Cuba 2015 – 3 months later.

“It came, like it always comes. And went; like it’s always gone”.  —  Sanober Khan, A touch, a tear, a tempest

Cuba Tealightsky

Okay so I know I am always in disbelief at time – but the past few months have FLOWN. I could swear that time goes round in circles. I have a brief chance to reflect on how quickly the past few months came and went, before WHOOSH. It’s 2,3 or 4 months down the line and I can’t believe I have enough new days to reflect on, yet again. What. is. happening. Because here we are again.

It’s been 3 months since we got to visit Cuba? For real? Those flip-flop days of having permanently sandy feet after purple-sky strolls along the shore and having rum fried bananas with ice cream – or rice pudding and pina coladas for dessert after dinners in the humid open, Caribbean air with cats under our chairs (queue Emma: run a mile) – do not feel as if they were that long ago. For real.

Cuba Tealightsky

I haven’t got that many photos to share. It was my 6th time out there, but Emma’s first. We spent two weeks in a paradisic resort that overlooked an ocean that transformed into the most beautiful aqua colour by midday, so the everyday view was pretty generic (if not utterly stunning). We went specifically for 2 weeks of this:

Cuba Tealightsky

The weird thing about the Caribbean is that the air is so humid and sweaty that you feel permanent thirsty, but rarely any *proper* hunger like you would at home…you just feel kind of full on like, heat alone. I told Emma as we boarded the plane “Inhale your last breath of fresh air for 2 weeks”. She didn’t know what I mean until we got there and spent the first night suffocating while we adjusted! But now we do really miss the tranquillity (and good music!) of it all…

Cuba Tealightsky sunset

We tried to get up early whenever we could so we could just inhale everything and swim in the glassy clear waters and slo.o.o.o.w. walk to breakfast, where we’d see all our new chef friends and they’d come over to our table with a jug full of fresh mango juice just for us, too big for even both of us to try and share. We’d then go and bury ourselves under a parasol either on the beach or at our spot by the pool reading and reading and reading and just stay there all morning til’ our tums grumbled and then we’d go grab some chip butties (#soverybritish) and mini pizzas or ice cream with plastic forks (srsly!).

After lunch we’d connect to the Wi-Fi for approximately 7.582382 minutes or so, so that we could spread our Wi-Fi cards over more than 3 days . We had such a perfect routine going. The afternoons were mostly for swimming and lapping up the lingering rays of sun, because even I found it waaaay to hot to even try and stay out during the peak hours of the day, something I used to have no problem doing. Our ‘favourite hour’ was actually gone 6pm – when the beach became deserted and the shimmering silver of the sea became ours to drift away in, before the sky faded into burnt orange and the sun went down. (It was one day during this hour that Emma came up with her philosophy: ‘People are a lot like waves’). It was just 2 sunshine chilled weeks of eat-sleep-suntan-repeat, and a total chance to switch off because-you-have-the-whole-summer-to-stress-about-the-dissertation-fieldwork-that-you-need-to-start-when-you’re-back.

Cuba TealightskyCuba TealightskyCuba Tealightsky

As for food out there… Cuba is not really renown for it’s cuisine… Some perks of visiting are definitely the abundance of fresh tropical fruit that you can get out there (though kudos to any resort that can serve it without flies inhabiting it…). We went to the resort’s ‘French’ restaurant one evening – and basically ate prawns and lettuce styled in different ways for 3 straight courses, which was pretty lol…

One annoying bump in the holiday was the evening when I got the most horrendous bout of food poisoning from some undercooked turkey…All I can remember is darkness and vomiting while the world news channel in the background reported the freak Carolina church shootings, while all Emma can recollect is “I was about to start saying Hail Mary’s”.  Seriously – if in doubt throw it. Throw the turkey a mile and eat somewhere else instead. Oh also, just make sure to travel with someone who chooses to packs Nature Valley Granola bars instead of tampons (loooool) – because for some reason they do cure you better than medicine on yucky nights like that :-).


Ah and lastly also feel like I should give lil Enzo a shout out here… We basically ‘adopted’ a 10 year old, super hyper Cuban kid who was also staying at the resort with his parents at the time (we found him playing ‘pelota’ by himself in the pool one evening, and after we had felt bad for him and gave him some company, he then kept bringing us ice creams, turning up at our villa just whenever, inviting himself to our dinner plus running off with my headphones every. single. day after). Cheeky little man he was! (Although his ‘playing-dead’ thing he used to do was not okay). He cried and kept giving us hugs when he had to leave which was cute but sad! Although we did get so much peace after he left andddd Emma could finally understand me again (he only spoke Spanish). We are certain we are gonna switch on the TV and see him on there, one day.

Over all, it was me and Emma’s first bff holiday together which was lovely! Cuba is pretty high up on the list of interesting places to visit right now – particularly the political changes that are about to take place there! (It was quite fascinating to talk to the local people of their opinions on these changes, out there). I’d really urge you to go and see it now, because it won’t be so authentic in a few years time.

But for us, nothing beat the feeling of anticipation we got when we passed through Blackfriars on the train – half asleep at 5:30 in the morning, when it finally hit us that we were so close flying away. (Or the panic we felt when we thought the train had abandoned us at BRIGHTON – instead of Gatwick Airport… remember that Em? 😉 Although with that said, nothing either could have prepared us for the other moments when the Cuban heat hit us for the very first time as we were fresh off the plane in Holguin, or our surprise meeting with a cockroach on our bed…. or the huge, furry tarantula that snuck onto our flight home to London. Many many memories, mostly too fleeting to list. But isn’t that the beauty of memories, anyway?

