Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the colour purple in a field somewhere, and don’t notice it.”―  Alice Walker, The Color Purple

Nothing makes a food blogger happier than a bunch of brown bananas that nobody else wants…

Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread

I actually can’t even tell you how good it felt to hug this loaf the moment it came out of the oven; everywhere smelled warm and sweet and basically like that home-made-heaven again…

I’ve missed baking. Like, a lot. For the past couple of months, the goodies have completely stalled. Coursework piled up, Christmas came and went, and…well, the library doesn’t have an oven.

Given that baking basically = my one way ticket to procrastination, I kind of just had to let it go and be more studious for a bit. The #withdrawals were real.

But rn? Bliss = banana bread made with peanut butter and sided with all the best things: yogurt, frosting, and tea.

Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread

This beaut also contains waaaaay less fat than your standard loaf cake, given that there is only 2 mere tbsp oil in the whole recipe. Meanwhile, the remainder of the tin has been filled in with super-moistening ingredients like apple sauce and mashed bananas – this ‘bread’ definitely borders more on being a ‘cake’. Peanut butter is also a renowned super-food– meaning its fat content doesn’t really count… ;) So by all means, go for that 3rd slice – the logic is real.

Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread

Serves 8-12, or 1 x giant + hungry brother:

  • 2C flour
  • ¼ C brown sugar
  • ½ C white sugar
  • 5 tbsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1/3 C peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 4 large tbsp apple sauce
  • 3 medium bananas, peeled and mashed.
  • 3 small-medium eggs
  • 1 x tbsp vanilla essence
  • Splash of milk


  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1/3 C icing sugar
  • Splash of milk (2 tbsp should do it)


Mix dry ingredients + powders|Mix wet ingredients + egg + vanilla|Combine wet + dry ingredients|Add the splash of milk, you should have a nice batter – not too thick, not too runny|Place in a lined loaf tin and bake for 45-55 minutes at 180*/350*, or until a toothpick inserted into the centre comes out clean and the top is golden brown|.

Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread

Even though January moving swiftly on so eagerly has led to all of these dissertation prep classes to suddenly become scarily real – the plus side of this time warp is that Jessie and I are now only 23 days away from our Spanish adventure! We are heading off Seville + Grenada during our college reading week (strategic, eh) for some winter sun, tapas, good wine and fun – definitely #soulsearching. The countdown is so exciting, especially since we’ve been wander-lusting about the whole thing for months now! However, we aren’t going to be here for Pancake Day?! I half spent last year smelling hops in a brewery, and the second half serving all-day pancakes to other people for dinner. I reckon that a follow-up, ‘Pancake Week’ is due.

This trip is also kicking me into taking my Spanish module a little bit more seriously… our tutor this year has been a little too lax with everything and any kind of progress has suffered. Even though his attitude was quite a perk last term, I’ve been nowhere near pro-active enough to benefit and I am currently nothing but less fluido’ in this language than I was a year ago…We also have an exam next week. Dios Mio.

All in all, January has been incredibly exciting for way more reasons than I could even list on here! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect start to the year. Hard work always pays off, so whatever you’re up to/working towards/dreaming about – keep pushing, because everything will happen at the best possible time, and there is so much to love along the way. If you always keep yourself waiting for something, then there will always be more.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely start to the year!

Anyone been to Seville/Granada? What was it like?

More importantly: What have you been brunching on this Jan?!


Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread


“Every event in life — the rejections, the relationships, all the embarrassing things you do will lead you to the person you are destined to be with. You may want to change certain things about your past, but everything has been just another chapter in your book of life. If you don’t believe me, buy a book — any book — and rip out an entire chapter — any chapter — and read it. Now, get a full copy of the same book and read it again. Odds are you’ll find that chapter pieced everything together the way it was supposed to be.”― Mike Zacchio

“God answers all prayers, but sometimes his answer is ‘no’.” ― Dan Brown, Angels & Demons

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square, London.

Few restaurants in London have managed to capture my heart like Muriel’s Kitchen. Muriel’s just has it.

And while I may be biased – given my ever long hankering for all things pancakes + brunch based and generally sweet… Muriel’s serves things like waffles and big brekkies. Ain’t that a treat?

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs. Still, whether its the decorative green vines strung along the furniture, the swingy-egg like seat by the window, or the brick thick brownies and cake frosting galore on display from first thing in the morning…I’m not quite sure. But Muriel’s is an all-day haven in the middle of Leicester square, treating central-goers to good eggs and fresh juice there, or again over in South Ken.

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs.  fresh juice vitamin hugWe learnt that Muriel’s is perfect for bacon-based brunches draped in maple syrup and eggs.

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs. But are also a couple of other things they’ve gotten just right for breakfast that are worth mentioning…

  1. Avocados are on the menu. Haters gonna hate, but the option is there should your mood be too. Nothing irks me more than an avocado-less brunch spot visit that coincides with an egg-and-avocado-with-hollandaise kind of day. Srsly. The struggle can be real.

…Admittedly, it wasn’t quite one of those days, but it made the decision process a little trickier nonetheless (which is always a sign of a mouth watering menu).

Jessie had her hollandaise with some flaky salmon though:

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs.  eggs royale salmon

  1. Everything is big. Big. Big big big. It’s called breakfast for a reason right? As in, you’re literally breaaaaking that 12 hour fasting coma that you’ve woken up from… It’s a big deal and deserves serious nourishment every single time. At Muriel’s, the big jars of granola are big. The butties are big. The cakes are big. The big breakfasts are…well, big. And while the waffle could have come with say, 2 eggs instead of just the one (yup, yolk addict here), it was otherwise the perfect portion – graciously big. Muriel’s kitchen knows how to feed you. The restaurant is also big and tables are plentiful, plus the staff totally let you stand around for 5 minutes ++ while you decide where you wanna sit. Who doesn’t love a brunch spot that seats you without a wait? I can’t speak for South Ken, but in my experience I’ve never found Leicester square too busy to accommodate me and my appetite. Go Muriel’s.
  1. Their pancakes. Their pancakes are just like…oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-I-didn’t-order-those worthy. SERIOUSLY. When me and Jessie visited Muriel’s, I had decided to make it a savory trip and embrace something bacon & eggy for once (before I drizzled maple syrup over it all, by standard). The pancakes had caught both of our eyes, but I guess we just kind of thought they would be ordinary pancakes and not actually oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-I-didn’t-order-those worthy. We were so wrong. About an hour later however, the girls who had sat down at the table next to us got delivered the most beautiful, sugar dusted plate of inch thick and fluffy, blueberry pancakes. All I can say is: our eyes flickered. The food envy was intense.

