A Beautiful Afternoon-Tea themed baby shower + Newborn cuddles!

Hey all! How is your weekend going?

Mine has been pretty lovely so far! I actually still have a huge grin lingering on my face from yesterday afternoon; I was so lucky to have been a part of the most beautiful baby shower ever thrown. It was a glowing day filled with melt-worthy newborn baby cuddles and plenty of pretty pictures….

Afternoon tea themed baby shower fun and games

On the 3rd October 2014 at 16:23pm my new, second baby cousin Lily was born to my big cousin Michelle + her husband. Having a new baby in the family is so exciting! Yet before baby Lily was even born, a bunch of Michelle’s closest friends pulled all of the family together and set out to organize a double, surprise baby shower to throw for her after the baby was born to celebrate the arrival of both Lily and Michelle’s toddler (who missed out on his own party 2 years ago)…

One of Michelle’s biggest weaknesses also happens to be traditional English Afternoon tea. Her amazing friends knew that this would be the perfect theme for planning a lavish afternoon filled with quizzes, champagne, and CAKE! Ahead went the secret planning…

Can you believe that this entire spread was handmade by my Aunty (The new Nana!!) and cousin?!

IMG_9166 IMG_9156

They are so, so talented. We still tell the new Nana that she quit her job and party plan for a living – everything was ridiculously perfect! There was so much delicious food to go around (we were packed off with at least 3 cakes worth of leftovers). It was the ultimate-baby-shower-cake heaven. I don’t think anyone will be forgetting this any time soon!

Afternoon tea themed baby shower fun and games Afternoon tea themed baby shower fun and games Afternoon tea themed baby shower fun and games

The salted caramel torte (first photo) was incredible. If you are a sucker for anything cheesecake, brownie-like and rich and infused with oodles of salted caramel…then this = what your dreams are made of. The recipe remains top secret however… (I tried). Then there was the chocolate-pops: white chocolate balls stuffed with thick, sugary Nutella! *Melts*.

Afternoon tea themed baby shower fun and games

Now, regarding the *surprise* theme of the party… These big plans had been kept pretty well under wraps + hidden from Michelle for an entire 2 months…Then guess what?

This happened: My mother (who was driving us to Michelle’s new house) gets quite lost after turning off the motorway. Mum freaks out, phones Michelle in a bit of a haste (we were stuck facing the wrong direction on the narrowest one-way street in the history of ever…) to say sorry, and that we were going to be a tad bit late + could she give us her address again please?! Michelle’s baffled response was along the lines of:

“But…why are you going to my house??”

“Oh. Sh*t Mich! Forget I ever said anything. In fact, forget I even rung you. See you soon!!”… *Hangs up*

It was definitely an applaud worthy moment. Naturally, my mum wanted to know why I didn’t say something before she hit dial…but I did! She just totally didn’t hear me. It’s already pretty hilarious to look back on! Oh, and then we got yelled at by an angry taxi driver who wanted to get down this one-way street but couldn’t. So he tried anyway and we both got stuck and then he yelled at us some more (that’s so helping us both out, bro…Not). We did get there, eventually.

She is beautiful. There is nothing more angelic than a cuddly, blue eyed bundle with soft, tufty hair and warm cheeks all wrapped up in white…

Afternoon tea themed baby shower fun and games Afternoon tea themed baby shower fun and games Afternoon tea themed baby shower fun and games

There is also nothing more peaceful than watching a newborn baby fall asleep in your arms. A new life is so fascinating…I mean, it’s crazy we have no idea who this little girl is going to be, or all of the amazing, beautiful things she will go on to achieve in her life?! Holding her was so amazing because it felt like I had her whole life-to-be right there condensed as a bundle in my arms; a story that only time will tell…

Beautiful baby Afternoon tea themed baby shower fun and games

It was the perfect way for the family to spend time together after a rather chaotic (and scary) week, before we all disperse back out into various other parts of the world again until Christmas! There were so many babies and another pregnant mummy expecting twins which only added to the excitement in the air! I also think it’s fair to say that newborn baby’s bring out the gushiest side of everyone. What a perfect day it was!