IMG_2827IMG_3216Viva Cuba <3

Healthy Sweet Potato Fudge Brownies – GF/No butter

Brownies everywhere have been hijacked. But these ones are way, way too good be true…

Healthy Sweet Potato Fudge Brownies - GF/No butter

Clean ‘brownie’ bars that once only dominated health food shops have now seeped out onto the aisles of supermarkets, RAW has become the new baked and avocado is currently trying to lend itself as butter in far too many recipes. Sure, there are some good ones out there, but generally it’s pretty rare to find a block of proper dense and fudgy chocolate brownie that actually lives up to the standard it’s producers are promoting it by.  How are you supposed to skimp on animal products and all that evil refined crap when it’s those very things that made a traditional brownie possible to begin with?! Raisins and dates and ‘natural oils’ etc can only liven up a pan of cocoa powder so much without being excessive in themselves (- you want me to blend HOW many cups of nuts into this mix?!).

Wouldn’t it be AH-MAZING if there was a healthy brownie recipe that legitimately tasted just like the classic butter-choc-bricks they sell at Borough Market? (home to the most irresistible brick brownies that you can’t even enjoy bc you’re so full on the cheesecake blocks that you probably bought from the same stall).

I recently asked myself: Should I really be taking my lack of gluten/dairy intolerance so for granted? I’m always scrolling through reels of Pinterest recipes, claiming to make the best ever grain free/vegan brownies or whatever. But my body doesn’t have any actual problem with either food-group, and so long as I don’t go overboard – treats that use them are fine. Meanwhile vegan and GF treats are quite trendy right now even among people who aren’t vegan/GF, and since some of these treats can be pretty decent, it can be tempting to join in on them sometimes… but surely a bit of real ‘bad’ indulgence from time to time can’t do much harm? There is no need to eliminate specific ingredients unless you actually have real allergies to them or unless you have made a commitment to not eating animal products for your own personal ethics. So if you aren’t part of either of these groups, why not enjoy a healthy brownie recipe that simply combines the best of the good-for-you vs. the decadent worlds into a treat that simply nourishes your body… but also looks + tastes convincingly like the *real thing*?

Healthy Sweet Potato Fudge Brownies - GF/No butter

Just because something is vegan; that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Meanwhile, being healthy doesn’t mean it has to be vegan. Duh, right? Actually…no. Because sometimes in this confusing, social-media-and-health-freak-frenzied-universe, it is easy to lose sight of why we/others are choosing to live by certain regimes… Some people have to eliminate certain food groups else they will get ill. Other’s decide they genuinely do feel better if they live by a vegan lifestyle. Others who are mostly on the fence just decide that they feel better committing to nothing, and choose to live by good old moderation and eating real food instead. Because God forbid your favourite healthy brownie recipe throws in a cheeky egg or better yet, defies any low fat expectations because it thoroughly believes that mega-ounces of real dark chopped chocolate truly is good for the heart…

Healthy Sweet Potato Fudge Brownies - GF/No butter

These brownies are for all you other people like me, who really do see the advantage in cutting out those certain ‘bad’ things every now and then…but then again, really don’t want to make any actual commitments to these alternative lifestyles. They are also for you if you don’t fancy spending £££ on RAW baking ingredients that are sold in bags a mere 1/800th the size of good old plain flour… or having to add a new label to yourself every time you bake something rad.

So just to make it clear: these brownies arent RAW. These brownies aren’t Vegan, and these brownies aren’t refined sugar or grain free. These brownies are for all you other people like me, who wish to simply nourish yourselves with a devilishly good treat (only minus the sugar headache) that truly IS as good as its classic, whilst continuing to lust after + indulge in real food…in moderation.

So enjoy! And good luck attempting to stop at ‘just the one’. It’s entirely impossible – they really are the AH-MAZING-AND-IMA-HIDE-THEM-AWAY-FROM-EVERYONE sort of addictive. Even my chocolate addicted never-even-eaten-a-sweet-potato best friend had no idea that they weren’t the full butter/flour and sugar fudge stuff and contained root vegetable, while others who managed to get a taste of these things have since been asking me for the recipe because they reckon they are 100% decadent enough to serve as the real things at their own gatherings and events!

Oh and P.S, did I mention that they can be made gluten free, after all?  😉

Dry Mix: 

  • ¾ C gluten-free rolled oats + 2 tbsp, blitzed into a flour (hello food processor).
  • 1 C + 1/4 C sweet potato, cooked (= 2 small/medium or one very large)
  • ¾ C cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda

Wet Mix: 

  • ½ C white sugar
  • 1/4 C melted vegetable oil or butter oil (I made mine here (pictured) with veg oil and they came out perfect – but admittedly found myself lusting over a more thick, buttery bite, and thinking about how even more amazing they would be if I had opted for butter instead of oil)
  • 1C smooth apple sauce
  • 1/4 C light brown sugar
  • 4 heaped tbsp Greek yogurt (don’t skip!)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 x tbsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 x tbsp instant coffee granules.
  • 1/2 tsp salt if using unsalted butter.


  • 150g Choc bar, melted into brownie mix.
  • Many, many dark choc chips to be thrown into the mix. (say, 50g? +)
  • Many more white choc chips also to be thrown into the mix (the more the merrier – 50g + is also good).
  • 1 Splash of milk (appx 3 tbsp) – (add last, only as much/little as you need only to churn the batter and incorporate everything once and for all. It will make the brownies moister, but remember you want to keep the batter thick and not runny. Go by eye).

Bringing these babies to life: 

  1. Combine listed dry ingredients together
  2. Combined listed wet ingredients together
  3. Combined wet + dry to form a batter.
  4. Add the melted chocolate to the batter, followed by the chocolate chips.
  5. Add the milk a slight splash at a time. Your batter should still be kept sufficiently thick + fudgy before being transferred into a baking tray, so stop adding milk as soon as the batter becomes even slightly ‘pour-able’, go by your eye. Thicker batter makes denser brownies. but you do need a splash of milk for the concoction to work properly.
  6. Bake at 175 degrees for 30-35 minutes (depending on how your oven usually handles tray bakes) and remove when the centre has set through.
  7. They are also made even more amazing when drizzled in melted white chocolate!

