union hand roasted coffee that they serve here with organic milk will also promise you a good day ahead too…

Canteen london the royal festival hall bacon fried egg bubble and squeak coffee

The restaurant is modern and spacious, whilst the windows are big.  At 9am on a Saturday morning, Canteen at the Royal Festival Hall is a haven of calamity before the city gets going for noon. I cannot speak for the other 2 branches; but the Royal Festival Hall brunch is so central and large! There is plenty of room with comfy booths and a rainbow of freshly squeezed juices (Carrot, orange, apple and lemonade!)

They also say that you shouldn’t eat out what you can make at home…but you simply cannot make Canteen’s eggs at home. You need to get some of your own – freshly cooked to order, and enjoyed out in the hazy delight of some morning sunshine…don’t forget to bring a good book or a laptop! (free Wi-fi!).

These yolks were too good to not expose in a world where sharing = caring…

Canteen london the royal festival hall bacon fried egg bubble and squeak

And I for one, care a lot about excellent eggs and fluffy, fried potato…It is pretty hard to find a solid, breakfast/brunch place in central London with wide variety, good portions and decent prices. The only restaurant that I could compare the food to would be the Breakfast Club, however the BC is much more of an American style ‘diner’/shack, rather than a cafe-restaurant hybrid with a varied mix of comfort food and quality coffees (even if the BC’S pancakes and cream will forever remain second to none)

- But overall, the big breakfasts at Canteen are highly recommended!

Canteen london the royal festival hall bacon fried egg bubble and squeak Canteen london the royal festival hall bacon fried egg bubble and squeak breakfast menu

Take a look @

*Once again, all views expressed are my own opinion; and I am not gaining anything from Canteen London in exchange for my thoughts. (This is a recommendation post, and not a review).

Have a lovely Sunday and enjoy the sunshine!

Tash x

Eat ‘n’ Mess meets Southbank – Cakes, cakes and, even more…CAKE!

“All sorrows in life stem from the lack of cake”. ― C. JoyBell.

Eat ‘N’ Mess has found me… (And by all means, bow down to this amazing name…)

Allow me to me explain…

Eat 'n' mess cakes, london

On a 28 degree summer day in London city; there is simply no scene that beats that of the Real Food Market – Southbank’s weekend BBQ . Here, the world becomes a single plate; paella, flatbreads, stews, bruschetta and mezze take over the terrace; the air is smoky and smells proper Mexican, too…  Meanwhile, chunky farm fresh patties are being paired with fluffy white buns on a back to back basis for hours on end. Drool.

Can you resist a brick sized brownie? That giant stack of choco-rich, molten slabs glistening in the sunlight is incomparable to none…

Or would you prefer some coffee and fudge? Could you even handle a Baileys cheesecake on a day like this? Let’s see!

And there are crepes here too…(!!)

The Real Food Market London Southbank

One utterly experiences ‘decision or die’, here.

However, amidst the meaty sizzles and worldwide delights, a square shaped haven lures me in with its sweet, sweet whispers…boasting a peaceful contrast to the hustle and bustle surrounding it…What could this be?

Eat 'n' mess cakes, london

If what you see is what you get, then tell me: what do you get if all that you see is perfection?

Eat ‘N’ Mess = the answer you are looking for!

P.S, my cake today was better than yours…

Eat 'n' mess cakes, london

Meet Danielle Rumblelow! This, is the lovely lady behind Eat N Mess – a beautiful little treats company specializing in GF/DF cakes, cupcakes and other baked goodies…

Eat 'n' mess cakes, london - danielle rumblelow

Featuring delicate cupcakes, cookies, red velvets, and frosted nutty delights (amongst dozens of other treats), Eat N Mess has mastered the art of sophistication. In my own (to be taken seriously) cake hunting experiences, very few cake connoisseurs have actually managed to achieve the perfect balance of simplicity versus variety that every cake enthusiast craves…

Eat 'n' mess cakes, london

But Danielle? Oh, Danielle definitely has…Read on…

Danielle’s creations will make your heart both flutter and pound at the same time. You actually have to choose between these perfect slices of heaven…*flutter and pound*Eat 'n' mess cakes, london

But there is no pressure here – you are free to savour the sight and select wisely! These beauties are 100% baked with love – a percentage proven accurate after having had a chat with the one and only lady herself…