Naturally, we decided we hadn’t had our fill and went to order some of our own to share. Unfortunately…we had asked a little too late (or 5 minutes too early?!), as breakfast was ending at 12 and the “chefs would go crazy”…Although we had technically asked for them at 11:55am precisely, we just didn’t stir anything up and instead just kind of dropped the idea and moved ourselves somewhere else for mochas and some Spain planning. I work in a restaurant myself, and whenever this brunch/lunch cusp scenario makes an appearance we all just give in as long as the time truly is within reason since, at the end of the day, an extra dish does get to be sold…

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs.

Anyhow, I totally made up for it in the next few days though with these blueberry and pear pancakes though, plus some other stacked banana beauties that made the lingering cravings fade.

So yeah. While we became a little silently huffy over the pancake rejection, Muriel’s is still my favourite café/restaurant/brunch spot in London for all of the reasons above plus many more that I haven’t quite put my finger on yet. I just love the concept of Muriel’s.

I also love their seasonal menus and fresh ingredients. I love their blue Clarence court eggs and the way you can order baked beans on the side of things. I love their cakes and brick thick brownies and, I love the way that waiters there never cease to remember me as the girl hovering around the counter who just ‘can’t make her mind up’, in the best possible way.

Take a visit and, just like Jessie over here – you might be tempted to simply fall in love with the place at first seat/sight of these pretty burdies:

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs.  muriels decor

Stay tuned for round 2 (hopefully) featuring pancakes a la here!

Where in London do the best pancakes you’ve ever had? Do you ever make something at home after you’ve seen it somewhere else on a menu? And most importantly: What’s does your ideal brunch consist of?!

Have a great start to the week!


Skinny Blueberry and Pear Pancakes – Happy 2015!!!

Aaaaah: 2015 is really upon us! I appreciate that I’ve joined the new years train a little late buuuuut…isn’t it better to be late than never? Here’s to an amazing year, stacked with good fortune and drizzled in maple syrup.

Skinny Blueberry and Pear Pancakes - Low fat, made with yogurt and NO added sugar or oil! Happy 2015!!! Drizzle your year in maple syrup.

How are we all doing on new years resolutions?  I’ve already kind of disappointed myself by already breaking half of the resolutions I set this year. But whatever. That yucky assignment which felt like an oversized splinter in the head (srsly) during this entire holiday period has finally been submitted, and the remaining essay feels like a piece of cake in comparison. RELIEF.

And HEY. While we’re nearly-but-not-really on the topic of cake…

Pancake(s), anyone?!

I knew you would.

Skinny Blueberry and Pear Pancakes - Low fat, made with yogurt and NO added sugar or oil! Happy 2015!!!


And while I do still have a stack of brunch-themed reviews and photographs to post for all of you hungry Londoners, I figured that these pancakes were godly enough to queue jump…

What d’ya say?

These light and fluffy pancakies were whipped up with little more than a dollop or two of natural yogurt, and infused with blueberries and pear. I kind of shocked myself with my ‘adventurousness’ here. Normally I like my pancakes pretty dense and plain (with bananas at the very most), and basically just piled  sky-high under curtains of drizzly golden maple syrup, and maybe some vanilla cream for the naughtiest days…But yesterday brunch-time was different and 100% worth the upgrade.

Skinny Blueberry and Pear Pancakes - Low fat, made with yogurt and NO added sugar or oil! Happy 2015!!!

But you know what I love about *healthy pancakes*? It’s that you genuinely feel good after eating them – inside and out. They don’t weigh you down, taste strange, or induce a premature sugar coma; they actually make you feel more energized afterwards than they do sluggish. Maybe it’s the protein? The bonus of no added sugar (yes really!), or substituting yogurt for cream? Whatever – these pancakes contain the feel good factor and, dannnnng are they good for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Plus, you can basically eat a full stack and not feel guilty because 6 pancakes is their legitimate serving size. Srsly.

Pancakes will never not be exciting, and a brand new bottle of maple syrup will never cease to be liberating. #LifesLittlestPleasures.

Skinny Blueberry and Pear Pancakes - Low fat, made with yogurt and NO added sugar or oil! Happy 2015!!!

So, although I’m not the greatest setter of resolutions, there does happen to be one motto that I’m bringing into 2015 with me…

According to my new years ‘mission statement’ (which has become official ever since I inked it down in swirly black italics on the first page the new thick-ass journal I treated myself to…), anything can happen, at any time. That’s why this year, and every other year after this one, is going to be magical. After all, isn’t making this wish come true is only a matter of accepting the possibility of it into our own worlds?  2015 is merely where this adventure starts.

And sure, while I might reach the end of this year having procrastinated through the best part of summer planning, missing every opportunity that came my way, having made the wrong choice of birthday cake, and just feeling pretty ripped off by all of the excitement that bubbled away so early on in 2k15… its all just a matter of shifting priorities, right?  Everyone in the world has something to look forward to this year. We’ve just got to remember that the desires we have in our heads for things to ‘be a certain way’ are not the realities we actually have to go out and live with. Still, if you take a closer look, happy things really are scattered all over the place and a little mindfulness goes a long way in filling the breaks between the extremes. The sooner we suss this out, then the longer we have left to be happy.

There is no right/wrong way for things to turn out. Ultimately, life will unfold whether you think you’re ready or not, and you can make the most out of it simply by being awake and following your thoughts, or just by being aware that the best moment of your life could happen at any given moment, simply because: why not?