P.S. If I can’t persuade you of their wholesomely divine goodness here, then I will just have to eat your share of the next batch… which is fine with me 😉 Try them for yourself and see! (and save your avocados for salty breakfast toast…)

Healthy sweet potato brownies - gluten free

“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart.
…live in the question.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet


My Favourite Escape – Brunch at Granger and Co. Kings Cross

I didn’t think I’d ever find a café I liked more than Granger and Co. Notting Hill. But it turns out I was wrong… I’ve discovered Granger and Co. Kings Cross

Ricotta Hotcakes and Scrambled eggs at Granger and Co Kings Cross - Bill Granger London

Spacious, airy and light – Granger and Co. Kings Cross has taken a blank, L-shaped canvas and filled it up with sunlight.  The very essence that so far, has been bringing people back to of the rest of Bill Grangers’ contemporary havens time and time again (London, Sydney, Seoul…) – has infused this entire space. It is a simple kind of sophistication, breathing a design that is cosy but also contemporary and fresh.

Granger and Co Kings Cross - Bill Granger London

After you’ve ordered, all you find yourself wanting to do is to just sink into a pillow of their whippy scrambled eggs (no I will never stop gushing about them) – with sunshine on your face, and let the dreamy, rich silkiness of their coffee take you away (seriously, get a mocha). You really will experience the sensation of being enveloped by buttery swirls of heaven with each and every bite of their scrambled eggs, I promise. That’s just the kind of effect that brunch here will have on you. And that’s before we even get started on those ricotta hotcakes… (look up)

The look of the place kind of speaks for itself, IMO.  I mean come on! Just look at all of that space… it’s such a peaceful air to simply be in, since the ambience oozes the kind of calamity that makes you slow down and realize you’ve come here to quite literally  pause. Meanwhile it’s so bright that those floor to ceiling windows may as well not even be there. I wonder how this look adapts to a cold wintery day? In August anyway, there’s so much room for clear thoughts, which is perfect if you’ve come there to get some work done (they welcome over-stayers).

I’ve been spending so much time in cafés really. Like really, I mean I’ve been enjoying a full-on brunch out 2-3 mornings a week. Turns out my [brunch-based] dissertation fieldwork is more expensive than I ever estimated it to be…but getting this time to crack on with the fieldwork this early on has big advantages (aside from the obvious food part of it) since it’s been the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends in some of my favourite foodie-hideaways, plus to treat my lil brothers for doing so well in their exams :-)

Granger and Co Kings Cross - Bill Granger London

But thanks to all of this fieldwork, I’ve had the perfect excuse to linger around and speak to the people who work, dine and chill out in havens like these… Granger and Co. just had to be the first on my list, which is kind of why I was here. Mostly because I was nervous to interview and so ready to procrastinate; I figured I may as well get a decent brunch out of it and feel like I achieved something. But it turns out there was no need to be so nervous! I ended up getting to sit down and interview the manager there – Toby, who was friendly and warm and more than happy to reel off a list of reasons why Granger and Co. works as this ‘Third Space’ in the city (particularly during brunch) – AKA: a place between work + home where people can come and feel free to use the place exactly as they want, not to mention order irresistibly high quality comfort food. I can honestly say I’ve never heard anyone speak so elegantly about the place where they work. Nothing welcomes you to a place more than seeing genuine enthusiasm shine through the faces of people who work there, and I think this really is one of the huge selling points of Granger and Co. It’s not cheap, but they really do everything so well.

But how has this post turned into a miniature dissertation summary? I don’t even know! I’m sorry. You probably want to know about the breakfast food. There’s not really much way to put it onto words, other than that |1| Everything arrives bigger than it looks in the photos, |2| They GIVE YOU SO MUCH BUTTER WITH EVERYTHING AND THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. (I was tempted to order the coconut bread again just because I know they give you a brick of butter to melt on it, ssh) |3|. Order the hotcakes. |4|. Get Bill Grangers’ famous scrambled eggs no. matter. what. You haven’t come here to not have them. |5|. If it’s the brioche with labeh and pistachios from the menu that is catching your eye, then go to Notting Hill – they actually serve it there *sadface*.

Somewhere towards the end of the interview, Toby and I got talking about those scrambled eggs. And overall we decided it was probably best to turn a blind eye to the amount of cream that goes into achieving that very gravity defying heap – if only because they taste so much better that way 😉

p.s. order the scrambled eggs.

Granger and Co Kings Cross - Bill Granger London xox


Cream cheese and Coconut Lemon Loaf (Lighter and healthier)

Cream cheese and Coconut Lemon Loaf (Lighter and healthier)For so long now, I’ve been wanting to churn a mound of cream cheese into a bowl of cake batter. How would it turn out? Can you even do that? I figured that if yoghurt (one of my all-time favourite cheat ingredients to sneak into any sweet loaf/tray bake) works to create the moistest of loaves, then so should cream cheese, right? After all, cream cheese is thicker, creamier and denser than yoghurt – even the lowest of fat types. I simply couldn’t see how the end result could be anything disappointing. It just had had had to be tried.

The end result was something really, really ridiculously delicious!

Cream cheese and Coconut Lemon Loaf (Lighter and healthier)To think coconut hadn’t even been on my mind until I found an opened pack of it stored next to the bag of sugar I was reaching for! (An old bag I bought months ago for some baked berry oatmeal recipe that tasted ended up tasting euck because I didn’t actually start liking coconut until like, last week). Last week, Jessie had had us over for dessert, and had fed us her amazing pandan coconut crepes and tasty coconut bread (microwaved for ‘extra flavour’, tehe) which have in all honesty, 100% revolutionized my feelings towards this tropical, milky fruit.

