Hey! I’m Tashiana! (but Tash is fiiiine..) 

Welcome to my blog Tealightsky,- a miniature haven where I share my thoughts, bakes, and photos from London (home), and beyond. I like to think that this blog (which is kind of fun to care for), doubles as a productive little outlet for my favourite things in life: food, reflection & photography. 


I literally feel like I’m the worst possible person to ever write about me (what am I supposed to say?!) but I’ll have a go, and I’ll try not to cringe when I bring myself to read back over it…

1. I can’t think of a colour in this world greater than sunlight in all its shades (except maybe the sight of a rainbow). I am *that* creepy person who will remember your all tiniest little favourite things + stuff you forgot you ever mentioned to me, and buy those-themed gifts for every birthday and Christmas I go on to know you for. I am also that person who’s mum still finds a way to slip in that I eat too many sweet things at least once everyyyyyyy day. My favourite fruit is nectarines and I could (and d0) eat them all day every day during summer time. But I am also the most indecisive person ever. Like never ask me what my last meal would be because I’d be so torn between fish and chips versus every other food there is in the world (how do I know what mood I’ll be in?!)

2. My pantry is usually stocked with at least 5 different kinds of peanut butter, multiplied by two. It’s an obsession. I love love love anything involving vanilla or cinnamon or avocado or mango or goats cheese or chocolate and honey macadamias or oats or carrot cake, almond + pear and cashews or pumpkin or real butter, lemond curd or caramelllllllllllllll. Though seeing as you’ve already found my sugar dusted blog I guess you didn’t need me to babble that out? I am a sucker for anything even remotely cheesecake and am actually incapable of saying ‘no’ to anything with frosting. Oh and hell yes I am always down for scones and jam and cream, so if you ever fancy afternoon tea… (See, didn’t I tell you not to bring up the issue of favourite foods?)

3. I am a firm believer in the philosophy that a pen and paper heals everything, with hours spent reading beautiful quotes from wise old (usually dead) people who probably wrote books coming a close second. I also take walks like three times a day because a cloudy mind is no happy place to live.

4. Should I add that I’m a huge fan of country pop? Nobody around here has ever heard of my favourite songs, and I seriously feel like I’d have been better suited to entering the world via Nashville, not London.

5. I’m sorry. That was more than 5 things.

I  also LOVE to travel (serious case of wanderlust here) and was utterly spoilt this year 2015, having had a magical week across Spain, a total getaway to certain faraway shores… plus a cruise around the Mediterranean + Russia (coming soon to TLS!). Travel is something I’d like to prioritize when I’m finished, studying Geography at UCL. (I also freelance food, wedding, lifestyle + events photography on the side – so contact me if you’d like to get in touch!).

Since I dropped out of my Study Abroad year (I should totally be in Sydney right now), I figured that my undergraduate dissertation had to be something that I was passionate enough to be properly motivated about. So it’s going to be on cafes and brunch! I get to research how cafes in London are Third-Spaces in the city – unique places that people wind up at between work and home, perhaps to unwind and nourish and treat themselves – either alone or with friends and family, to the ambience that they find there. Sounds mundane, right? But it is truly Geography in such a deep way that I’ll have to save that nerdy lecture for another day…

For now I’m really excited to get stuck into the ‘fieldwork’ aspect of it, which will undoubtedly give me lots of pictures of London’s prettiest cafe hideaways and not to mention a spectrum of scrambled eggs and pancakes to review long the way! Meanwhile I’m all at once terrified, curious and excited about whatever uncertain chapter awaits for this time next year…

Anyhow, I think my mini life story above pretty much ties together the reasons for Tealightsky. It’s just everything, snippets of my life rosied up through pretty pictures and distilled in one place. So I hope you enjoy and keep coming back soon! :-)


Tash xo


  • http://www.londonlikethecity.com London @ London, Like the City

    What a cute blog! Glad we found each other :) I’m also a Leo too, woot!

    • Tashiana

      Leos unite!! Yay!!! I love yours x 100!

  • http://www.theperfectionist.co.uk Natasha

    Hi from one London Tash to another! I’ve followed you on Instagram so you can show me the best places for cheesecake that I might have missed!

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Hey! Love your name! 😉 Woop woop London Tash’s x 2 = an amazing foodie adventure! Your carrot cake is divine by the way! Thanks for finding me 😀

      • http://www.theperfectionist.co.uk Natasha

        Yesss! I’m excited that we can share recommendations! And thank you very much! It’s much easier to make that it looks, and tastes so good. :)

  • http://theyoopergirl.com Leigha @ The Yooper Girl

    Oh my gosh, I’m in love with your blog! So happy you found mine so I could find yours :) <3

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Leigha you are the sweetest! I actually cannot stop scrolling through your blog over, and over…the pics are just… <3 I'm so happy to have found it too! :) x

  • http://www.cannellavita.com Erica

    Beautiful beautiful blog! You are hilarious and profound at the same time through your writing, and your recipes all look delicious! You have a new fan and regular reader!
    With love,

  • http://nourishedbynutrition.com Jessica Kelley

    Tashiana! First, off you are adorable! and Secondly, I LOVE you blog! Everything about it is so wonderful and inspiring! You pictures are so fun and I love getting to see bits and piece of London, since I’m stuck over here in the US haha Keep doing what you do! Awesome job!

  • http://wearychef.com Andi @ The Weary Chef

    Great to meet you, Tash! I love your gorgeous photos and cute personality!

  • http://www.katthewanderer.com/ Kat Reynolds

    Tash your blog is awesome! All of those stunning pictures of food are making me drool! Can’t wait to have a scroll around more and discover some of your London recommendations! I really love the way you write, your personality absolutely shines through! Kat x

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Kat you are the sweetest! I can’t wait to have you here again! So glad I found you! <3

  • Reema

    Oh my God Tash, can’t believe I haven’t seen this before but this is incredible! Foodie heaven <3

  • http://www.alittlelusciousness.com Rosie

    Hi Tash,

    Just checked out your blog after you commented on mine – I went to UCL too!! Although quite a while ago now!! Happy blogging,

    Rosie xx

  • http://veganosity.com Linda @ Veganosity

    Hi Tash! Alex (the other half of Veganosity, and my daughter) studied abroad in London her spring semester of her junior year in college. She LOVED it! She keeps threatening to move there. She is also terrified of birds, and butterflies. ???

    I love your blog and look forward to reading more posts. BTW, your hair is gorgeous!

  • http://TheFoodSauce Colin Mordi

    Hi Tash,
    Uts Colin here spoke briefly at the event yesterday (Saturday)
    Really would like to talk to you about featuring some of your recipes across our blog and giving you some exposure via social media while at the same time introducing you to some of or clients that we work with in terms of products sampling.

    liking that photography


    Colin Mordi-Founder of The Food Sauce