Having been busy making and baking since she was 4, Danielle is an expert with cake and immaculate presentation…you cannot argue with her modest passion for all things homemade with love…Danielle is also a confident a whiz with substitution and its guarantee… On Eat N Mess’s website, she says that although it is “risky” to challenge customers to tell the difference between GF cakes and the regulars…she does so anyway, and too right! I can’t exactly remember what I bought (let’s blame my blind + un-pictured hunger) – but it turned out to gluten free?! – A divine combination of cheesecake, fruit and coconut…crumby, creamy and light…the texture was perfect and I had zero memory of that it was GF whilst I was enjoying it! Danielle knows exactly what she is doing here…

Eat 'n' mess cakes, london

Aside from being very friendly and super warm + welcoming, Danielle has always loved baking… (A recipe for trust) Today, Danielle doesn’t just want to package up the purchases and let you browse on, because instead – she is proud of her brand and more than happy to have a chat about her cakes whilst you continue to eye up the remaining creamy creations… I was lucky enough to chat with her about the background to Eat ‘N’ Mess; she is a genuine home-baker, and I personally reckon that this is what makes her cakes taste so damn good!

Eat 'n' mess cakes, london

(You can read much about her, and Eat ‘N’ Mess here…)

Over all, I couldn’t imagine a more friendly face for such a divine cake company! I am so glad that I got my cake fix for the day (24 hours without cake do not exist), in addition to meeting such a wonderful baker too! I am so looking forward to seeing her out and about with Eat ‘N’ Mess over the next few weekends at the Real Food Market! The pictures speak louder than words:

So, on the next weekend that you find yourself craving some Southbank cake mania…definitely do stop by the Real Food Market and hunt down Danielle’s little piece of paradise! Furthermore, if you don’t happen to live in London, then by all means get a coach, train or aeroplane down here ASAP…

* It is only because of my great experience with Eat ‘N’ Mess that I am so happy to share these mouth watering pictures from today’s blissfully sunny Saturday with you – I am not affiliated with the brand, and nor am I being sponsored to write this. All opinions and recommendations are genuinely my own – I am just a girl who likes cake. A lot.

London eye southbank

Pop down in time for Sunday!

“All sorrows in life stem from the lack of cake. If you had your own cake, you wouldn’t bother trying to take away the other person’s cake! And, if the cake you had were beautiful enough, you wouldn’t bother trying to melt the icing on that other person’s cake! And if you always had a very beautiful cake that was always beautiful enough, then you would have a smile on your face all the time and wouldn’t even care if other people were enjoying their own cakes! Because you’d be enjoying yours, too! Therefore, I hereby decree that all sorrows can be fixed by many beautiful cakes… Bake a cake!” 

― C. JoyBell

Tash x

Berries and breakfast – starring: peanut butter, cinnamon, and sunshine

“It is heaven to be the first one up, and free to eat breakfast all alone…” ― Katharine Hepburn, The Making of The African Queen.

Berries & peanut butter – Breakfast with cinnamon granola and sunshine. Warning: This is another quote heavy post. I am really starting to embrace my quote addiction; a quote speaks a thousand words and pictures… My tutor would kill me right now if he could, though. He spent this entire year trying to restrain me from always thinking that it is okay to replace entire paragraphs with a quote, or two…or three. But even though it may be true – quotes can easily hinder ‘original thought’ when they are over-referred to, they remain among some of the greatest triggers for inspiration…

“Life consists of thoughts. The better your thoughts, the more beautiful your life will be.”  ― Vikrant Parsai

But moving swiftly on; Fresh berries meet dried berries; meanwhile, peanut butter does its usual thing on top of the yogurty, breakfast granola heap…peanut butter = the reigning king of breakfast: Berries & peanut butter – Breakfast with cinnamon granola and sunshine. I wake up craving peanut butter – every, single. day. It is a genetic weakness – peanut butter is in my blood. Most normal people manage to make do with granola that doesn’t need this extra swirly nuttiness draped over the top…join the club. Berries & peanut butter – Breakfast with cinnamon granola and sunshine. Breakfast is so peaceful, and early mornings are so refreshing. When you live in a city like London, you only realize how quiet the world can be when the sun has just risen; when there are no cars on the roads and the city’s background noise has temporarily abandoned the city…By the time your milky tea has gone cold and the radio turns on, you can sense that you are no longer alone – everybody else is awake too, only sleepier than you. Berries & peanut butter – Breakfast with cinnamon granola and sunshine. I am also loving these pink tea towels! The soft checkers and stripes create the perfect background. They create the illusion of a crispy and fresh early morning, even though this couldn’t be further from the sticky + humid reality that is currently smothering London… Berries & peanut butter – Breakfast with cinnamon granola and sunshine. &&&, I found another quote; it seems like Susan Branch is a breakfast fanatic too:

I love to use my prettiest table settings – crocheted placemats with lace-edged napkins and old hammered silver. And whether you are inside in front of a fire, candles burning brightly on a wintery day – or outside on a patio enjoying the morning sun – whether you are having a group of friends and family, a quiet little brunch for two, or an even quieter little brunch just for yourself, breakfast can set the mood and pace of the whole day. Susan Branch, Days from the Heart of the Home

Descriptions like that can only come from the morning meditation which only a good breakfast and a decent dose natural light can provide you with…Let’s photograph to our hearts content, good breakfast lighting only occurs for ¼ of the year, after-all… Berries & peanut butter – Breakfast with cinnamon granola and sunshine. Breakfast is so important every day; but more so on days when you are going to be constantly surrounded by other people. Breakfast – or simply an early morning before everybody else is rushing around re-charges the very last bit of your batteries. It is hard to say goodbye to the silence when it is finally time to get ready and snap of out the scene… Berries & peanut butter – Breakfast with cinnamon granola and sunshine. How many of us have longggggggg days ahead? Berries & peanut butter – Breakfast with cinnamon granola and sunshine. I have 11-11. A light breakfast would be most inexcusable..

“Sometimes a girl needs more than Special K with Red Berries in the morning. – This qualifies as one of those mornings.”  ― Stephanie Julian, By Private Invitation

Berries & peanut butter – Breakfast with cinnamon granola and sunshine. Berries & peanut butter – Breakfast with cinnamon granola and sunshine. Berries & peanut butter – Breakfast with cinnamon granola and sunshine. Tash x

Nutty sweet potato & goats cheese mango mélange

“It was so rich and exotic that I was seduced into taking one bite, and then another… I needed to chase these flavours back to their original source…”
 Ruth Reichl

Nutty sweet potato & goats cheese mango mélange


Goat’s cheese is my new obsession; I can remember exactly when this love first started…

It was Autumn 2013.The staff menu at work suddenly started to include a beetroot and rocket salad; all tossed together with some divinely creamy goats cheese, and hazelnuts too…Although there was probably other stuff in there as well… emphasis remains 100% on the goat’s cheese.

Nonetheless, goat’s cheese, beetroot, and hazelnuts have been one of my favourite combinations of all time ever since then; the texture of the crunchy, earthy nuttiness of hazels complements the silkiness of the cheese. The beetroot acts as a pillow between the two, softening each bite and subtly adding touches of its juicy, gentle sweetness…


However, tonight, I substituted sweet potato into this winning trio since we had no beets…

Nutty sweet potato & goats cheese mango mélange

…The results were b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-. Dessert-like, and effortlessly enchanting:

Nutty sweet potato & goats cheese mango mélange

The sweet potato fluffs up the texture by a million, and the sweetness is perfect – natural, just right. Thanks to the heat of the cooked potato, the goat’s cheese spreads itself across each wedge of steamy sweet potato. The wedge becomes frosted with ribbons of nutty cream. I kid you not; it tastes like a pumpkin style cheesecake…or a dense carrot cake with the world’s greatest frosting (do not skimp on the three spice).

This quote seems relevant now:

“Dessert without cheese is like a beauty with only one eye”
― Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

And wait… there is also the glistening mango chutney, which drizzled itself on top and stayed there, like an idle, weak-kneed, fruity jelly surrendering itself to the dish. It spilled down the sides and found its way into the sweet-tater gaps. Hazelnuts, goats cheese, sweet potato and mango chutney? = Heaven. Let’s not forget about the cashews either – creaminess enhanced.

Nutty sweet potato & goats cheese mango mélange

This decadence is ready in 5 minutes (or 7 if you don’t like sweet potato skin). It is a stack of super foods; it is both dinner and an indulgence at the same time…

And all you need is:

  1. A cooked sweet potato
  2. Goats cheese (in excess is good)
  3. Hazelnuts, cashews.
  4. Mango chutney (or some salty apricot jam?)
  5. Three spice, salt + pepper.

