Lola’s Cupcakes – London Selfridges

“Do you like carrot cake?” I asked my manager, as I prepared to tell him where in London he could find the best carrot cake that has ever been baked.

“Not really. I mean; carrot…? And cake? It just doesn’t sound right to me”.

I was horrified.

Would you care to find out instead?

Lola’s cupcakes:

Good for cupcakes…and apparently even greater for carrot cakes. I can confirm that this is definitely so.

Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake

Despite having a cupcake counter choc-full with big rows of perfectly swirled, butter-cream heaven made up of every single colour of the rainbow, any task of choice was averted by the gigantic carrot cake perched above that was calling my name…

Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake

King of the cupcakes, that’s for sure.

But his was no ordinary carrot cake…our relationship was sparked by love at first sight. Admittedly, I am more drawn to a cake by the icing, rather than the cake itself. (Blame le sugar addiction). Any carrot cake with icing visually superior to that of any other will inevitably get a little more attention than the rest…

Perfectly circular with a defined ‘edge’, it was at least 10cm high and full of volume. And then there was the butter-cream – piled at least another 3cm high; sitting in its thick and creamy, golden deliciousness…Indeed, Lola’s carrot cakes are a whippy and creamy, butter-based heaven…we had been destined to meet.

Words simply won’t suffice.

Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake

(The slice was basically 3 times bigger than it looks).

The texture of the carrot cake was amazing. This cake gave hope to all of the dry, burnt + overcooked carrot cakes that are otherwise doomed as minions. It was dense with moisture, it was not overly sweet and felt very well rounded with both spice and sweetness.  You could really taste the three spice too. There was also a good balance of crumb to bite; the nuts weren’t overdone, and the cake had the perfect balance of fluffiness to fill. It was artsy and simple, a recipe to success. A carrot cake of modesty (£4.75 eat in – in Selfridge’s!) – the prices are lower than those of a restaurant dessert, and close to Starbucks’, too.

Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake

And as for the butter cream frosting? It was heavenly – pure and elegantly sweet. Just look at it. Look at it, and tell me that you’re mouth isn’t watering… because I simply don’t believe you…

Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake

The creaminess was irresistible. The whiteness of the frosting lent it a radiance that made the whole cake shine; as it eloquently enclosed my slice like a halo.

This was sensational, a bold, and no fuss carrot cake. The portion was huge and it was just outright fabulous.  Lola’s rule.

The branch I visited was Selfridges on Oxford Street. I’m not sure of the seating situation in other branches that I’ve seen around London, but I was pleasantly surprised by the availability of vacant eat-in chairs in the Selfridges food hall. You could like, sit in; and just eat your cake while looking at all of the dozens of other cakes as they each anticipate your next visit as the world goes by around you.

Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake

Cupcakes…Cupcakes everywhere…

Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake

I already have my eye on the peanut butter one. In fact, they all look SO freaking good! Decision is going to be tricky next time around, so I’m thinking I will just have to settle for 3 flavours 😉

I noticed how about 80% of the customers who came and went as I was sitting all bought the teeny- weenie cupcakes that are about 1/8th of a regular one…They are definitely a great idea, and they sure do sell well. They are the perfect size for a post lunch treat, but aren’t quite indulgent enough to condemn you to a sugar crash 15 minutes later, or to ruin your healthy eating for the day or week even, if you do choose to cupcake out for 7 days straight… Indeed, they are petite + charming sugar cups that spread their cuteness onto anyone who selects them….They cost around £1.25 each, so they fit snugly into any sweet-toothed, and treat sized budget.

It also seems like I am currently in my honey-moon cake phase where I will talk about Lola’s and carrot cake to anyone who will listen…

But can you kinda see why?

Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake

I am only sharing this post for your own good, I promise.

Where did you have the best carrot cake that you have ever eaten? Or do you firmly believe that home-made is always the best of the best?

And, has anyone ever been to Lola’s?! Which cupcakes would you recommend as the top 3? There are so many to choose from!

Oh, and here’s a frappucino/smoothie-milkshake ice cream thing for you to drool at! #TEAMLOLA

Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake Lolas cupcakes, selridges London carrot cake

Tash xo

  • Eva

    Oh la la, cupcakes, there are always a temptation 😉