As for now though, I’m off to boil the kettle for what must be by 5th mug of Roobios tea today and continue weeping at the spot where the Christmas tree once stood. Time is flyinggggggggg!

Happy New Year to you all! Please do let me in on your resolutions and I hope you enjoy a well deserved and relaxed weekend! X

Ingredients (Serves 1-2): 

1/2 C white flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 egg

1 medium pear, cooked and mashed.

1 x handful of blueberries

1 tbsp apple sauce (in place of oil/butter)

1/4 C natural yogurt (any kind)

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cinnamon (lightweights), or 1 tbsp (hardcores).

Oil/butter for frying

Jugs of maple syrup.

Heat your greased pan/skillet on high|Combine the dry ingredients together|Add the cooked/mashed pear + blueberries + yogurt & apple sauce <For chunky pancakes, keep the batter thick + spoonable>|Add the egg + beat well|Fry until bubbles appear on one side|Flip|Serve with extra yogurt and fruit and of course; a large mug of milky, milky breakfast tea.

Skinny Blueberry and Pear Pancakes - Low fat, made with yogurt and NO added sugar or oil! Happy 2015!!!


& If it can’t be Christmas every day, then…


Skinny Blueberry and Pear Pancakes - Low fat, made with yogurt and NO added sugar or oil! Happy 2015!!!

“Everyone runs around trying to find a place where they still serve breakfast because eating breakfast – even if it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon, is a sign that the day has just begun and good things can still happen. Having lunch is like throwing in the towel.”– Jonathan Goldstein

25th December ~ Christmas Day Means Dinner!


Christmas Dinner trimmings england apple sauce sausage roast turkey carrots sprouts gravy traditional british dinner lunch


At least, it was… *sob*

Don’t you hate how quickly this day always passes?

7-noon consisted of morning mass wearing Christmas jumpers, present opening marked by the sea of wrapping paper that was left strewn all over the carpet, before un joyeux visit over to les grand-padres after a sunshine infused breakfast of eggs and white chocolate spread. Nothing has changed, and we are still the same bunch of extremely early risers who can only manage to resist nibbling away on all of our new Christmas chocolates/marzipan logs until 10am, max.

And hey, apparently, your (not so) baby bro also really likes his new cardigan when he’s unwrapped it and, (after a prolonged silence), says “Hm, I actually really like it” on repeat, rather than just saying thank you and giving you the obligatory sibling hug so you can move swiftly on and not have to ponder over why he sounds so surprised that he ‘actually’ likes it…

Brother christmas jumper opening presents christmas day


Meanwhile, if your other brother has decided to inform you beforehand that he would please not like to have his new checked shirt wrapped because he wants to wear it to church first thing in the morning, yet still wonders why he hasn’t got anything more to open from you – then underneath, he’s probably pretty chuffed with his gift too. Lolz I don’t understand #boys.

We also managed to make mum cry within her first 5 minutes of unwrapping. Miraculously, it wasn’t even my *skilfully* terrible wrapping skills which set her off – she just really, really loved the photo album that the three of us sibs put together for her. Like srsly; WOW, because oh my days, we’ve finally managed to perfect a present that mum actually likes/doesn’t want to return to the store within the next 28 days. The tears scream success! Although she did end up crying again later for real, thanks to some cute scenes from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (courtesy of Channel 4). #WhatElse…


But hey, how about the highlight of today? Let’s not pretend that we don’t all spend like, 364 days of the year getting excited about the special feast beholden by the 25th

This is a food blog after all…

Christmas Dinner: 

Crispy potatoes

Roast Christmas Dinner Crispy Potatoes Fluffy England British Xmas lunch turkye with trimmings Dinner

Both roasted and sweet;

Roast Christmas Dinner Crispy Potatoes Fluffy England British Xmas lunch turkye with trimmings Dinner sweet potato honey maple cinnamon

Parsnips and honey,

Roast Christmas Dinner Crispy Potatoes Fluffy England British Xmas lunch turkye with trimmings Dinner parsnips and honey

With plenty of meat:

Roast Christmas Dinner Crispy Potatoes Fluffy England British Xmas lunch turkye with trimmings Dinner meat sausages

Sprouts and cabbage

Roast Christmas Dinner Crispy Potatoes Fluffy England British Xmas lunch turkye with trimmings Dinner

With carrots too,

Bacon and puddings;

Roast Christmas Dinner Crispy Potatoes Fluffy England British Xmas lunch turkye with trimmings Dinner yorkshire puddings puds toad in the hole

…More than a few.


Our priest made us do it. Mass ended today in its usual way:

“Everything in moderation…Especially moderation…”

Soooo, did anyone else spend the evening plugged into the Christmas day film scene, whilst laying horizontally in some next level food coma + trying not to think about dessert? Lolllllllllllll. Don’t leave me hanging here! Let’s not mention the syrup sponge and ice cream and cheesecake and custard… We like our puddings to be served buffet style.

Aside from all of the food, family, love, and cyber exchanges with my bff today – other highlights definitely catching Ed Sheeran performing ‘Thinking Out Loud’ on telly (FAV SONG ALERT), enjoying something hilarious happening every hour of the day, and seeing how everyone else was eating/celebrating through Instagram etc… It is truly mystifying how so many millions of people from anywhere and everywhere all over the world are all sitting down for the same single feast at round about the same time on this day!  Why does it ever have to be over?!

There is always so much to be thankful for. Christmas is a time for reflection; past and future. We remember how different things once were, or could have been. Sometimes I can’t help but think about how different future Christmases may just be once life has moved itself on and displaced us all, whether for better or for worse.


So here’s to another happy new year; I hope you all sleep well and don’t skimp out on tomorrow’s leftovers ;)

What were your highlights? What was on your dinner table today?


panda earmuffs

Merry Christmas Eve!

AH! It’s the 24th December already!? Already?! Where on earth has the year gone?!

