Nectarine, Avocado and Goats Cheese Sourdough Crostini

It’s no secret that I have this deep thinnnnnnggg for nectarines.

Peach, Avocado and Goats Cheese Sourdough Crostini

I will put them on everything.

Like, it’s still summer (sorta, England…) and I cannot. get. enough. of them. Another reason why I love summer probably has to be because supermarkets sell them so cheap at this time of year. Thinking about nectarines also takes me back to last summer; when us girls were inter-railing through Italy, stopping at all the supermarkets we could and stocking up on nectarines for our air b&b fridge and second breakfasts along the canals in Venice.

We’ve had a bag of nectarines on the floor of the kitchen for weeks now. It won’t go down. Not that I’m complaining or anything. I mean, it’s me who keeps buying more.

So far I’ve put them in salads with spinach and lemon-y olive oil dressing and handfuls of feta. They are made even more amazing by the addition of sweet potatoes and (yup you guessed it) – even more feta and a drizzle of honey. And omg did I even mention what a sprinkling of walnuts or hazelnuts can do to a nectarine salad? I put ’em on chicken pizza. I put ’em in banana and coconut porridge. I made meringue trifles out of them. I made smoothies, juices and desserts out of them. I spent weeks on end eating them sliced up with nothing but mango-vanilla yoghurt for breakfast, before I finally switched it up and used them toppings for my plum jam & cashew buttered toast (the bestttttttttt).

And man coming to think about it, I really wish I had made that nectarine custard tart already… because HOW GREAT WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN WITH ICE CREAM?! It’s a full blown love affair.

One thing I hadn’t done is tried them with avocado. Or goats cheese… together…

Peach, Avocado and Goats Cheese Sourdough Crostini

Now I’m not Italian; I don’t really think this would pass as authentic crostini… but the classification fits it pretty well. either way. And I needed a summery, Mediterranean name to do justice for the deliciousness happening here.

So basically, you’re either gonna love this or hate this. If you’re not an avo person, close this window and find another way to heart nectarines – because this one won’t be for you. If you are all for it, then please step further into this new chapter of the summer-time nectarine chronicles…

What you need (serves 1): 

  • Toasted + buttered sourdough (you know it’s better buttered).
  • 2 x T tomato puree, basil, parsley, salt + pepper for the buttered sourdough.
  • 1/2 smashed avocado, salted + peppered to your liking and then spread over the tomato-pasted sourdough.
  • 1 large ripe and juicy nectarine, sliced + used to top the toast.
  • A handful of goats cheese sprinkled over everything.
  • A generous splashing of extra virgin olive oil to finish it all off.
  • Chives for topping.

Try to enjoy it when its still hot!

I think it would be really nice to try this same thing with the addition of sweet potato/red pepper hummus, as well as some roasted Mediterranean veg. Don’t you?

What’s been your favourite way to eat nectarines this summer?

Peach, Avocado and Goats Cheese Sourdough Crostini  Peach, Avocado and Goats Cheese Sourdough Crostini

Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it.”
― Alice Walker, Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology

  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    Mmmm, these look sooo good! Gorgeous photos too. xxx