Merry Christmas Eve!

AH! It’s the 24th December already!? Already?! Where on earth has the year gone?!

Livermead house hotel christmas

O.K., I appreciate I have been asking this question pretty much all year anyway, but December truly has been a whirlwind of  a month, and I seem to have just disappeared off of here for 3 weeks straight (unintentionally). But eeeeek it’s Christmas Eve and there is so much chocolate everywhere and a ooh-la-la: this fruit trifle we’ve had in the fridge for a while expires today…

To all of my lovely readers, I am so sorry to have been absent from all of your most recent updates and bouts of Christmas fun! Contrary to what my sea-side and deathly pudding infused Instagram may indicate, life has been crazzzzzzy of late; aside from a few just-gone deadlines, we were sent away from uni with heaps of yucky work and plenty of reading to keep us fed up over Christmas. I’ve also picked up a few extra shifts for the next month because aren’t the holidays the perfect time to get a head start on the summer time travelling pot?

Plus, I’ve acquired this worryingly *advanced* habit of finding reason to procrastinate over absolutely everything. I can’t even bring myself to write blog posts because I just kind of feel that if I’m going to spend time typing something up, then why can’t I start on some of this coursework…But eeegh I seriously can’t bear the thought of this so I just end up taking a long walk and then finding some nice food and then end up taking pictures of something or other and then basically sleeping, eating, and repeating this whole cycle (as per). Statistics and quantitative analyses continue to plague my life and kill my mind every time they cross my mind, but who’s ready to kick back and just relax for the next 24 hours? MEEEE. Christmas = permission to put everything off for a later date = great.  I can’t wait to catch up with you all over the next couple of weeks!

This time last year I was on my way home from work after a long morning of wandering around an empty restaurant in a green party hat with my Christmas Eve colleagues, waiting for the customers that never came…

The first half of Christmas Eve this year however, was spent in Clerkenwell, munching on some yummy, hollandaise-drowned-toasty-bacon and eggs at the Modern Pantry in some seriously good company (shoutout to Jessie for making 2014’s Wednesday brunch traditions happen), and actually being the person getting served, rather than the waitress serving…Yay for cute breakfasts and sunny December mornings.

eggs Benedict and streaky bacon hollandaise at the modern pantry clerkenwell farringdon barbican london

Later this evening, I took a walk in the 3pm sunset. The sky was beautiful. It was pastel blue and chalked over with streaks of baby pink and hazy orange, the Wembley arch was lined with clouds of fire. If it didn’t feel like 0 degrees, or rather – If I could actually feel my hands at all, it would have looked like a summers evening, one that was ready to set 5 whole hours early.  I wish I’d brought my phone to snap it with!

On the tube home from breakfast, I got a lovely email notification from Stephie over at Tea in Your Twenties talking about all of the things that make her Christmas Eve.  Being the 24th, I had to just read the whole post there and then. It kind of made me feel all warm inside and happy that my family isn’t the only one that insists on going over all of our regular rituals year in and year out. I love how she says:

“Christmas in my family isn’t some kind of Pinterest affair; it’s, better, it’s real, and I don’t have to spend hours worrying about my wrapping paper colour scheme”. – THIS IS SO TRUE!

But surely, it’s more than just us two who can instantly relate to this? Since I am currently looking at a tree towering over a heap of gifts, made up of at least 4 completely different types of tacky wrapping paper (one of which has pretty much made an appearance every year since 1996…) I thought I’d compile a brief tribute to what Christmas means in our household…

Here, Christmas Eve is all about watching home alone on repeat amidst the twinkly glow of the Christmas tree and snowman corner light, wearing reindeer leggings and fluffy pyjamas and OD’ing on milky chocolates and mince pies and resorting to using the microwave to heat up bottles of orange and ginger mulled wine because the stove is already occupied by a bubbling cauldron of spicy parsnip soup…

Livermead house hotel christmas fireplace

Mum will be roasting chestnuts even though she says they never do any good for her skin. Dad will inevitably want to fry a batch of chunky chips just for the sake of it, while the bro’s will argue over which toppings they’ll be ordering on their pizza ,before spending the next 20 minutes hovering around their pile of badly wrapped presents before the doorbell rings.

Christmas Eve is all about letting dad lay out a crumbly mince pie and a shot of his special Russian vodka for Santa, because a tiny part of him still believes he can convince us that somebody else got hold of mums wrapping paper and swirly italic handwriting to drop off the presents under the tree. But most of all, Christmas Eve is about enjoying that final, festive tinge intensifying in the air as this big huge countdown prepares to round itself off. The fairy lights won’t shine as bright after tomorrow has come and gone.

Ultimately, Christmas all about being together, being appreciative of one another, and enjoying the effort we have all made to make each other happy. – Best friends count as family too, right? :)

Tashiana Langley

Let’s not forget how we’ll spend 80% of the Christmas meal asking for someone or other to please for the love of God pass down the tray of roast potatoes/Yorkshire puds again, and then the other 20% of this time wondering who’s gonna be the lucky one to acquire the last left (because srsly, Max, it’s been you for 5 years in a row now…)

I doubt many of you are going to be actively blogging tonight/over the next couple of days, but seeing as it is the time to be merry and festive and surrounded by delicious treats; if you are reading this tonight then I hope you have the most amazing Christmas and the perfect end to this wonderful year surrounded by everyone/everything/all of the custard you could wish for :)

christmas eve 2014 tealightsky

Merry Christmas to you all! 😀


  • Stephie @ Tea in a your Twenties

    So after several children’s films, the traditional christ!mad eve take away and a cup of microwaved mulled wine or two (not because the stove is full but because I am lazy) this was the perfect festive read before switching off and heading to bed.

    I’m so glad somebody else relates to my festive Pinterest inadequacy! Today we decorated our cake by seeing who could make the best icing igloo, and no Instagram filter is going to make that pinable!

    Thank you for this lovely post (and for quoting me-is that weird to say?) and I hope you have a truly gorgeous, in its own little way, Christmas!

    Much love,
    Stephie from Tea in your Twenties

  • Lauren

    Thank you for this post Tashiana! Merry Christmas to you!! I remembered why I liked Christmas in the first place because of this post. It was hard for me to get in the Christmas scene this year, but I’m grateful for your post to remind me of the good things of christmas!

  • Lucy

    A really lovely post, how pretty is that tree and spending time with families and friends is always great. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and new year Lucy x