Livermead house hotel christmas

O.K., I appreciate I have been asking this question pretty much all year anyway, but December truly has been a whirlwind of  a month, and I seem to have just disappeared off of here for 3 weeks straight (unintentionally). But eeeeek it’s Christmas Eve and there is so much chocolate everywhere and a ooh-la-la: this fruit trifle we’ve had in the fridge for a while expires today…

To all of my lovely readers, I am so sorry to have been absent from all of your most recent updates and bouts of Christmas fun! Contrary to what my sea-side and deathly pudding infused Instagram may indicate, life has been crazzzzzzy of late; aside from a few just-gone deadlines, we were sent away from uni with heaps of yucky work and plenty of reading to keep us fed up over Christmas. I’ve also picked up a few extra shifts for the next month because aren’t the holidays the perfect time to get a head start on the summer time travelling pot?

Plus, I’ve acquired this worryingly *advanced* habit of finding reason to procrastinate over absolutely everything. I can’t even bring myself to write blog posts because I just kind of feel that if I’m going to spend time typing something up, then why can’t I start on some of this coursework…But eeegh I seriously can’t bear the thought of this so I just end up taking a long walk and then finding some nice food and then end up taking pictures of something or other and then basically sleeping, eating, and repeating this whole cycle (as per). Statistics and quantitative analyses continue to plague my life and kill my mind every time they cross my mind, but who’s ready to kick back and just relax for the next 24 hours? MEEEE. Christmas = permission to put everything off for a later date = great.  I can’t wait to catch up with you all over the next couple of weeks!

This time last year I was on my way home from work after a long morning of wandering around an empty restaurant in a green party hat with my Christmas Eve colleagues, waiting for the customers that never came…

The first half of Christmas Eve this year however, was spent in Clerkenwell, munching on some yummy, hollandaise-drowned-toasty-bacon and eggs at the Modern Pantry in some seriously good company (shoutout to Jessie for making 2014’s Wednesday brunch traditions happen), and actually being the person getting served, rather than the waitress serving…Yay for cute breakfasts and sunny December mornings.

eggs Benedict and streaky bacon hollandaise at the modern pantry clerkenwell farringdon barbican london

Later this evening, I took a walk in the 3pm sunset. The sky was beautiful. It was pastel blue and chalked over with streaks of baby pink and hazy orange, the Wembley arch was lined with clouds of fire. If it didn’t feel like 0 degrees, or rather – If I could actually feel my hands at all, it would have looked like a summers evening, one that was ready to set 5 whole hours early.  I wish I’d brought my phone to snap it with!

On the tube home from breakfast, I got a lovely email notification from Stephie over at Tea in Your Twenties talking about all of the things that make her Christmas Eve.  Being the 24th, I had to just read the whole post there and then. It kind of made me feel all warm inside and happy that my family isn’t the only one that insists on going over all of our regular rituals year in and year out. I love how she says:

“Christmas in my family isn’t some kind of Pinterest affair; it’s, better, it’s real, and I don’t have to spend hours worrying about my wrapping paper colour scheme”. – THIS IS SO TRUE!

But surely, it’s more than just us two who can instantly relate to this? Since I am currently looking at a tree towering over a heap of gifts, made up of at least 4 completely different types of tacky wrapping paper (one of which has pretty much made an appearance every year since 1996…) I thought I’d compile a brief tribute to what Christmas means in our household…

Here, Christmas Eve is all about watching home alone on repeat amidst the twinkly glow of the Christmas tree and snowman corner light, wearing reindeer leggings and fluffy pyjamas and OD’ing on milky chocolates and mince pies and resorting to using the microwave to heat up bottles of orange and ginger mulled wine because the stove is already occupied by a bubbling cauldron of spicy parsnip soup…

Livermead house hotel christmas fireplace

Mum will be roasting chestnuts even though she says they never do any good for her skin. Dad will inevitably want to fry a batch of chunky chips just for the sake of it, while the bro’s will argue over which toppings they’ll be ordering on their pizza ,before spending the next 20 minutes hovering around their pile of badly wrapped presents before the doorbell rings.

Christmas Eve is all about letting dad lay out a crumbly mince pie and a shot of his special Russian vodka for Santa, because a tiny part of him still believes he can convince us that somebody else got hold of mums wrapping paper and swirly italic handwriting to drop off the presents under the tree. But most of all, Christmas Eve is about enjoying that final, festive tinge intensifying in the air as this big huge countdown prepares to round itself off. The fairy lights won’t shine as bright after tomorrow has come and gone.

Ultimately, Christmas all about being together, being appreciative of one another, and enjoying the effort we have all made to make each other happy. – Best friends count as family too, right? :)

Tashiana Langley

Let’s not forget how we’ll spend 80% of the Christmas meal asking for someone or other to please for the love of God pass down the tray of roast potatoes/Yorkshire puds again, and then the other 20% of this time wondering who’s gonna be the lucky one to acquire the last left (because srsly, Max, it’s been you for 5 years in a row now…)

I doubt many of you are going to be actively blogging tonight/over the next couple of days, but seeing as it is the time to be merry and festive and surrounded by delicious treats; if you are reading this tonight then I hope you have the most amazing Christmas and the perfect end to this wonderful year surrounded by everyone/everything/all of the custard you could wish for :)

christmas eve 2014 tealightsky

Merry Christmas to you all! :D


Niche Restaurant – Angel

When Niche followed me on Twitter last week, I couldn’t help but take a sneak peak at their menu straight away.

Next thing, the afternoon had come to a halt as fish and chips, sticky toffee pudding, and their extensive range of salads and sausages reeled themselves off my screen… the array offresh and traditional comfort foods made a good first impression, and dinner was destined to happen here sometime soon…

Niche Restaurant and bakery - Angel London. Dinner, lunch, coffee, comfort food, Christmas, pre-theatre, burgers, fish and chips, fresh pies

So last night when my medic best friend – Joanna, gave me the instructions to find us a dinner place that served “something hearty” to follow up her 12 hour day of a breakfast/lunch-less hospital placement, there were no questions asked. Based on their re-tweets, a lot of people seemed to talk about the excellent service here at Niche, as well as the high quality of the food. So to Niche we went!