The fun is in simply dumping them together; and embracing the freedom to arrange them in whatever way takes your fancy. Choose your ratios wisely. I like excess everything; create your own!  The final taste will not be compromised by the presentation (although it does look pretty perfect, doesn’t it?).

Gourmet in comfort.

Nutty sweet potato & goats cheese mango mélange

This is one of the tastiest things I’ve eaten all year – maybe ever?  It is everything in one; if you have never tried goat’s cheese before (like me until I was EIGHTEEN) then you need to make some room in your life (and fridge) for your new love – the addiction is that strong.

I can’t wait to totally exploit this dish come autumn though, the three spices might feel a little more at home in the fall…

But even though it truly does tastes like cheesecake…I have to go back on that 2nd quote, because it has just been totally overridden…

“The only way cheese is dessert is when it’s followed by the word cake.”
― Michele Gorman, Single in the City


Let’s leave it there, and just enjoy this delicious mess for dinner instead; and we will let cheesecake be cheesecake whilst we trace these flavours “back to their source…”

Nutty sweet potato & goats cheese mango mélange

Tash x


Power cut’s, pennies, peanuts and phones…The storm before the calm

“Find a penny pick it up, and all day you’ll have good luck…” – Old wives tale ~ (believe it if you dare)

It is one beautiful morning here!

Beautiful morning sunshine London, blue sky

This does not look like London in the slightest!

The air is mild, and it is blissfully sunny! (Scroll to the end for more blue morning pics)

But yesterday was one weird, weird day…

Have you ever had one of those weird days where everything seems completely surreal?

I found quite a few pennies on the floor, too. But they didn’t do a great job at convincing me of their powers yesterday…

I turned up to work yesterday morning and the kitchen looked this:

dark restaurant kitchen

It was 9am. I walked into the restaurant to find my colleagues and managers in the dark; asleep in the booths. One of them had a ham and cheese croissant. It was silent, and right confusing. The whole place was basically still sound asleep – this is the same place which is usually buzzing by 9 every morning. It was odd to watch the world go past outside. The windows are also dark; meaning we can see out but ‘they’ can’t see in. It felt like we didn’t really exist. We had two theories: there was either a), a zombie apocalypse, or b) the restaurant had burned down the previous night; and although we were all killed, we didn’t realize it and were stuck in the same old work routine for eternity, trapped inside forever…*wail*. (In all honesty it was actually very cool).

The best moment of the morning was opening the doors and sitting out in the sunshine; it was so warm, bright and fresh. Dat feeling…

Around lunchtime, we went for cakes at a nearby cafe – le pain quotidien. I got a giant scone; and it thoroughly lived up to its gigantic image. At Le Pain, you really can judge a scone by its cover…they are beautiful; huge, soft, buttery and, although crumby, they stay intact when you spread them! For take-outs, the jams + clotted cream also come in mini espresso cups! I thought that this was such a cute touch, especially since there was a generous amount of each too!

giant scone le pain quotidien

What a heavenly afternoon tea…

I stayed at work until 4. What had begun as a few free hours of waiting for the power-cut to pass; then turned into an ‘all-day’ episode. My battery then died…and then, my phone smashed.

Just. Like. that.

If you have ever failed your driving test, or suffered the aftermath of doing that you’ve instantly regretted (despite it 100% being your own fault), then you will already be familiar with that feeling of impending, heart crushing doom; the same feeling that strikes once you’ve just heard the slam of your precious phone screen as it cracks hard on the cold, hard floor…

This is the moment where realize that whatever you have just done is now utterly irreversible. Oh the pain…Why, why why WHYYY did that have to happen?!

I think my heart was more damaged than the phone. I heard the split; it was like a tear jerking cry arising from the deepest depths of my phone.

Wtf? You are supposed to be a Nokia! P.S. I will do absolutely anything if you can fix yourself before I have no other choice but to accept this…

I picked it up in disbelief. The screen was definitely damaged.

However, I was in complete denial. I started rubbing the phone; treating the ugly glass cracks like mere blemishes which would go away if I smoothed them out with enough might…(they didn’t) – and the buttons wouldn’t work. The phone was totally unusable.

But hey, at least I managed to snap some fabulous pictures of ORANGE SLICEA before this entire palava happened…sdhsfhdjfdjf

orange slices

They are dramatic, right?