This lemon cake uses half the butter it should, yet still tastes like such a rich and naughty buttery treat. It subs half the butter with veggie oil, and uses a very modest amount of sugar just so that you can have one more slice than you otherwise might, first thing in the morning. 😉

IMO, it probably still gets the majority of its moistness from the silky gloop that is Greek yogurt. Cream cheese just makes the crumb that little bit more dense… the secret ingredient if you like. So although cream cheese can’t take all of the credit here, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to achieve such a buttery, fluffy cake with such a compact crumb (sort of like a pound cake) if it weren’t for it.

Oh and P.S. I think you should totally put extra cream cheese on it, plus a good sprinkling of that special dusty sugar stuff, – toasted.

Cream cheese and Coconut Lemon Loaf (Lighter and healthier)If I were to make it again I would put ginger in it also. I didn’t leave it out on purpose. I just only realized the possibility of it after it had come out of the oven and my nosebuds sub-consciously started searching for hints of freshly baked lemony-ginger goodness in the air (my brain has mostly come to recognize lemon through copious amounts of lemon and ginger tea over the years). Don’t make the same omission </3.

  • 2/3 C + 1 T White sugar
  • ¼ C Salted butter
  • ¼ C Vegetable oil
  • 1.5 T Lemon zest (appx 2 small lemons)
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 3 Eggs
  • 1+ ¼ C Flour
  • ¾ C desiccated coconut
  • 2 T baking powder
  • ½ c Greek Yogurt (low fat is perfectly fine!)
  • ½ C Low fat cream cheese
  • Extra pinch of salt.
  • 1 t dried ginger (!?!)
  • Splash of milk (Like 2 T).

Mix the wet ingredients – starting with the sugar, butter, oil, lemon zest + juice in a bowl|In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients| Add the egg to the wet ingredients|Mix wet + dry ingredients together|Add the yogurt and cream cheese to the combined mix, followed by the splash of milk|Served best first thing in the morning with scrambled eggs and peaches. 

Cream cheese and Coconut Lemon Loaf (Lighter and healthier)

Peach Meringue Trifles

Peach Meringue Trifles with Raspberry and PearSo despite spending all of Monday night and all of this morning surfing Pinterest for search terms like peach tart/peach cake/peach loaf with cream cheese/no bake cheesecake with peach ideas, I just still couldn’t decide on anything to make. Anything. Anything.

I was so disoriented. PINTEREST Y U SO HUGE. Nothing was fitting the mood, which was kind of problematic since a) Jessie and I had scheduled a bake date, and b) because you can’t really turn up to these sort of things without some sort of cookies/cake in mind. Realistically.

But it was a muggy morning and kinda hot and, you know those days where you just don’t really feel like baking a whole batch of brownies and diving face first into them? (Me neither, this was a first). This was…one of those days. The summer heat seeped in just like it has been doing for the past few weeks and totally muffled my craving for anything buttery, stodgy or hot (why bother baking if you can’t enjoy it straight out of the oven?). I needed something no-bake but wasn’t ready to accept this just yet.

Peach meringue triflesTrust me when I tell you how much I really wanted to bake a batch of ooey-gooey peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies, or a tray of vanilla cream-cheese frosted blondies. I just didn’t want to have to eat them. Or worse, leave them out for everyone else to eat while I didn’t, because that really wouldn’t be fair. Where is Winter when you need him?! Or a moody November day calling for all-things caramel and crumble-topped and cinnamon spiced? I had so many ideas! But a bake just wasn’t going to happen. I meet Jessie and tell her that I’m sorry: I was afraid of this. 

Even so we went shopping.  I still had no idea what I was gonna make (kind of pointless when you’re out to buy your ingredients), but Jessie brought along her jar of dried lavender for the shortbread cookies she was going to make, which made me really want to just t.h.i.n.k of something already.  A 6-pack of shiny brand new wine glasses then slipped themselves into our basket (not sure how that happened). And then oh, I found a bake book which beheld a recipe for…summer fruit custard tarts. There: Custard. Thick, gloopy, whippy custard. Custard. YES.

And so it hit me. The purpose of our chance meeting with the wine glasses and recipe book suddenly became clear, and into them the trifles later went.


We had fun! And got meringue bits absolutely EVERYWHERE!

Peach meringue triflesThe trifles actually deviated from being strictly peach, but only because these cute little raspberry jelly (jello) and pear pots that we found looked too good not to include. I also had to sneak meringue into them somehow, but that actually ended up being a really good shout. Meanwhile, Jessie happily baked solo and totally gave me half her batch of DELICIOUS, salted lavender shortbread cookies – which the lil bro also came home from school and discovered, way too fast.

Lavender shortbreadI can’t really call these trifles “made from scratch”. I was too lazy to make the thick and fluffy custard that sucked me into creating them to begin with, so I ended up buying a pot of fresh custard and adding vanilla to it, constructing layers out of the jellies, sponges, custard and cream. Later to end up splattered across the underneath of the freezer. Obviously.

I kept 2 of the trifle glasses in the door part of the fridge. One of them fell out and got smooshed up a little (a lot) and totally defied any hope that the 5 second rule might have offered. 5 minutes later this whole scenario happened again. This time, with the trifle losing any of the remaining custard that managed to survive the first drop. HEY TASH why don’t you move the trifles out of the fridge door and into the fridge itself where it can stand in peace without the risk of a fridge-quake? You should really do that. Like now. – said the voice in my head.

*doesn’t take own advice*

So 1 hour later the whole scenario repeated itself with a pair of fresh trifles. Andddddd then there were 2. Just 2.

Moral of the story? Don’t keep your trifles in the door of the fridge. Ever.

Because it started from six and now we’re here. Eating meringue off the floor.