This cute little fairy-lit place just down the street from Angel tube certainly did not disappoint us – plus the service really is special!

Niche Restaurant and bakery - Angel London. Dinner, lunch, coffee, comfort food, Christmas, pre-theatre, burgers, fish and chips, fresh pies

When we arrived at about 7pm on the dot, the whole restaurant was packed. It’s pretty small inside, so we thought we’d have to just give it a miss and go somewhere else instead. However, within the next 5 minutes or so, we managed to get seated, and then everyone just left all at once?! Weird! Apparently we smell. Either that or their pre-theatre menu is really popular ;) Nonetheless, once the restaurant had quietened down, the ambience softened so much that we could almost hear each others’ dish indecision…

Niche Restaurant and bakery - Angel London. Dinner, lunch, coffee, comfort food, Christmas, pre-theatre, burgers, fish and chips, fresh pies

Despite the rainbow veggies that kept appearing on my Twitter feed, last night was one dark, cold, and rainy evening…Even the yummy sounding ‘superfood’ salad wasn’t fit for the job unless it was to come with a side of brioche encased beef burger and a basket of crunchy fries…

Niche Restaurant and bakery - Angel London. Dinner, lunch, coffee, comfort food, Christmas, pre-theatre, burgers, fish and chips, fresh pies beef burger and avocado applewood cheese in brioche

Instead then, I just made life easier and ordered the beef burger. Extra avocado and Applewood cheese ended up in my order too. Just cause. Can we please just take a moment to appreciate this immensity?!

Niche Restaurant and bakery - Angel London. Dinner, lunch, coffee, comfort food, Christmas, pre-theatre, burgers, fish and chips, fresh pies

It was big, juicy, tender burger, and the brioche bun was one of the nicest I’ve ever had – soft, squishy, pillow-like, and sweet! I’ve had way too many brioche buns that are more greasy than they are moist, but this one was perfect. Although it wasn’t toasted I actually prefer my buns like this! There is nothing worse than making fresh bread crunchy IMO – yay for untoasted.

The chips also came in the cutest little ‘basket’ ever. They were hand-cut and served in a mini fryer – a lovely touch, and definitely bending towards that ‘gastro-pub’ sophistication which chip fanatics like me can’t resist ;). Sadly they looked crispier than they actually were and were slightly on the cold side, but they were crisp enough and yummy overall.

Niche Restaurant and bakery - Angel London. Dinner, lunch, coffee, comfort food, Christmas, pre-theatre, burgers, fish and chips, fresh pies gastropub

And though we aren’t sure if regular customers consume the same amount of ketchup with their chips, or mayo with their mash as we do, there was one tiny niggle we had with the meal. How do we put this? We are sauce people. As in, we like lots of it. As in, a lot…seriously. We’re talking pint-sized ketchup bottles on tables, and a general abundance of squeezy mayonnaise/mustards within an arm’s reach…

Okay, so we’re kidding about the pint but, we did have to keep asking the staff to bring us these little ramekins of ketchup (at least 4 times) and we kind of felt like we were being nightmare customers in the process – none of the tablespoon sized servings could quite cut it! The last restaurant we had this ‘issue’ in gave up on us and just placed entire plate of ketchup in front of us instead. Another restaurant that does this is beefeater – but again, WHY?

Niche: Pretty please put condiment bottles onto the tables and let the customers’ sauce their hearts content and then you will probably be perfect. Another niggle that isn’t really a proper niggle was that the huge bucket of bread we side-ordered (no complaining about portion sizes here), came to the table with the smallest knob of butter.  (In all honesty, the restaurant I part-time at does the same thing since most so many people tend to waste their butter), but there was nowhere near enough and we just wound up repeating the ketchup fiasco all over again.

Niche london bread

Meanwhile, Joanna had the Christmas Turkey dinner pie with mash and onion gravy. The gravy was so thick it looked like HP/chocolate sauce; she said the pie ‘tasted like Christmas dinner’… which sounds like a good thing. I forgot to photograph it.

The waitress we had was really lovely! She was very friendly and keen to please. Unlike many servers nowadays, she didn’t make us feel under pressure and had none of that waitress-chic attitude that seems to accompany efficient (or not so efficient) service nowadays. A second shout-out goes to the guy who took over our table for the second half of our meal – he was very professional and had really nice gentle mannerisms about him, the service here shines because the staff are so sweet.

Lastly, the desserts here are just another level of YES:

Niche Restaurant and bakery - Angel London. Dinner, lunch, coffee, comfort food, Christmas, pre-theatre, burgers, fish and chips, fresh pies STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING

Sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice cream: What I love about the sweet options here is that you can choose any flavour from their extensive range of ice creams to top your pud with – Vanilla, every time for me (boringggggg I know!) but they had options like Ferrero Rocher and salted caramel, plus a few sorbets to name a few. The vanilla ice cream was fragrant and beautifully beany. That said, the sticky toffee pudding was simply uh-mazing!!!! It was extremely soft, moist, caramel-y and sweet, topped with a melting ball of creamy frozen scoop of the vanilla. It was also cut into the moist perfect rectangle which made it just that little bit more divine… #canyoueven (I can’t):

Peanut butter and white chocolate blondie: This was Joanna’s. The crazy thing was that, for the first time in my life I didn’t get peanut butter based food envy since I was so content with the toffee-pud. But WOW this blondie was good. The Blondie layer was spongy and moist, whilst the frosting layer was extremely peanut-y, thick, and dense. The ratio of frosting-sponge was equally excellent. Although Joanna did look up mid-dessert to say “sugar-coma”…Again, perfect slicing! Doesn’t it look delicious topped with that salted caramel ice cream?