I had two options: I could go home, unable to use the damn thing and delay getting it fixed. Or, I could scout the streets of central London for those plentiful little mobile repair/unlocking shops that have blue LED signs and creepy shop keepers…

After finding at least 6 of these shops, I decided that I was truly not happy to leave my phone overnight in some random bin-yard that carries out a half assed job; and refuses to give me receipts. Like, seriously? How about: no. Thank God for the Carphone Warehouse and it’s trusty computer ID system; it’s Nokia repair kits, and it’s meagre 1.5 hour waiting time…Retail therapy got its place in the day and hence the waiting hour past in a flash. I love Oxford Street! The repair still cost £79.99 but I got to take home a shiny new screen and a phone that actually functioned… (because there is no life after Instagram). The cracked screen wasn’t there to haunt me the next day, either.

I count myself lucky to have found this place at all, given that I was just about to give up and go home with my broken baby in the sticky London heat…Another girl in there (whose phone looked like a spider web of cracks) had been waiting a week for some kind of fixture; she had already paid £60 and they were asking her for more money. She sat with her head in her hands. Perhaps my lucky pennies worked after-all? Why is technology so painful? I’m thinking back tolast month; when I actually lost sleep over my broken laptop.

Then I came home to find my entire family in the garden, picking cherries from the highest trees in the garden. My youngest (and tallest) brother was waving around what looked very much like a butterfly catcher – peculiar to say the least (he is 6”4).

On top of the power-cut; the phone thing seems surreal because there is no single trace of the whole day left…a new morning and a fresh start waits ahead. Exciting times…

London is destined to be a whopping 27 degrees today, yay! I thank God for semi-consecutive days off!

…And this b-e-a-t-u-i-f-u-l morning definitely has a lot to show for it!

(I am currently obsessed with both flowers and sunlit windows)

Pretty white flowers

And tell me, exactly what is so comforting about peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast? I present to you… APRICOT jam edition:

crunchy peanut butter pot

Happy Wednesday!

What’s the worst incident that your phone has been through? Did it survive?

Random fact: Did you know that phones + computers are more likely to go wrong when there is a full moon?

What are you looking forward to this week? I am definitely looking forward to having a ‘business as usual’ day at work again, oddly enough!

Tash x

Thai style sticky Mango & Apricot Chicken

“My God, a moment of bliss; why isn’t that enough for a whole lifetime?”

Thai style: Sticky mango and apricot chicken

You tell me.

This is my second post today. And I just really, really (like, really) like this quote. I came across it earlier over at goodreads. I find it cool since it just applies to so many things; the personal and the everywhere. It is just relevant to everything about life in general.  Fyodor Dostoyevsky (see quote) definitely had a good question there when he wondered it to himself…

Another thing: I have definitely lost count of the amount of times that I have used the #summer hash-tag this week.

But come on, hash-tags are way, way more effective than adjectives…this is #summer in 21st century after all.  

It is barely Monday evening, and the sun is still shining…


What better way to spend a day off than taking walks in the #summer sunshine?

Except for admiring the blissful #summer greenery through the windows of the kitchen?

A beautiful window

And then coming home to some Thai food for dinner? Its #summer

That is, all before reaping the opportunity to use some natural afternoon #summer daylight to photograph that Thai food, so that it can be recipe-fied asap…


Thai style: Sticky mango and apricot chicken

I am the chef of the house.

And can you see what I mean about the #summer-ness?

And can you please tell me why spring onions are so photogenic?

A bunch of shallots

You wanna know what’s also photogenic?

This flower headband:

Flower door

The girls and I bought one each for our holiday from Spitalfields market back in March (we were so excited). Then my mum thought it made a good door decoration; it got lost and was never packed and totally missed out on all of the Italia pics. I had no idea what had become of it until today…but, hey headband; I missed you.

I must also point out how we all owe it to #summer that (finally), supermarket spring onions are large, fresh and crisp…

And thus, they are perfect for making some succulent mango chicken…

Thai style: Sticky mango and apricot chicken and shallots

Sweetened with mango; this thick, apricot glazed chicken works well with the saltiness of the soy sauce and roasted peanuts; to create a syrupy, vegetable pan of Thai goodness. The sesame oil is a must; as are sesame seeds (if unlike me, you can actually find them in your cupboard…)

There really isn’t a more sophisticated way to describe such an ‘authentic’ Thai Dish that uses jam (ssssh) to make itself whole. You’ve really just gotta fry it to believe it.