  1. Starting from the Bottom: Trifle sponge spread with raspberry jam.
  2. Second up: A mix of Raspberry jelly/jello pots + Pears in raspberry jelly.
  3. Inbetween: – Trifle sponges spread with jam, pre-packaged.
  4. Third up: Chopped peaches (the canned kind)
  5. Second from the top: Custard stirred with vanilla pods
  6. On top: Whipped cream & chunks of crumbled meringue.
  7. Don’t forget to remember what I said about the fridge door.

Peach Meringue Trifles

RIP Peach Meringue trifles.

Sin-free Sweet Potato & Blueberry Pancakes with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

Have you ever been in one of those moods where ALL you want is pancakes?

WP_20150602_856 (1)Sometimes I wonder whether it’s the actual pancakes that I’m craving, or if it’s just a hankering for anything oily-sweet and eggy, like a heap of maple syrup doused french toast or any slightly stodgy form of carbs, such as sweet potato fries or hot blueberry muffins or carrot cake with mounds of whippy cream. cheese. frosting…

The craving could be a-a-a-a-anythinggggg. And that’s just confusing. (although being personality-type indecisive has never seemed to help the situation).  And so most times, given the uncertainty; I try and ward off the whole lot with anything but the real things, convincing myself that *insert any food healthier-for-you-than-pancakes* will do instead. It doesn’t help how society kind of implies that, if you happen to squeeze in time for pancakes more than 2,3, or possibly 4 times a week, then you are having too much fun and should probably go and find something actual to do. That is, something besides layering IG filters over the sheen of your autumn-orange pancakes in the afternoon light… #proudpancakemama.

Sweet potato and low fat cream cheese vanilla pancakes Gah. Dilemmas. Can you see how easy it is to get carried away assessing the situation? But sometimes, it is truly in your own best interest to just start frying up the one brunch you’re really after. Even if it is 3 o’clock. On a Tuesday. And you haven’t got anything ‘actual’ to do after all.

Sweet potato pancakes are so so dreamy. They are nothing short of being the perfect balance between the 2 different carb groups – the heavy and stodgy kind, versus the feel good, energizing kind (in the lead here).

Unfortunately these sweet potato pancakes here are not gluten free (since oats + food processor + washing up + me wasn’t exactly on the brunch agenda…) – but feel free to replace the wheat flour with equivalent amounts of oat/almond flour). They are also low in fat and made with zero refined sugar. Better yet, who will ever need to settle for a bite of cake when their urge for some frosting fix calls again? This low fat cream cheese frosting is an absolute must! So creamy and vanilla-y and sweet, but not in the same sickening way that tops baked goods; it means you can go all out and build a towering pancake-sammie as high as you can handle – guilt free. You heard me.

  1. 1 x medium sweet potato (cooked and mashed) combined with 1/3 C flour (appx 5 tablespoons),  1 x tsp of baking soda, a pinch of salt, a sprinkle of cinnamon and 1/2 tsp of vanilla.
  2. Then mix the above ingredients with 2 x tbsp apple sauce (used in order to replace the oil + sugar), whisk with 1 x small egg, and lastly a splash of milk
  3. But don’t forget the blueberries! 
  4. Fry them in a lightly greased pan on medium-high, flipping only when bubbles appear on the top side.
  5. P.S. you will want your batter to be pretty thick/spoon-able. If it is too runny and spreads out in the pan before it has a chance to fry properly, then just gradually add some more flour. Thicker batter = thicker pancakes.
  6. For the frosting: you literally just gotta scoop out as much cream cheese as you want (I used 75% reduced) – say 3 tbsp? Add 1/3 tsp vanilla extract, a pinch of salt + a teaspoon or so of maple syrup (but no rules here) – and whip it all together with a big fork.
  7. Then the pancakes are a blank canvas!

*Ideally the above should serve 2 peeps. But I’d actually say… 1.5 persons? Which basically = they serve 1 (me or you) + leaves a bit leftover for snacking later on. In other words, double it if anyone is sitting down for brunch with you.

I think it’s fair to say these pancakes were definitely crafted by the carrot cake pangs we mentioned above, but there are also blueberries lurking in there, too. I promise you I didn’t just throw ‘blueberries’ into the name to cheat them into sounding fruitier and better-for-you. After all, anything so naturally orange has gotta have some kinda health benefit of it’s own anyway, no? I’m sure you don’t need any more persuading. Except that they also pair really well with some buttery scrambled eggs (do it).

Sweet potato pancakes with vanilla cream cheese low fat frosting

All in all, it turns out that pancakes are a food group of their own, one with little tolerance for substitutions. And yup, this was most definitely the 3rd, (and arguably the 4th) time that pancakes + me have crossed paths this week 😉 Yay for apple sauce and sin-free indulgence! This particular mood seems pretty determined if you ask me.

Anyhow, grab a plate and dig in. I don’t want to mind sharing. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Brunch at Granger and Co. Notting Hill – Goodbye 2nd year!


Granger and Co. Notting Hill London Brunch best scrambled eggs breakfast london

Those were a dark few months that have just passed. Seriously, emerging from that final exam was like seeing the goodness of light for the first ever time.; you can only be a study hermit for so long until you can actually feel your soul growing stagnant and increasingly antsy by the day. Of course, every year I try to be that organized type who manages to maintain *proper* to-do lists, who fully sees tasks through and stands untempted by procrastination. But obviously it never happens. Instead, every year I’m greeted by the same chaotic + frantic mess of a student as the year before, only with knottier hair and even more responsibilities and deadlines topped off by 3 hours exams that wont. stop. coming. By this point the stress gets so much that you actually become strangely chilled and silent. It’s weird. You also you find yourself irrationally sceptical about whether this hoax of a term is ever going to end.

Thankfully it did (omg). And so YAY! Here I am preaching to you about (what I’m convinced are) the hands-down-bestest-ever scrambled eggs in London.