Niche Restaurant and bakery - Angel London. Dinner, lunch, coffee, comfort food, Christmas, pre-theatre, burgers, fish and chips, fresh pies PEANUT BUTTER WHITE CHOCOLATE BLONDIE

Just as we were finishing our desserts, a new couple in their 50’s or so sat down next to us. The guy out of them wanted to order some hummus and bread. But first, he asked the wife how healthy hummus was for him. She then replied by saying that it had too much fat, and didn’t let him order his hummus and bread after all….Life is too short! So come here, order yourself some delicious starters and grab yourself something hearty and proper. Then let yourself get disorientated by the pretty blue lights:

Niche Restaurant and bakery - Angel London. Dinner, lunch, coffee, comfort food, Christmas, pre-theatre, burgers, fish and chips, fresh pies led lights

All in all Niche: fab food, fab service, pretty (if minimalistic) restaurant, and… we will most certainly be returning for your fish and chips sometime soon!

P.S. we liked the Click London photography over the walls – a nice touch!

niche angel click photography Niche Restaurant and bakery - Angel London. Dinner, lunch, coffee, comfort food, Christmas, pre-theatre, burgers, fish and chips, fresh piesNiche Restaurant and bakery - Angel London. Dinner, lunch, coffee, comfort food, Christmas, pre-theatre, burgers, fish and chips, fresh pies


“You’ll look at the clock, and 5 minutes will have gone by, or an hour, or even a year…You can lose your clarity for quite some time. Where did you go? How did you come back?” — The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer

TAP Coffee – No. 26 Rathbone Place

“Life seems so am/pm. But really, it’s not all as balanced as that…” ― Jarod Kintz,  A Zebra is the Piano of the Animal KingdomTAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London

Cakes and coffee hit:

The door is wide open

Hey there, No. 26 -

How did you know

You’d be the place

We couldn’t resist?

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London Cakes Counter and SaladsInstant love: The time has come around again for you to eat your screens.

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London cakes mini tartsFirst up: one of the things I liked most about this (almost) Charlotte Street gem was the friendliness of the staff.

Even though in most coffee shops, the air is calm and the service is nice enough – a lot of Londoners can probably relate to finding the majority of places to be quite hasty and cold in the way they have to ‘welcome’ you in…

Even though I spend a lot of time ordering Mochas and eyeing up cakes in new locations on repeat, I confess that I still get *those* awkward moments of unease when trying somewhere new.

I mean, sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good the cakes look or how much space is available for you to sit inside if the staff can’t just ‘let you be’… You ready or what? (Say their expressions) – Forced greetings. Chop, chop. Next! Then you’ve got to worry about finding a seat. Pressure much?! And then you feel your mind gulping and going fffiiiiizzzzzzzzz. It can’t just be me?!

But at no. 26, the process is completely different. Everything about this place is beyond warm – it is welcoming. Despite its minimalistic design and plain white walls, you are sucked in and made to feel right at home straight away – the open door really makes a difference (though this is my subconscious speaking). There is something incredibly warm in here.

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London InteriorThe baristas are then happy to let you gawk at the display for as long as you like; they treat you as more than just another customer. I can’t explain it? They speak to you differently here, and it isn’t just a front they get paid to do. There is an effortlessness about their vibe which is what makes it so hard to explain. No. 26 has hired genuinely nice people who smile even when they aren’t serving and you’ve dropped crumbs everywhere like the worst customer ever (shout out to the girl with really long strawberry-blonde ish hair).

Oh, and this is probably a *good* time to mention that the quality of their coffee is really something too. The mocha is a thick, a heavenly blend of chocolate and smooth roast. Full bodied. Decadent but delicate; it’s rich and frothy-creamy, but not in the sickly sort of way.  The coffee and hot chocolate here are like… equal strength in perfect balance, strong – but not bitter; this one is dark and truly real. Love! I go back for two.

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London Coffee MochaWe arrived at about 11:30am, and it was pretty quiet. By 12pm everything deadened a little bit more, which seemed a little contradictory, but no complaints. Come 1:20pm though, the tables are filled and the place has become progressively more packed with chunky sandwiches and upbeat chit chat. By 2, everything’s back to being all mellow and chill.


No. 26 definitely appears to be a local hotspot that has made one heck of a sweet name for itself. Jessie and I had only wandered over to this side of Tottenham Court Road after the sister branch – 114, was too full for us to sit. Heading over to this end was the best (and tastiest) decision of the day.

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London sandwich TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London odyessieThe staffs were also happy for us snap away – “we love photographs!” they say.

IMG_2067 decor TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road LondonWhen I had finally chosen something to nibble on, an equally indecisive business man and his friend walked in and joined the queue behind me. Then we made light conversation about how difficult it is to choose a bake here. Even the customers are nice, I thought to myself. In the end, they vouched for the butter-cream filled sponge cake…

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London sponge cake buttercream vanilla…but I copied Jessie and opted for the chocolate loaf that seemed like it would do the Mocha justice, (it did).

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London chocolate loaf cake bananaThe barista had dropped in a line about how the chocolate loaf was her firm favourite and promisingly “moist”. In the end it wasn’t all that moist, but it was still damn good. Though there were brownies too:

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London brownies baked freshAlso, I didn’t think the frosting was generous enough for the frosting addict that = me…but Jessie said the sweetness of it was perfectly on point, although we both would have preferred a little more moisture. It’s the kind of cake you can indulge in without having to admit to; perfect for those morning ‘coffee-and-cake-kind-of-dates’; A light chocolate fix – a bread. Not a dessert. That’s why they call it loaf ;)

Did I mention the double chocolate chip cookies yet?

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London double chocolate chip cookiesAnd judging from everyone else’s lunch, soups are popular and the salads are leafy and huge. I spy walnuts and squash.

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London Walnut Salads TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London butternut squash saladNo 26: A gem, though not quite hidden; people know about it – and with good reason too. So go-go-go for your morning brews + complimentary Wi-Fi access that is scrawled out onto this chained canister… I like.