IMG_9182 Afternoon tea themed baby shower fun and games

I can’t believe it’s Sunday again already?! Recently, I feel as if I’ve been watching the days/weeks fly by just as quickly as I used to watch the hours tick by as a kid in classes all day. I’m pretty sure there is some external force out there having fun with the remote to life! Time is definitely on fast forward…

I have so many new recipes in my ‘post inventory’ that will be going up over the next couple of weeks. For a sneak peak, check out my IG (on the right sidebar)! I’ve had to stall the baking process for a few weeks and start to catch up with everything – there is so much going on right now, and I enjoy the creating + baking process so much that I just know it will just serve prevent productivity in the other areas of my life that need to be seen to. I have a feeling I will bake anyway though – a girl needs some sanity!

Also if you have a moment, then do check out my friend Jessie’s (genius!) amazing sweet potato and early grey loaf! Jessie is one of my best buddies from uni (the girl who captured my heart by sharing out her post-lecture chocolate cupcakes…says it all really ) – and she has just started out her own blog adventure, so I am super excited to see what more she has yet to surprise us with from her oven, so do check her out! I totally thrilled if you could visit her site and give Jessie her first few hits :)

On that note, I hope you all enjoy your Sunday afternoons, get to make something warm + soupy and have a chance to take a walk in some crunchy orange leaves in the breeze! Here is a London sunrise that I snapped a couple of days ago; #cloudporn. Yet another reason to justify why I LOVE AUTUMN!!

Sunrise Over London Cloudy Sky Landscape Photography Tashiana

Love Love,

Tash x

beautiful baby shower afternoon tea themed

  • http://www.pumpkinnspice.com Gayle @ Pumpkin N Spice

    Your new baby cousin is so adorable, Tash! And I agree, there is nothing better than a newborn sleeping in your arms. Sounds like the shower went well, too!

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Thank you lovely Gayle. You are right, there are few things that beat that feeling ^_^

  • http://www.cearaskitchen.com Ceara @ Ceara’s Kitchen

    What an angelic and gorgeous baby! <3 And those cakes and sweets – your aunty and cousin totally outdid themselves with that amazing desert table. The presentation of everything is absolutely superb! :)

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Thank you Ceara! I will totally pass your comment on to them! 😉 Hope everything is great with you!

  • http://www.tworaspberries.com Michele @ Two Raspberries

    ahhh Lily is just beautiful, I love how little they are… they grow up SO fast! and the dessert look so yummy I bet it was absolutely delicious and super fun 😉

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      You got that right Michele 😉 Have a great weekend x

  • http://www.inspirationkitchen.com Kristi @ Inspiration Kitchen

    Congratulations on your new baby cousin! That looks like a beautiful table of food – I can’t believe it was made by one person – impressive!

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      I know right?! Thanks Kristi, I hope you are doing well! <3

  • http://www.theperfectionist.co.uk Natasha

    I’m so impressed two people made all of that happen! But you’ve got to wear her down on the salted caramel torte recipe… You’ve just got to! Post it on your blog as hers, make her famous. Sell it to her like that… Then maybe we can all benefit! :) Lily is beautiful x

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Hahaha yes I agree, for the benefit of the world! It was honestly so divine…I probably couldn’t recreate it even if I tried. (It was that good…)
      She really is, isn’t she? Thanks for the lovely comment Tash x

  • http://bakingamoment.com Allie | Baking a Moment

    Totally dying over that beautiful baby! And the gorgeous spread, too. What an amazing weekend; congrats!

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      You are so sweet Allie! Thank you <3

  • http://TheSquishyMonster.com The Squishy Monster

    The talent obviously flows richly in your family…and the beauty!

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      That’s such a lovely thing for you to say!! Hope you’re having the best week <3

  • http://blog.pollyrowan.com/ Polly

    Oh what a beautiful baby! And that spread looks AMAZING

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Thanks Polly 😀 There was so much to choose from!

