BBQ Food & Family time – It’s birthday week again!

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon – to me, those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language…” 
― Henry James

So, here we are: after being treated to a lovely + relaxed day off, followed by one day taken on leave, before a slow (5pm) start the next day, and finished with yet another day off – I think it is fair to say that this weekend definitely understands the true meaning of “the dream rota”. If only every week of the summer had been something like this…

IMG_5608 IMG_5704


It was just this time last year that myself + my cousins baby, – J celebrated our birthdays with a joint family BBQ party. This year was slightly different however. With half of the family across the country/world, J’s 2nd birthday was celebrated with a slightly quieter, but nevertheless delicious summer BBQ!

IMG_5492 IMG_5493

It was warm and sunny for the whole day. (Except for that 2 minute burst of rain which cleared up in no time – because the rain knows its place on BBQ days…)

IMG_5612 IMG_5537

And also, kids are so ridiculously natural in photographs! I always say that posing kills the emotion of a photo (even though it’s so hard to pose without posing) thankfully though, none of these actually guys understand what it means to *sit still and smile* for any photo = the perfect snaps.

IMG_5715 IMG_5730 IMG_5746

Family BBQ’s are the best. Summertime is the best, and flame grilled sausages are even better! (BBQ’s are one of the rare occasions of the year where I actually enjoy meat).

IMG_5515 IMG_5521

I heart summer! (And days off).

IMG_5578 IMG_5653 IMG_5566IMG_5673


It was a happy day, and I can’t quite believe how much this little guy has grown up!

IMG_5723IMG_5716And ooh – I must mention that I am currently loving love Maja’s recent blog idea! – She has a new ‘morning’ series where she basically gets a guest blogger to write about their morning routine, based on a round of pre-set questions. Why do I enjoying being so nosey? I have no absolutely idea! But I really, really do love reading about the little things/habits/inspirations that streak other peoples’ daily routines, and the magic that keeps them alive + interesting! I actually came across Maja’s blog via Tania (of whose paradisiacal photos + blogging style I have long been addicted to…) – who explained how Maja was currently featuring her morning routine! I really enjoyed reading it and maybe you will too – so definitely do check it out!

Meanwhile, I am currently not loving how my mum has shoved an entire box of Earl Grey tea bags into our jar of Yorkshire (normal, black) tea. Earl grey tea sipped first thing in the morning when one is expecting some breakfast-y milky-ness is seriously un-cool.  I had no idea even that EG was such an acquired taste! The bottom line: you don’t appreciate what you have until it has been polluted with 200 or so EG tea bags…

Right now, I dare say that I feel…refreshed? I may be just! It has certainly been nice :)

However, the end is not near…Saturday next week (a mere 6 days away!) is my BIRTHDAY! And wow – I have never seen an entire year pass so fast!

But for now, let’s all make the most of the remaining BBQ season…

Tash x

  • Leigha @ The Yooper Girl

    That cake! So cute! I agree- BBQ’s are the few times that I enjoy meat!

  • Baby June

    Great photos! Hope you all had happy birthdays! :)

    • Tashiana

      Thanks June!! August is always sunny and perfect for celebrations :)

  • Liz

    Looks like such a terrific gathering…great food and loved ones! Yeah, Earl Grey would not be my first choice in morning teas. I’m more of an English Breakfast gal.