Thai style: Sticky mango and apricot chicken

I had a dish like this about this exact time last year in an Australian Thai restaurant in Brisbane. Rather than peanuts, that dish which I can recall actually used cashews. I don’t know which is more ‘proper’, but we had peanuts on hand. And they worked brilliantly.

Would peanuts and cashews work?

…I’d say that next time, they definitely will.

Peanuts, onions, tomatoes and chicken into one dish; with some fluffy white starchy goodness on the side? All of my favourite things in a single shot:

Thai style: Sticky mango and apricot chicken

Thai style: Sticky mango and apricot chicken

It has literally taken me an entire year to re-create this dish… but I basically can’t wait to never take that long with it ever again. This recipe is my new favourite, and it only takes 15 minutes – even that is pushing it. How long does it take you to chop an onion and admire dat bunch of crispy fresh spring shallots?

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • Sesame oil for frying
  • 2 chicken breasts, diced (you can marinate these in sesame oil + mango juice beforehand if you are more prepared than me)
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • A nugget of fresh ginger (I used dried…)
  • 2-3 shallots, chopped with stems.
  • 1 large tomato, diced.
  • ½ bell pepper, chopped.
  • ½ green pepper, chopped.
  • 2/3 C salted peanuts (depending on how many you like; we like a lot…)


  • 1 tbsp tomato puree
  • 3 tbsp chilli sauce (I used thai pepper + garlic)
  • 1 tbsp Worcester sauce
  • 3 tbsp apricot conserve
  • Splash of soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • ½ can of peeled mangos, chopped up small.
  • 2-3 tbsp mango juice (saved from the tin, or fresh is fine).
  • Optional: drizzle honey.


  1. Fry the onions for a minute or so with the herbs (I must admit that I did cheat and use a ‘Chinese herb grinder’, which was really cheap. It saves loads of time and probably came from Aldi…
  2. Add the diced chicken breast, fry for about 4 minutes or until the chicken starts to turn white.
  3. Add the shallots/spring onions, peppers and peanuts…fry for a bit longer until the chicken seems done.
  4. Once they seem caramelized enough, add the tomato and the ingredients for the sauce.
  5. Add extra salt, pepper, chilli…the works.
  6. Serve with rice of your choice. A side of spring onions rolls would go great – especially with some Thai sweet chilli sauce!

Your home will smell good; this only makes 2 portions, so beware, because everybody will want some.

shallots Thai style: Sticky mango and apricot chicken

Dem shallots tho…

spring onions/shallots

If you prefer a higher ratio of veg to chicken, then do change the ingredient accordingly. This is not a strict recipe; anything will work if you tweak everything else enough.

Next time; I will definitely be throwing in some re-hydrated dried apricots; some zucchini, and some green beans! I need more sweetness in my life…The apricot conserve worked wonders, it really complemented and filled out the mango! A few more peanuts wouldn’t have hurt either…crunch crunch, #problemsofapeanutaddict.

Thai style: Sticky mango and apricot chicken

Today has been pretty productive. I made some other stuff too, which I will be saving for the week ahead. But tomorrow marks day 1back @ work for a 46 hour week (yay me!).

But tomorrow is Tuesday; and my next day off is Wednesday. And Wednesday is only 2 days away from the weekend food market next to work…there is a silver lining after all.

Let the week repeat. Have a good one! to find my chopsticks this week…

Tash x

“My God, a moment of bliss. Why, isn’t that enough for a whole lifetime?” 
― Fyodor DostoyevskyWhite Nights and Other Stories


Ricotta & Apricot Overnight Oats – Perfect for a Monday


Overnight Cinnamon oats: Ricotta and apricot

I am sure that right many of you guys will be pounding the alarm clock in despair this morning; shunning the rays of light beaming onto your walls and probably feeling a little nostalgic about the weekend that has just been and gone…

But for a waitress like me, the story is nice and different (for today, at least).

Because over here, a Monday morning off of work (yippee!) is the equivalent of a Friday in the real world…

Hmm, what to do today? Monday morning is an open palette…I love the ‘fresh start’ vibe that any Monday sends out. Monday marks a new week, new goals, and new hope… Monday = permission for optimism.