  • http://www.playingwithflour.com Monica

    Alright, I am grinning from looking at this post! What a precious newborn and this shower – that spread is just incredible! Who wouldn’t want an English tea themed baby shower! It’s brilliant and the food looks perfect.

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Aw that’s so nice of you! English tea is the best 😀 Cake and, well…TEA!! Lots of it too :) Have a fab weekend!

  • http://www.livinglou.com Louisa [Living Lou]

    Wow! Check out that amazing spread! What a beautiful baby shower and such a precious baby! :)

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Thanks for the kind words Lou! Have a great weekend :)

  • http://lifemadesweeter.com Kelly – Life Made Sweeter

    Oh my goodness, Lily is absolutely gorgeous! So precious and perfect! Love the baby shower and all the beautiful food too :)

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      You are lovely Kelly! Thanks so much. Hope everything is going well over with you!

  • http://mirandasnotebook.com/ Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    Lily is adorable! What a gorgeous baby shower too – all those cakes look absolutely delicious. Such a funny story about your Mum too :)

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Hahaha looking back now we can laugh…Thanks so much Miranda! <3

  • http://atasteofmadness.blogspot.ca/ ATasteOfMadness

    What a cutie!!

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      :) She is!!

  • http://thegastronomicbong.com/ Arpita@ The Gastronomic Bong

    Congratulations Tash!! Your baby cousin is absolutely adorable! :)

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Thanks Arpita. I hope you are well! :)

  • http://www.24hoursfromhome.com Claire

    All of this food looks incredible!

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      It was delicious Claire. The pics don’t do it justice! :) Thanks for the comment x

  • http://cookinglsl.com Mira

    Your baby cousin is adorable Tash! What a great idea to celebrate after the baby was born, and everything looks beautiful! I’m sure you had an awesome weekend!

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Thanks Mira -she is, isn’t she?! :) I hope you had a lovely weekend to. TGIF! x

  • http://www,foodieforce.co.uk Lucy

    What a beautiful cousin, Lily looks very angelic and what a lot of hair. The foodie spread looks wonderful especially the cake pops Lucy x

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana


  • http://hellohealthyeating.com Cailee

    Ahhh!! Lily is sooo cute!! Seriously, she is like the most precious thing ever!! What a beautiful baby!! …and wow!! Your family is so talented!! That spread of delicious eats looks so amazing!! I seriously don’t know how people could even choose what to get! …it all looks so good!! Congratulations on your new family member!! :) So exciting!

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Haha yeah it was pretty near impossible to choose anything…Thanks for your lovely words Cailee! Hope you are doing well <3

  • http://www.truefemme.com Alex @ True Femme

    She really does look angelic! This year is a big year for babies for a lot of my friends–one friend had her little angel in the spring, another is due in a few weeks, and a third is due right after my birthday in December! So much fun! Hope you’re well <3

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Congrats to your friends Alex! That all sounds so wonderful and exciting. Hope you are well too, I am looking forward to your ‘month’ being up! xx

  • http://www.foodieforce.co.uk Lucy

    What a beautiful cousin, Lily looks very angelic and what a lot of hair. The foodie spread looks wonderful especially the cake pops Always lovely to celebrate the birth of a ne family addition Lucy x

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Thanks for your comment Lucy. She is indeed angelic, I was also surprised by the amount of hair she had! The cake pops were so good. I’ll have to steal the recipe from my cousin and post it up on here x

  • http://cookingwithmammac.com Andrea @ Cooking with Mamma C

    This post was lovely in every way. From the baby, to the photos, to the food, and your writing. So glad I stopped by. I’ll be sure to visit again!

  • http://prettysimplesweet.com/ Shiran @ Pretty. Simple. Sweet.

    Congrats Tash! Lily is sooo sweet and beautiful! Her cute face melted my heart :) The baby shower looks perfect, too. Celebrating these moments are the best thing in life!

  • http://www.savorthebaking.blogspot.com Chineka @ Savor The Baking

    I love that the baby shower was tea themed and all of the food looks delicious. Lily is such a pretty baby.

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      That’s so sweet of you! Thank you :)