Granger and co. notting hill scrambled eggs

Jessie and I had been dreaming about/drooling over/perfecting our plans for our first brunch of freedom ever since the dawn of exam season (procrastinators gonna procrastinate), so when we got there it was all sunny and bright in Notting Hill, we were still so happy and feeling all light and airy from our examless-ness that didn’t even mind the queue outside. To be fair we actually met up an hour later than originally planned because I thought I’d discovered a new London life hack by hopping between circle line trains without actually checking the destination… Turns out I was yet to learn the true hack: for the love of God, stick with your initial platform – that means even if it has been 15 minutes and you’re dubious of whether this forsaken train actually exists or not, because I promise you it will come at the exact moment that you choose to run to the adjacent platform for the wrong train and fall up the stairs in the process. So there you have it. You’re welcome.

Once, in, at first we both 100% wanted the hotcakes. Why? Because… because…pancakes…except not pancakes! And brunch has to have something or other that’s syrupy and sugar dusted, amiright? These hotcakes have also been all-the-rave on Instagram recently too, like Andrea’s feed. Coming and going without meeting them for ourselves was obviously not an option.

Granger and Co. Notting Hill London Brunch best scrambled eggs breakfast london ricotta hotcakes

But then we started eyeing up what everyone else there was already eating. DILEMMAS.

All we could see was a plethora of the most beautifully whipped heaps of swirly, buttery scrambled eggs, huge avo halves, inch thick sour dough toast being passed around and many jumbles of cute little chipolatas and chestnut mushrooms and so much more. We didn’t think our hotcakes were quite gonna cut it. Not today. Besides, I wanted a heap of those whirly egg piles so badly. Being struck down by indecision in a restaurant full of food envy has never been so appetizing.

So ah, here’s where I drop in just how much I love going for brunch with Jessie, who is thankfully always up for something savoury to cancel out all the sugar I tend to over-order. We find it really easy to compromise on our cravings, so this time we settled on sharing the hotcakes as well as a cheeky big brekkie/”Full Aussie” to go on the side, asking if we could swap the tomato for some of that ridiculously green avo.

I also pushed her into a side of toasted + dusted + buttered coconut bread to share. Because puuuurlease how. can. you. not?!

Granger and Co. Notting Hill London Brunch best scrambled eggs breakfast london. COCONUT BREAD TOASTED

Halfsies = happy times. It was definitely the kind of event you wish could last all day. The ricotta hotcakes were more thick and ‘squidgy’ than fluffy – definitely not comparable to butter milk pancakes (you don’t say) – but they tasted more like the healthy/yoghurt-y kinda pancakes I tend to make at home; not so indulgent to put you into a food coma for the rest of the day, and I’m used to that taste anyway.

Scrambled eggs full aussie avocado Granger and Co. Notting Hill London Brunch best scrambled eggs breakfast london Granger and Co. Notting Hill London Brunch best scrambled eggs breakfast london

They do lush mochas here also. When mine arrived, the two American gals sitting at the end of the bar next to us were all like “OH MY GAD, is that the hot chocolate?” (too bad accents can’t be typed…) as soon as it was put down; too rich to be true, just a bitter-sweet drink-able heaven (though not for the faint hearted/milk chocolate lovers).

Granger and Co. Notting Hill London Brunch best scrambled eggs breakfast london mocha real hot chocolate thick

The next time I stop by I am sooo going for a combo of the hotcakes plus a side of those dreamy scrambled eggies as well as round two of their amazing sourdough, only with some almond butter + dulce de leche as they promise they can serve with it. It’s decided. Already unsure how I could settle for a birthday breakfast anywhere other than here, guiz.

I should probably mention that we were given the option of sitting at the bar, as opposed to an extra 15 minute or so wait, which was fine. The bar space actually turned out to be really spacious, especially compared to the seated area which seemed pretty crammy! So if you ever find yourself queuing outside and offered the bar space – don’t turn it down! You will end up with far more elbow room than anyone enjoying the window light. Oh and p.s., try to grab Charlotte as your waitress – she’s so sweet!

Sometime during our brunch Jessie tried to convince me that Florida was in California…We fixed that little disagreement with the second quick Google of our brunch (first time was trying to figure out what on earth Labneh was), hoping that the 2 American gals didn’t a) hear us or b) figure out that we are both Geographers (Jessie can be quite convincing). #Awkward.

What a lovely way to kick-off summer time and mark the end of year 2. Caramel fro-yo’s, coffee and strolls along Portobello road trailed. This year has been such a blur. Time really does fly! It’s almost time to list out all the to do’s I need to have not seen through by this time next year (see first parag). That said though, if there’s anything I can take away from the past 9 months or so, it’s that nothing turns out the way you idealize. Reality is far more unexpected, less utopian… but way more exciting. Something you couldn’t make up. We came to Granger and Co. expecting to be an hour earlier, hoping for an actual table, to eat hotcakes and leave. But what we actually had was way more colourful and perfect for us on that very morning – A slightly elusive (ok yes terrible) analogy for the way this past year has unfolded… but everything really has been slowly clicking into place just in time for now. Even though the way here was chaotic and sometimes gloomy, this is a good place to start appreciating all of the the little unexplainable chances that criss-crossed this ones spirally little path. And for that, I’m so thankful.

P.S. Happy 1st birthday TLS!!


Spain Spain Spain ❤

“Happiness don’t drag its feet, and time moves faster than you think…” – Kip Moore, Hey Pretty Girl 

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

What a whirlwind 2015 has been so far. All I can give is a bad poem to express just how baffled I am at the fact it is already MARCH:

Time is flying

Spring is near

And although Christmas feels like yesterday,

We are already ¼ into the year…

Say what?!