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London free wifiFinally, the last reason why you should go here is because their cutlery is fit for princes/princesses (see the pics), and they basically serve their beverages with the prettiest spoons I’ve ever picked up (see the mocha above). The deal is so sealed.

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London cake counter

TAP Coffee shop – No. 26 Rathbone Place Soho Tottenham Court Road London bike shop

No.26 – Rathbone PlaceW1T 1JD | Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm | Sat: 10am-6pm

Wild and Wood Coffee – New Oxford Street, Holborn

Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn

Shuffling feet and gentle clanking, the coffee grinds away. How do you describe sound? This place oozes instant charm.

Old school tunes hum from a muffled radio somewhere up high. Everything feels festive. The benches and table-tops remind me of church pews, they are castle like and rustic and there are postcards + newspaper cuttings tacked to the wall. Customers here are transported to a faraway place from last century or the one before…

Is this where they found their flat whites behind the scenes of ‘A Christmas Carol’? I’m half expecting a fat man with a white beard to push open the door and lays eyes on those delectable Sally Clarke’s mince pies welcoming him in so early in November. Magical is an understatement. This can’t be Holborn…

Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn Mince Pies

The windows are fully condensed. You can read words about their coffee written in white paint on the windows back-to-front from the inside. The glass looks like it’s frosted with snow. It’s so warm inside. It feels like Christmas Eve.

Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn bakewell tartDistraction: There are cakes in the window. They are huge. Carrot and orange, the frosted kind, sandwiched with 2 layers – my first temptation.

Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn carrot and orange cakeNo, no – must try something new. Bakewell tart, slices of sponge, and blueberry buns…

Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn tarts

Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, HolbornApple and almond tart? Oh my god. Yes and yes three times over.

Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn apple and almond tart cakeIt’s basically an apple soaked Madeira cake with a firm crust and pronounced fruity filling; superbly moist and sour sweet. It is dense but fluffy, and crumbles finely. Perfect as it is, I reckon they could totally milk this and charge an optional extra for a heap of clotted cream, custard or some ice cream – the kind of things nobody could/should ever say no to. I also notice that the carrot and orange sunshine cake is GF. There is also a sign indicating some Amaretto cheesecake. Hello.

Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn sally clarke cheesecake Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn sally clarke brownies chocolateThere are some nice seats right by the window, and sandwiches waiting to be grilled. They want you for lunch.

Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn sandwiches, lunchIt’s so easy to while away time here, plus the blonde girl who works here has the greatest Australian accent ever and she asks hey how you going to every new arrival. The place is also pretty tiny – a strict table sharing principle operates here. Many people have shared my pew but none of them have stayed long (Turns out they are actually real church pews!). Lots of others grab and go, there is new traffic by the minute. Meanwhile, I get half an essay done – the flat white made me do it.

I also learned from one girl opposite me that they don’t do anything sans dairy. No soy, no decaf. She is offered black coffee or tea. She chooses peppermint. Plus, they only accept cash so no cards. But Wild and Wood is 6 years old now, and they let you sit in and drink off church pews – so they can get away with this. A man comes up to the counter to pay, he says thanks for the best coffee I’ve had in 40 years. Go figure (Monmouth served here).

Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn flat white coffeeAt this point, I’m pretty sure I have apple and almond crumbs in my hair and, oh my: Ashton Kutcher’s twin has just walked in. It’s time to leave and second-glance those £3.70 Cronuts on display. I speak to the owner on the way out – he lets me take photos and I say I really can’t wait for the Christmas décor to go up –  he adds that they may just be bringing in some panettone next month too. Definitely returning.

London Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn cronuts Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, Holborn cronuts londonOn my way back to uni, I realize I completely missed my Spanish class. Oops. And then Rowan Atkinson walked past, which pretty much sealed my ending to 2014 because I just saw the real Mr. Bean – in Bloomsbury!!!

Wild and Wood Coffee - New Oxford Street, HolbornCheck out Wild and Wood Coffee, or follow them on Twitter! 

…or just sit in for some seriously good quality coffee and a slice of cake <3

Does anyone else know of any hidden gems? How easily can you crack on with work/writing in coffee shops? I used to only be able to study in the library or somewhere quiet, but the situation is the total opposite now!

Have a great week x


Continental Stores Espresso – Bloomsbury

Minimalism – there’s just something about it.

Continental Stores Espresso - Bloomsbury

Something which makes people wanna sip inside

Do you take

Oak and oats or

Avocado and egg

on multi-grain toast?

Continental Stores Espresso - Bloomsbury Avocado and Eggs on toast


Celebrate mornings

Grab a friend

Over cake and brekky:

“Millionaire’s shortbread”  

With roasted blends.

Swirly milk

White walls

Bakes by big windows

And of course,

“That carroty-thing with frosting”

plus 2 forks:

 Continental Stores Espresso - Bloomsbury  carrot cake

Continental Stores Espresso is a minimalist coffee shop and cakes stop right by Tavistock Place.

Continental Stores Espresso - Bloomsbury


No more than a 15 minute walk away from big sister “Store Street Espresso”, CS has stuck to their ethos and spread their house “Square Mile” blend coffee across to their other end of Bloomsbury.

Continental Stores Espresso - Bloomsbury

At CS, this brewed and honest goodness is served to you with the same kind of spacious intimacy that has long made the big sis so popular amongst students, tourists, and business-folk alike. Head to the back for some peace and quiet, or stay by the fore for window benches and bakes-galore. The day me and Jessie visited was the first day they were serving their all-new Millionaires shortbread slice.

One word: Beautiful; thick gooey caramel with…a hint of healthy? I could taste something like date. It was lovely, although I never did get to find out what was in it. The staff said ‘chocolate’. I said fair enough.

Millionaires shortbread Continental Stores Espresso - Bloomsbury

Cakes are a staple here; pastries too. Order brunch or stay for lunch – since the sandwiches, soups and French toast will be calling out for you. Bring your laptop and arrive before noon to grab a seat (CS is far smaller than their sister-ship branch), but have trying to tear yourself away: Drinking coffee here is a form of meditation in itself.

