Gail’s Bakery, Bloomsbury – Home to the worlds most photogenic cheesecake…

“Just because you don’t live near a bakery, it doesn’t mean that you have to go without cheesecake…”

Hedy Lamarr

Gail, you are amazing. Your bakery is a minimalist’s haven; and I can’t wait to come back and raid your kitchen…

That sounds a little like a love letter, doesn’t it? Well rightly so, because GAIL’s bakery is truly wonderful…

More often than not, I get to photograph cake-stuffs that need zero words; Gail’s bakery however, has just gone into negative words… There are quite simply NO words for this cheesecake!

Gail's Bakery, Bloomsbury London

Agree with me.

This vanilla cheesecake is the logo that represents my first time in the bubble that is Gail’s. This cheesecake is topped with dusted blueberries that make it even more photogenic. This cheesecake basically hogs the spotlight of Gail’s cake counter…

Dear Mr Cheesecake, please Say CHEESE…

Gail's Bakery, Bloomsbury London

Perfection, perfection, perfection!

Louis (Geography buddy…OCD freak, compulsive planner…businessman + lover of good food) and I, took a walk to Gail’s following a catch up at Honey and Co, Bloomsbury. Despite being sternly informed by one of the ladies at Gail’s that closing time was in 15 minutes sharp (ugh)we had just enough time to scour the cake counter and take some photo’s before chilling outside the shop with some iced teas/coffee’s and cake…


The selection was just enough to be stuck for choice, without being struck down by indecision. Perfect. The bakery/cafe space is small, yet spacious and welcoming. The design is plain, but clean cut and rather warm.

I must admit though, that despite my fixation with the cheesecake beauty, I did kind of commit ‘cheesecake addict suicide’ when I strayed and opted for the carrot cake instead of Le cheesecake…Sorry cheesecake! I had to love you and leave you for Louis, but I definitely did enjoy that forkful of your dense delightfulness…We will be meeting soon again, I know it.

As for said carrot cake however…c’mon…it’s CUBED! I repeat: CUBED!

Gail's Bakery, Bloomsbury London

With three beautifully cemented layers of thick, creamy cream cheesiness… (I am sorry but not sorry for the lack of adjectives) and square cut edges, it is 100% the most irresistible cube that I have ever come across in my whole life.

What. A. Slab:

Gail's Bakery, Bloomsbury London

Here are some of the other goodies that are also on display in Gail’s:

Gail's Bakery, Bloomsbury London Gail's Bakery, Bloomsbury London Gail's Bakery, Bloomsbury London Gail's Bakery, Bloomsbury London

As we walked away for the evening, we could see + smell the fresh bread being served with some seriously good looking dinner dishes, next door @ Gail’s Kitchen. Dinner at Gail’s needs to happen sometime very soon, the food looked so wholesome and tasty!

Their boxes are also so cute! We walked out feeling as if we had purchased something of a little more luxury…a great touch!

So, if life ever leaves you lost, lonely, or confused… always go and find a box like this to read:

Gail's Bakery, Bloomsbury London

…Before going on to blame Gail for your cravings.

Gail's Bakery, Bloomsbury London

If you are ever in London, then definitely do visit GAIL’s bakery and then raid their kitchen!

See you soon GAIL’s!

And have a great weekend all!

Love Tash.

  • Baby June

    Oh my gosh, that cheesecake IS super photogenic! lol :) Now I want cheesecake :'(

  • Eva

    It looks a great pary ! So much fun 😉