As usual I set way too many resolutions for myself, and ended up forgetting to remember what the majority of them were. But 2k15 to date has been marked by a sort-of-productive new me… being chased by deadlines, getting lost with Murakami in the Wind Up Bird Chronicle, smashing my phone to pieces, resisting the urge to cut my fringe andddddd…  getting away to magical Spain -which went on to mark the most beautiful adventures of the year so far…

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Seville Granada Even though I totally intended to keep a travel diary during this trip, I managed to forget my pretty travel notebook and the perfectionist in me said that nothing else would do…As such, it looks as if all of our blue skied memories of little orange towns (Seville) and castles in the clouds (Granada) will be left to forever float about in a tapas-infused picture paradise; framed with giant churros, sprinkled with sunshine and last but not least, drizzled in the thickly melted creamy decadence that the Spanish pass off for ‘hot chocolate’ (no complaints here)…

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana GIANT CHURROS AND CHOCOLATE Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana


bicicleta cafe Spain - Sevilla and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaScroll away! And I hope you enjoy these snippets as much as we enjoyed snapping them! xox

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana


Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Langley

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana langley


Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana cream crema filled croissant pasteleria bakery patisserie

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana-2 Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

Spain - Seville jessie lim and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana cafe amorino Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana cafe amorino cafe amorinoSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana horse and cartSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana night Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana white hot chocolateSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana seville orangesSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana cathedralSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana european hot chocolate

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana seville sevilla orangesSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains TashianaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana paellaSpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana langleySpain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana Spain - Seville and Granada Street Photography Mountains Tashiana

Needless to say, this trip really wouldn’t have been what it wasn’t for my partner in (crime) and travel… Jessie! Thank you for being so super organized, for never complaining when the 100329382th picture still wasn’t right, for also having witnessed Juan Jr (LOL) – for the Taylor Swift sung songs, the long walks, that 1kg of giant strawberries you picked up from the fish market; for always letting me order way too much goats cheese with dinner… and for always saying hell yes to round 2 of chocolate and churros, bakeries for breakfast, or fro-yo on the kerbside. And P.S: I’m still sorry I made us take that 2 hour ‘detour’ in search of the snow capped mountains that never did get any closer… You are the best.

Jessie Lim and Tashiana Langley

Going away for 5 days is kind of weird; when you get back –you get that ‘long break’ feeling, as if something mildly significant should have changed while you were away… but it quickly dawns on you that next Saturday hasn’t even come around yet. Everything is still the same; the only difference is that you are refreshed and ready to pick up where you left off on a fresh tank of energy; a giant exhale. Short breaks are such a treat and I am so grateful for having had such a smooth + safe time away!

Now all I’ve got to do is get through March; I believe Easter this year will happen precisely 5 days into April? I cannot lie: I am literally counting down the days until I may once again sandwich a whippy mound of peanut butter between 2 slices of wholegrain-jammy goodness. In other words: LENT IS HARD AND I’M TRYING TO HIDE HOW CRAZY THIS ABSISTENCE IS ACTUALLY MAKING ME. Did any of you guys give anything up for it? Or even better, does anyone have any tips for surviving w/out peanut butter?! The struggle is getting more and more real every day.

Hope you are all well X

Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the colour purple in a field somewhere, and don’t notice it.”―  Alice Walker, The Color Purple

Nothing makes a food blogger happier than a bunch of brown bananas that nobody else wants…

Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread

I actually can’t even tell you how good it felt to hug this loaf the moment it came out of the oven; everywhere smelled warm and sweet and basically like that home-made-heaven again…

I’ve missed baking. Like, a lot. For the past couple of months, the goodies have completely stalled. Coursework piled up, Christmas came and went, and…well, the library doesn’t have an oven.

Given that baking basically = my one way ticket to procrastination, I kind of just had to let it go and be more studious for a bit. The #withdrawals were real.

But rn? Bliss = banana bread made with peanut butter and sided with all the best things: yogurt, frosting, and tea.

Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread

This beaut also contains waaaaay less fat than your standard loaf cake, given that there is only 2 mere tbsp oil in the whole recipe. Meanwhile, the remainder of the tin has been filled in with super-moistening ingredients like apple sauce and mashed bananas – this ‘bread’ definitely borders more on being a ‘cake’. Peanut butter is also a renowned super-food– meaning its fat content doesn’t really count… 😉 So by all means, go for that 3rd slice – the logic is real.

Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread

Serves 8-12, or 1 x giant + hungry brother:

  • 2C flour
  • ¼ C brown sugar
  • ½ C white sugar
  • 5 tbsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1/3 C peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 4 large tbsp apple sauce
  • 3 medium bananas, peeled and mashed.
  • 3 small-medium eggs
  • 1 x tbsp vanilla essence
  • Splash of milk


  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1/3 C icing sugar
  • Splash of milk (2 tbsp should do it)


Mix dry ingredients + powders|Mix wet ingredients + egg + vanilla|Combine wet + dry ingredients|Add the splash of milk, you should have a nice batter – not too thick, not too runny|Place in a lined loaf tin and bake for 45-55 minutes at 180*/350*, or until a toothpick inserted into the centre comes out clean and the top is golden brown|.

Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread

Even though January moving swiftly on so eagerly has led to all of these dissertation prep classes to suddenly become scarily real – the plus side of this time warp is that Jessie and I are now only 23 days away from our Spanish adventure! We are heading off Seville + Grenada during our college reading week (strategic, eh) for some winter sun, tapas, good wine and fun – definitely #soulsearching. The countdown is so exciting, especially since we’ve been wander-lusting about the whole thing for months now! However, we aren’t going to be here for Pancake Day?! I half spent last year smelling hops in a brewery, and the second half serving all-day pancakes to other people for dinner. I reckon that a follow-up, ‘Pancake Week’ is due.

