My Favourite Escape – Brunch at Granger and Co. Kings Cross

I didn’t think I’d ever find a café I liked more than Granger and Co. Notting Hill. But it turns out I was wrong… I’ve discovered Granger and Co. Kings Cross

Ricotta Hotcakes and Scrambled eggs at Granger and Co Kings Cross - Bill Granger London

Spacious, airy and light – Granger and Co. Kings Cross has taken a blank, L-shaped canvas and filled it up with sunlight.  The very essence that so far, has been bringing people back to of the rest of Bill Grangers’ contemporary havens time and time again (London, Sydney, Seoul…) – has infused this entire space. It is a simple kind of sophistication, breathing a design that is cosy but also contemporary and fresh.

Granger and Co Kings Cross - Bill Granger London

After you’ve ordered, all you find yourself wanting to do is to just sink into a pillow of their whippy scrambled eggs (no I will never stop gushing about them) – with sunshine on your face, and let the dreamy, rich silkiness of their coffee take you away (seriously, get a mocha). You really will experience the sensation of being enveloped by buttery swirls of heaven with each and every bite of their scrambled eggs, I promise. That’s just the kind of effect that brunch here will have on you. And that’s before we even get started on those ricotta hotcakes… (look up)

The look of the place kind of speaks for itself, IMO.  I mean come on! Just look at all of that space… it’s such a peaceful air to simply be in, since the ambience oozes the kind of calamity that makes you slow down and realize you’ve come here to quite literally  pause. Meanwhile it’s so bright that those floor to ceiling windows may as well not even be there. I wonder how this look adapts to a cold wintery day? In August anyway, there’s so much room for clear thoughts, which is perfect if you’ve come there to get some work done (they welcome over-stayers).

I’ve been spending so much time in cafés really. Like really, I mean I’ve been enjoying a full-on brunch out 2-3 mornings a week. Turns out my [brunch-based] dissertation fieldwork is more expensive than I ever estimated it to be…but getting this time to crack on with the fieldwork this early on has big advantages (aside from the obvious food part of it) since it’s been the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends in some of my favourite foodie-hideaways, plus to treat my lil brothers for doing so well in their exams :-)

Granger and Co Kings Cross - Bill Granger London

But thanks to all of this fieldwork, I’ve had the perfect excuse to linger around and speak to the people who work, dine and chill out in havens like these… Granger and Co. just had to be the first on my list, which is kind of why I was here. Mostly because I was nervous to interview and so ready to procrastinate; I figured I may as well get a decent brunch out of it and feel like I achieved something. But it turns out there was no need to be so nervous! I ended up getting to sit down and interview the manager there – Toby, who was friendly and warm and more than happy to reel off a list of reasons why Granger and Co. works as this ‘Third Space’ in the city (particularly during brunch) – AKA: a place between work + home where people can come and feel free to use the place exactly as they want, not to mention order irresistibly high quality comfort food. I can honestly say I’ve never heard anyone speak so elegantly about the place where they work. Nothing welcomes you to a place more than seeing genuine enthusiasm shine through the faces of people who work there, and I think this really is one of the huge selling points of Granger and Co. It’s not cheap, but they really do everything so well.

But how has this post turned into a miniature dissertation summary? I don’t even know! I’m sorry. You probably want to know about the breakfast food. There’s not really much way to put it onto words, other than that |1| Everything arrives bigger than it looks in the photos, |2| They GIVE YOU SO MUCH BUTTER WITH EVERYTHING AND THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. (I was tempted to order the coconut bread again just because I know they give you a brick of butter to melt on it, ssh) |3|. Order the hotcakes. |4|. Get Bill Grangers’ famous scrambled eggs no. matter. what. You haven’t come here to not have them. |5|. If it’s the brioche with labeh and pistachios from the menu that is catching your eye, then go to Notting Hill – they actually serve it there *sadface*.

Somewhere towards the end of the interview, Toby and I got talking about those scrambled eggs. And overall we decided it was probably best to turn a blind eye to the amount of cream that goes into achieving that very gravity defying heap – if only because they taste so much better that way 😉

p.s. order the scrambled eggs.

Granger and Co Kings Cross - Bill Granger London xox


  • Jasmin Charlotte

    Ah looks sooo good! I walked past this the other day on the way to Grain Store and I need to go back and visit, those scrambled eggs! x

  • Rosie

    I was at Kings Cross and some how missed this wonderful looking/sounding place!

  • Alex @ True Femme

    This place looks so relaxing and cozy!! I miss London!