Ha-ha: While everybody else has to leave the weekend behind them; start some ironing and battle the 9am commute; I get to enjoy a slow breakfast and I can photograph it to my heart’s content. A time limit does not exist; since there shall be no need to rush off asap, or blitz up the trio of escalators at Waterloo station today – no way.

(Scroll down for oats)


Sunrise over london blue sky

featuring…RICOTTA & APRICOT Overnight OATS!

Creamy, creamy oat-y fun…
Let’s sprinkle in some cinnamon,
…and then get in my TUM!

Er, cheesy… (literally) Ricotta is nice.

Overnight Cinnamon oats: Ricotta and apricot Overnight Cinnamon oats: Ricotta and apricot

The pictures failed a bit. The ricotta made a huge splash (despite my careful application of it to the very centre of the bowl) and disappeared quickly, while my beautiful Mr. Apricot jam drowned before he even had time to pose. Who knows what happened to them? I just stirred the whole thing in temper and hoped for the best…

(It was lovely and creamy; next time I will be adding nuts and yolo-ing a little less on the volume of milk…)

Yeah, these oats made me happy. I haven’t actually had oats for breakfast for a long time. I have recently become a serial cereal eater (I see what I did there ;) I have become way too passionate about junky chocolate cereals, and the way that they encourage you to dollop huge swirls of peanut butter over them… It is lethal addiction. You come to develop a deep love for the craft, and the cravings thereon never end.  Breakfast is repeated day after day and fruit becomes a rare occurrence…It feels good to be ‘healthy’ again.

Quake me up to oats…

Overnight Cinnamon oats: Ricotta and apricot Overnight Cinnamon oats: Ricotta and apricot

Over the past few weeks my shift hours have been a little sporadic. From 5am wakeups to dinner at 11pm; after 8 straight hours of running around a big restaurant. Le body clock is a little out of whack me thinks; and a diet of carrot cakes, lemon meringue pie and food market bliss doesn’t tie one over too well…This week I’m going to learn from the headaches and sugar crashes and try to be a little more sensible when it comes to substance (Don’t judge my willpower by my Instagram).

I also plan to start incorporation more walks into my week! I used to walk so much everywhere. I began them for the exercise (because I am not about that gym life), but they turned into so much more – walks became meditative and peaceful. I speak in the past tense because ever since the start of university + a shift-working life, walks seem to have been thrown off of my priorities list and dismissed in honour of sleep time (and laziness). Although I get a ridiculous amount of cardio exercise from waitressing; I miss the sunshine, the breeze and the fresh air…I miss the directionless routes and the freedom of carving out your own trail. I miss the empty roads and watching the sunrise; the purple clouds and the orange sun.  If anything, I guess I just miss having an abundance of ‘me-time’. But I like to spend my ‘me-time’ out taking a good walk anyway…Is anyone on my wavelength with this?

And BOOKS! Books!! I have so many books that I want to read. Summer is the season for reading. Summer gives you permission to loll around with fiction and iced drinks in the sunshine all day long. I already know that summer comes and goes in a flash; the chance to read fiction and be idle is one of the most idyllic ways that I can think of spending my life…but unfortunately, a 3 month long opportunity like this doesn’t come around too often…I have to get started! With that said, I have just finished ‘Necessary Lies’ by Diane Chamberlain (my favourite author!!) And it was fantastic…I will forever be in awe at how she manages to craft her details and tailor her sub-climaxes so complexly. Good authors change how you see the world…Review to come!

&&&& Here are some pretty pictures from Sunday just gone:

weed flower photo overgrown garden blue sky overgrown garden blue sky and roses purple flower bramble plant baby plums green

1: Weeds can be pretty too| 2. The Allotments, it’s been 10 years now| 3. Roses & Weeds| 4. A leek plant: photo-bombed by a fly|5. Brambles|6 = A plum foetus.

Have a great week! Who else has Monday morning ambitions?

Tash x

Avocado and Green Lentil Salad – tossed with Honey Roasted Peanuts

Crunchy, salty-sweet peanuts fill out this creamy avocado and rocket medley…the tang of honey sweetens up the citrus-y dressing. Meanwhile, the olive oil brings the hallmark of a summer in the Mediterranean onto a single plate…

Avocado and Green Lentil Salad - honey roasted peanuts

For the past 2 weeks, I have been vowing in squeeze in something salad based + avocado inclusive unto my daily ‘palate’ – it was time for something green.