This trip is also kicking me into taking my Spanish module a little bit more seriously… our tutor this year has been a little too lax with everything and any kind of progress has suffered. Even though his attitude was quite a perk last term, I’ve been nowhere near pro-active enough to benefit and I am currently nothing but less fluido’ in this language than I was a year ago…We also have an exam next week. Dios Mio.

All in all, January has been incredibly exciting for way more reasons than I could even list on here! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect start to the year. Hard work always pays off, so whatever you’re up to/working towards/dreaming about – keep pushing, because everything will happen at the best possible time, and there is so much to love along the way. If you always keep yourself waiting for something, then there will always be more.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely start to the year!

Anyone been to Seville/Granada? What was it like?

More importantly: What have you been brunching on this Jan?!


Healthier Peanut Butter & Banana Tiger Bread


“Every event in life — the rejections, the relationships, all the embarrassing things you do will lead you to the person you are destined to be with. You may want to change certain things about your past, but everything has been just another chapter in your book of life. If you don’t believe me, buy a book — any book — and rip out an entire chapter — any chapter — and read it. Now, get a full copy of the same book and read it again. Odds are you’ll find that chapter pieced everything together the way it was supposed to be.”― Mike Zacchio

“God answers all prayers, but sometimes his answer is ‘no’.” ― Dan Brown, Angels & Demons

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square, London.

Few restaurants in London have managed to capture my heart like Muriel’s Kitchen. Muriel’s just has it.

And while I may be biased – given my ever long hankering for all things pancakes + brunch based and generally sweet… Muriel’s serves things like waffles and big brekkies. Ain’t that a treat?

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs. Still, whether its the decorative green vines strung along the furniture, the swingy-egg like seat by the window, or the brick thick brownies and cake frosting galore on display from first thing in the morning…I’m not quite sure. But Muriel’s is an all-day haven in the middle of Leicester square, treating central-goers to good eggs and fresh juice there, or again over in South Ken.

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs.  fresh juice vitamin hugWe learnt that Muriel’s is perfect for bacon-based brunches draped in maple syrup and eggs.

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs. But are also a couple of other things they’ve gotten just right for breakfast that are worth mentioning…

  1. Avocados are on the menu. Haters gonna hate, but the option is there should your mood be too. Nothing irks me more than an avocado-less brunch spot visit that coincides with an egg-and-avocado-with-hollandaise kind of day. Srsly. The struggle can be real.

…Admittedly, it wasn’t quite one of those days, but it made the decision process a little trickier nonetheless (which is always a sign of a mouth watering menu).

Jessie had her hollandaise with some flaky salmon though:

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs.  eggs royale salmon

  1. Everything is big. Big. Big big big. It’s called breakfast for a reason right? As in, you’re literally breaaaaking that 12 hour fasting coma that you’ve woken up from… It’s a big deal and deserves serious nourishment every single time. At Muriel’s, the big jars of granola are big. The butties are big. The cakes are big. The big breakfasts are…well, big. And while the waffle could have come with say, 2 eggs instead of just the one (yup, yolk addict here), it was otherwise the perfect portion – graciously big. Muriel’s kitchen knows how to feed you. The restaurant is also big and tables are plentiful, plus the staff totally let you stand around for 5 minutes ++ while you decide where you wanna sit. Who doesn’t love a brunch spot that seats you without a wait? I can’t speak for South Ken, but in my experience I’ve never found Leicester square too busy to accommodate me and my appetite. Go Muriel’s.
  1. Their pancakes. Their pancakes are just like…oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-I-didn’t-order-those worthy. SERIOUSLY. When me and Jessie visited Muriel’s, I had decided to make it a savory trip and embrace something bacon & eggy for once (before I drizzled maple syrup over it all, by standard). The pancakes had caught both of our eyes, but I guess we just kind of thought they would be ordinary pancakes and not actually oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-I-didn’t-order-those worthy. We were so wrong. About an hour later however, the girls who had sat down at the table next to us got delivered the most beautiful, sugar dusted plate of inch thick and fluffy, blueberry pancakes. All I can say is: our eyes flickered. The food envy was intense.

Naturally, we decided we hadn’t had our fill and went to order some of our own to share. Unfortunately…we had asked a little too late (or 5 minutes too early?!), as breakfast was ending at 12 and the “chefs would go crazy”…Although we had technically asked for them at 11:55am precisely, we just didn’t stir anything up and instead just kind of dropped the idea and moved ourselves somewhere else for mochas and some Spain planning. I work in a restaurant myself, and whenever this brunch/lunch cusp scenario makes an appearance we all just give in as long as the time truly is within reason since, at the end of the day, an extra dish does get to be sold…

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs.

Anyhow, I totally made up for it in the next few days though with these blueberry and pear pancakes though, plus some other stacked banana beauties that made the lingering cravings fade.

So yeah. While we became a little silently huffy over the pancake rejection, Muriel’s is still my favourite café/restaurant/brunch spot in London for all of the reasons above plus many more that I haven’t quite put my finger on yet. I just love the concept of Muriel’s.

I also love their seasonal menus and fresh ingredients. I love their blue Clarence court eggs and the way you can order baked beans on the side of things. I love their cakes and brick thick brownies and, I love the way that waiters there never cease to remember me as the girl hovering around the counter who just ‘can’t make her mind up’, in the best possible way.

Take a visit and, just like Jessie over here – you might be tempted to simply fall in love with the place at first seat/sight of these pretty burdies:

Muriel’s Kitchen: Leicester Square. Because you know you can’t resist a bacon-based brunch draped in maple syrup and eggs.  muriels decor

Stay tuned for round 2 (hopefully) featuring pancakes a la here!

Where in London do the best pancakes you’ve ever had? Do you ever make something at home after you’ve seen it somewhere else on a menu? And most importantly: What’s does your ideal brunch consist of?!

Have a great start to the week!