UCL students: This place is a conveniently close call to procrastinate, and makes for the perfect post-lecture escape.

The store is tranquil, airy, fresh, cosy, and friendly; you get the impression that its quality over quantity. I’d say it is, and rightly so.

Continental Stores Espresso - Bloomsbury

The final verdict is: We cannot wait to come back. CS, you have lured us with your space and bright simple charm.

Continental Stores Espresso - Bloomsbury Cappucino

See you soon!

“Adults follow paths. Children explore. Adults are content to walk the same way, hundreds of times, or thousands; perhaps it never occurs to adults to step off the paths, to creep beneath rhododendrons, to find the spaces between fences…I was a child, which meant that I knew a dozen different ways of getting out of our property and into the lane, ways that would not involve walking down our drive.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane

3 Ingredient Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bars – GF + Vegan

“My mind aches with a thousand stories. All variations threaded with shreds of truth.”― Truth Devour, Unrequited

3 Ingredient Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bars - GF + Vegan

I remember when I was writing up the post for these die-worthy, buttery, chocolate chip-crazed ‘real’ cookie dough bars, and I said something along the lines of “I will never be one of those vegan cookie dough fanatics – like, ever” … But I am going to completely retreat on my words. These amazing vegan-friendly cookie dough bars are the ultimate exception to the regular, butter-laden rule. I am still love-struck by their friendly chocolate-chip infused deceit.

And oh, maybe I twisted things a little. Sure, these vegan cookie dough bars are 3 ingredients…that is,  if you aren’t planning on using any extra honey, vanilla, sea salt, and cinnamon etc…The bulk of these fudgy bars though, really is made up of 3 key ingredients: Dates, peanut butter and, of course: chocolate chips. But my white lie doesn’t really matter, since once you’ve become hooked on first bite, the rest is history…and you will secretly rejoice at how (dangerously) easy they are to re-make batch after batch one-hundred-and-one times over:

3 Ingredient Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bars - GF + Vegan

I genuinely couldn’t believe how well these turned out. Alright, so they aren’t *the real thing*…AKA the whippy type of cookie dough that sticks to your big wooden spoon and the edges of the bowl – but they are pretty damn close as far as vegan food goes! Honestly, if you are a lover of peanut butter and the general bad boys in life, then these vegan cookie dough bars are ingeniously simple to make, and impossible to not love. They also freeze well too! – Which means that cookie dough and chocolate chip on the menu for breakfast = perfectly acceptable. Yay.

(Serves 12-16):

  • 2 C stoned + compressed dates (I used a 375g bag for the whole recipe)
  • 1 C creamy peanut butter (crunchy is perfectly fine too)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tbsp honey/maple syrup/agave nectar/rice syrup (don’t add too much or the dough will be quite wet and have a greasy feel to it)
  • 2 C dark chocolate chips
  • Sprinkle of sea salt + Cinnamon

You basically just need to put everything into a food processor and blitz until it’s thick, creamy and press-able into a 11 x 7 baking tray. Chill/freeze until firm, before cutting + devouring. Yup… it really is that simple.

3 Ingredient Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bars - GF + Vegan


None of us in this household are vegan. However, when the younger bro tried a piece, he couldn’t even guess that it was vegan – success! He just described them as being “really peanut buttery”  – “they taste like cookie dough but I know it’s probably not because you asked me first”…Fair enough.

However, I think there may have been a slight misunderstanding on his behalf…

Bro: “How can they be vegan if they have milk in it?”

Me: “Erm, there is no milk in them….”

Bro: “But peanut butter has milk in it”

Me: “????”

Bro: “Like butter…peanut butter…its dairy…duhhhh”

Me: *Face-palm*.

I couldn’t even. It’s in moments like these where I can’t believe that we are actually related. He was so matter-of-fact and ever so serious about the whole thing too.  So ha… *that* awkward moment when you’re completely wrong, Max. All of your pbj’s to this day have been nothing but jam covered, lactose-free lies ;)… Sorry to break it to ya bro.

This week has flown, once again! Even my dad has said how all of his colleagues at work keep talking about how weirdly fast time has been passing recently. Where is it even going?! I’ve had a pretty productive past week. Apparently the decision to tackle coursework + essay preparation head-on is a good one, but getting the ball rolling in the first place is always the hardest bit! Although, I did spend one particular evening in  the library pondering for way too long over something really pointless which I read and couldn’t quite get rid of. Here’s a quick geographic chicken/egg scenario for you to ponder on…

Do us (humans)…

a) Cry because we are sad?


b) Feel sad because we are crying?

It’s quite an interesting question when you think about it! This book was basically trying to get to grips with the way that the environment affects human emotion in different ways. Like here: why do cry? Why does our body give into this reflex? Do feelings precede or proceed emotion? (Given that emotion is something which is inflicted on us – e.g. pain, whereas feelings are weighed and basically cultivated within ourselves- e.g. guilt). Needless to say, I got completely mind boggled and unnecessarily distracted for a good half an hour – which in all fairness, sees like perfectly productive procrastination if anything else. What do you think though?

All in all, definitely do give these bars a go! They are pretty much based on the most basic recipe that there is for vegan cookie dough. Ratios are switch-up-able too, so you don’t strictly need an entire cup of peanut butter if you’d actually prefer a stickier/chewier bar. (I will admit, my peanut butter ratios tend to cater for the most hard-core of addicts). So it’s totally your call! They are pretty healthy as far as treats go, and choc-full of protein too. And they taste like cookie dough. I also can’t wait to try out a bunch of different topping/filler combinations. What do you think would go? Triple chocolate chip? Cocoa cookie-dough…? Hm.

And does anybody have any tried + tested vegan frosting recipes? I was so tempted to just slather on a buttercream topping (in the name of aesthetics, ofc) but decided that this post would be a lot more popular if I resisted haha… And they were definitely plenty enough by themselves!

Have a great week everybody!

What are your top tips for being productive and getting stuff done?

And what are you most looking forward to this week?

Tash x