I do adore avo’s, and rocket salad is okay too (I’m not really a salad girl) – but it definitely took way too long for this health plan to actually happen. Maintaining a balanced diet becomes super challenging when you are on your feet for 9 hours a day, and the only things you ever seem to crave are peanut butter, potatoes and chocolate…#waitressinglife.

Managing to conform to my plan for a single day made me slightly happy though…

Avocado and Green Lentil Salad - honey roasted peanuts

It is only come Sunday afternoon that you get a chance to reflect on the week, before realizing that every meal and snack fully inspired by home-made cakes, greasy staff food and ice cream from the food market that has temptingly  been parked outside for 3 days straight…Meals at home have become rare – days apart.

So, lunch yesterday was a quite exciting, prepared in the name of nutrients. Lemon’d up and olive oiled, it was a quick + easy, herby bowl of garden-y green goodness; hence, the avocado salad prophecy was fulfilled…

Avocado and Green Lentil Salad - honey roasted peanuts

…Finished off with some un-pictured raspberry cheesecake that was found lonely on shelf number 2 of the fridge…

*Everything in moderation, – especially moderation*- These are wise words from our priest; tell me who could argue with them?

So, just allow me to pull this apart for you…

  1. 5 minutes.
  2. Rocket
  3. Olive oil
  4. Cayenne, parsley, cumin, oregano, and cracked black pepper (dry, sprinkled by taste)…
  5. Lemon Juice
  6. Green lentils (yeah, from a tin)
  7. Sweet + ripened plum tomatoes
  8. Salted Avocado, chopped.
  9. Roasted peanuts.
  10. Toss.
  11. Missing sweet corn, un-pictured beetroot (ingredients I didn’t have on hand, but would have otherwise been chucked straight in).

There was something beautifully al fresco about this whole ordeal…

Avocado and Green Lentil Salad - honey roasted peanuts

I’m pretty sure that my sense of smell is a little less developed than everyone else’s, especially since have to put on at least 3 times the amount of seasoning before I can *taste* anything much. Herb preference should take precedence.

Avocado and Green Lentil Salad - honey roasted peanuts

Meanwhile, time off of work is few and far between. The transition from being a part timer-full timer is pretty tough when you have long been an early riser; the nights are long and you often don’t find yourself on the (last) train home until about midnight. Even when you are tucked up in bed (the best part of the day), table 12’s mayonnaise fiascos will inevitably come back to haunt you and rob you of that extra hour of precious zzzz time…

Speaking of table 12…

Imagine you are in a restaurant. You don’t like your meal. There is nothing specifically wrong about the service (since you are unable specify anything), although the extra mayonnaise that you also ordered takes a fewmoreminutes to arrive, since you aren’t the only person in the restaurant that the kitchen has to make time for…but it becomes delivered as soon as possible. The steak isn’t cooked to your satisfaction; but this is the kitchens responsibility and not the servers.

Do you:

a)      Reasonably let the server know that you are unhappy with the service.
b)      Let the server know that you are unhappy when she checks back on the meal…
Or do you:

c)       Log onto twitter
d)      Tweet about the service + food as you sit around waiting for the mayo; bugging the servers from other sections about the mayo.
e)      …Then stay for dessert.
f)       Walk out without mentioning another word to anyone (So no discount, then?)
g)      Let one of the servers get the back end of your tweets the next morning?

Sometimes customers confuse me. The server here happened to be me. Table 12 hailed down about 3 different servers overall so that they could order, send back and complain. But FYI; the dining out + blaming process turns out to be far smoother if you don’t give your requests to multiple servers…You will get the mayonnaise quicker (the server from section 3 doesn’t care about the mayonnaise being demanded in section 2).

I highly recommend that any mayonnaise lovers order their side of mayo in advance or perhaps as soon as the meal arrives. It comes from the refrigerator. This takes time. Don’t expect your ramekin of mayo to be given the special treatment in a bustling kitchen that is running at full capacity. We are all trying our best. Get a grip and speak up. We would truly like to apologise – given the chance.

But can you believe that it is the 9th July already?! Where on earth is time going?! Back in May, I was so psyched to begin the 4 month break from uni…which starts again in a little less than 2 months?!

I really want a salad based on butternut squash and lentils! Next combo maybe…for a fortnight’s time…

What are your summer salad combinations? Has summer started for you yet? What’s keeping you busy right now?

And do you think that I should be more sympathetic to the cranky tweeters?

Have a great week! X