La Gelatiera London – Southbank and Sunsets…

“Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream.”
― Charles Baxter, The Feast of Love

So, Southbank; we meet again?

La Gelatiera  London – South bank and Sunsets...gelato

Friday afternoon has finally swung around, and yet again, the time has come to go and get lost in the miniature weekend maze that continues to be Southbank Real Food festival…

The air smelt grassy and wet thanks to the freak thunderstorm that caught everyone off guard… raindrops bounced onto the pavements quickly glassed with sheets upon sheets of water (Londoners, back me up here – that rainstorm was truly immense….)

It would have been easy to make a bolt for the station home – but following a chance encounter with Nathan from the wonderful ‘La Gelatiera’ earlier on in the day…A trip across the market for some real + delicious gelato sounded like it was well in order…

Hm, I wonder what this could be…?

La Gelatiera  London – South bank and Sunsets...gelato

The lovely Nathan happily introduced both me and my own manager (Michael) to La Gelatiera’s ‘in a nutshell’ collection of creamy Italian gelatos, which are sourced from a far wider range of delicious heaps at at their gelato base over in Covent Garden… 

La Gelatiera  London – South bank and Sunsets...gelato La Gelatiera  London – South bank and Sunsets...gelato

It appears that the capacity of their market stall doesn’t do their range of “London’s finest Italian” + “100% natural” gelato collection justice at all…take ‘Vanilla Marinara’ or ‘Cornish blue and walnuts’ and ‘Japanese black sesame’ as my word for it! La Gelatiera has brought these medleys into one fine existence…

La Gelatiera  London – South bank and Sunsets...gelato

Meanwhile, their ‘Honey, rosemary, and orange zest” flavour is meticulously described as being a “Rich and creamy, fresh tasting ice cream with the aroma of a Mediterranean summer country garden…”

Love struck is such an understatement right now:

La Gelatiera  London – South bank and Sunsets...gelato La Gelatiera  London – South bank and Sunsets...gelato

I really need to take a trip down to their Covent Garden branch… Their website alone is making me drool in reminiscence of those still Italian summer nights when we would roam the streets of Rome…nothing but 4 girls on the hunt for the city’s best gelato to end our perfect night on a sweet and creamy high…Could the home alternative really be as close as Covent Garden?!

It is already a well known perk of gelato; that it is actually lower in fat, yet also creamier than even the silkiest and most luxurious English ice cream. Your favourite ice cream may rank as silver, but quality gelato = true gold.

This was the thick and creamy, melt in your mouth­ kind of gelato that struck the perfect balance between ribbons and richness…

La Gelatiera  London – South bank and Sunsets...gelato La Gelatiera  London – South bank and Sunsets...gelato

We tried 3 amazing and entirely contrasting flavours; chocolate, pistachio (my favourite!) and the softest yet zingiest mango ever…Only La Gelatiera would let these taste characteristics co-exist. We both loved it greatly.

I also love how La Gelatiera offer well priced, small-large servings; from £1 to £5 to suit both tastes and stomach. Their menu full of patisseries, waffles and cakes are something that I am also so excited to try the next time I am in the area! This is 100% my kind of place and I am so grateful that we met Nathan today and were lured into the sweet world of London style Artisan Gelato…

In their own words:

“We have created more than 80 flavours of gelato and sorbets since opening. Contact us for the whole list”.

80. – EIGHTY…now that is a lot of frosty bliss…

If you are around Southbank this weekend, then make sure you don’t miss them at the Real Food festival where you can say hey to Nathan! And either way, definitely do head down to their Covent Garden Gelato shop for a taste of Artisan Authenticity and deliciousness (although I will be upset with anyone who makes it down there before me).

Is anybody else craving some (a lot) of ice cream right now?

La Gelatiera  London – South bank and Sunsets...gelato

And here are also some pics of sunset round 2! Last week, it killed me that I neglected my camera in favour of a hands free evening walk on the day of the most perfect sunset…<3 Summer. Fields of gold comes to mind. England has a lot to offer in the summertime…I hate to think about how many corners of this beautiful country go unseen on evenings like this! Routine consumes the majority of us; the sun has learned to shrink away modestly at the end of the long day…But there is still nothing that compares to taking a walk in the golden sunset.

IMG_3224 - Copy IMG_3144 - Copy IMG_3227 - Copy fields of gold sunset london IMG_3163 - Copy IMG_3238 - Copy

“If I could lick the sunset, I’ll bet it would taste like Neapolitan ice cream” ― Jarod Kintz, At even one penny, this book would be overpriced. In fact, free is too expensive, because you’d still waste time by reading it.

Have a great weekend!

Tash x

“…Stop pacing the aisles and counting the miles. Instead, climb more mountains, eat more ice cream, go barefoot oftener, swim more rivers, watch more sunsets, laugh more and cry less. Life must be lived as we go along. ”
― Robert J. Hastings, Tinyburg Tales

  • marcie

    Beautiful photos, Tash, and that gelato looks amazing!! I miss London. :(

    • Tashiana

      Thank you Marcie! Our gelato game seems to be pretty decent right now, right? You should totally come back just for this! 😉

  • Josie

    Fab post, I’m so craving ice cream now! Gorgeous sunset pics too x

    Josie’s Journal

    • Tashiana

      Hey Josie! Thank you! Ice cream cravers unite! Hope you are good :) x

  • Alex @ Kenzie Life

    Those sunset pictures are out of this world. I absolutely love them! It makes me want to spend all evening outside just lounging and looking at the sky. I am going to the beach next week so I know I’ll get to do it soon enough! Also, I’m definitely visiting La Gelatiera the next time I’m in London! European gelato is obviously much better than American attempts at gelato!

    • Tashiana

      I have no idea what American gelato is like 😉 But nothing can ever beat the true European style.Gelato = an art in it’s own right, and there are so many ways to get it both right and wrong! From the decor of the shops to the tubs which they are served in, and of course – the gelato itself. Creaminess and the range of flavours is so important for any Gelatiera! Definitely do check them out! 😉

      Regarding the sunsets – Thank you Alex! I am so jealous that you are off to the beach – I am hundreds of miles away from any shoreline right now! Take lots of twilight/sundown wave pics please! <3

  • Flick

    That gelato looks amazing, love your close up shots. Pistachio is up there in the favourite flavour category!