Peach Meringue Trifles

Peach Meringue Trifles with Raspberry and PearSo despite spending all of Monday night and all of this morning surfing Pinterest for search terms like peach tart/peach cake/peach loaf with cream cheese/no bake cheesecake with peach ideas, I just still couldn’t decide on anything to make. Anything. Anything.

I was so disoriented. PINTEREST Y U SO HUGE. Nothing was fitting the mood, which was kind of problematic since a) Jessie and I had scheduled a bake date, and b) because you can’t really turn up to these sort of things without some sort of cookies/cake in mind. Realistically.

But it was a muggy morning and kinda hot and, you know those days where you just don’t really feel like baking a whole batch of brownies and diving face first into them? (Me neither, this was a first). This was…one of those days. The summer heat seeped in just like it has been doing for the past few weeks and totally muffled my craving for anything buttery, stodgy or hot (why bother baking if you can’t enjoy it straight out of the oven?). I needed something no-bake but wasn’t ready to accept this just yet.

Peach meringue triflesTrust me when I tell you how much I really wanted to bake a batch of ooey-gooey peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies, or a tray of vanilla cream-cheese frosted blondies. I just didn’t want to have to eat them. Or worse, leave them out for everyone else to eat while I didn’t, because that really wouldn’t be fair. Where is Winter when you need him?! Or a moody November day calling for all-things caramel and crumble-topped and cinnamon spiced? I had so many ideas! But a bake just wasn’t going to happen. I meet Jessie and tell her that I’m sorry: I was afraid of this. 

Even so we went shopping.  I still had no idea what I was gonna make (kind of pointless when you’re out to buy your ingredients), but Jessie brought along her jar of dried lavender for the shortbread cookies she was going to make, which made me really want to just t.h.i.n.k of something already.  A 6-pack of shiny brand new wine glasses then slipped themselves into our basket (not sure how that happened). And then oh, I found a bake book which beheld a recipe for…summer fruit custard tarts. There: Custard. Thick, gloopy, whippy custard. Custard. YES.

And so it hit me. The purpose of our chance meeting with the wine glasses and recipe book suddenly became clear, and into them the trifles later went.


We had fun! And got meringue bits absolutely EVERYWHERE!

Peach meringue triflesThe trifles actually deviated from being strictly peach, but only because these cute little raspberry jelly (jello) and pear pots that we found looked too good not to include. I also had to sneak meringue into them somehow, but that actually ended up being a really good shout. Meanwhile, Jessie happily baked solo and totally gave me half her batch of DELICIOUS, salted lavender shortbread cookies – which the lil bro also came home from school and discovered, way too fast.

Lavender shortbreadI can’t really call these trifles “made from scratch”. I was too lazy to make the thick and fluffy custard that sucked me into creating them to begin with, so I ended up buying a pot of fresh custard and adding vanilla to it, constructing layers out of the jellies, sponges, custard and cream. Later to end up splattered across the underneath of the freezer. Obviously.

I kept 2 of the trifle glasses in the door part of the fridge. One of them fell out and got smooshed up a little (a lot) and totally defied any hope that the 5 second rule might have offered. 5 minutes later this whole scenario happened again. This time, with the trifle losing any of the remaining custard that managed to survive the first drop. HEY TASH why don’t you move the trifles out of the fridge door and into the fridge itself where it can stand in peace without the risk of a fridge-quake? You should really do that. Like now. – said the voice in my head.

*doesn’t take own advice*

So 1 hour later the whole scenario repeated itself with a pair of fresh trifles. Andddddd then there were 2. Just 2.

Moral of the story? Don’t keep your trifles in the door of the fridge. Ever.

Because it started from six and now we’re here. Eating meringue off the floor.

  1. Starting from the Bottom: Trifle sponge spread with raspberry jam.
  2. Second up: A mix of Raspberry jelly/jello pots + Pears in raspberry jelly.
  3. Inbetween: – Trifle sponges spread with jam, pre-packaged.
  4. Third up: Chopped peaches (the canned kind)
  5. Second from the top: Custard stirred with vanilla pods
  6. On top: Whipped cream & chunks of crumbled meringue.
  7. Don’t forget to remember what I said about the fridge door.

Peach Meringue Trifles

RIP Peach Meringue trifles.

  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    Oh wow – those look so good! It really has been too hot for baking lately, so I’m all for this kind of treat! xxx

  • Jessie

    HAHAHAHAHA I died when I read about your fridge accidents again sigh that was funny (though frankly speaking quite disastrous). LOVED our food session <3

  • Jasmin Charlotte

    Haha oh no fridge door disaster! I totally know what you mean though, I can never decide what to make – always takes forever! These look so good though, trifle is one of my fave desserts! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • June @ How to Philosophize with Cake

    Those look like such refreshing treats! Love all the fruits in here :)

  • Chineka @ Savor The Baking

    Beautiful Trifles and they look like a lot of fun to make. I <3 Pinterest!

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