Ricotta & Apricot Overnight Oats – Perfect for a Monday


Overnight Cinnamon oats: Ricotta and apricot

I am sure that right many of you guys will be pounding the alarm clock in despair this morning; shunning the rays of light beaming onto your walls and probably feeling a little nostalgic about the weekend that has just been and gone…

But for a waitress like me, the story is nice and different (for today, at least).

Because over here, a Monday morning off of work (yippee!) is the equivalent of a Friday in the real world…

Hmm, what to do today? Monday morning is an open palette…I love the ‘fresh start’ vibe that any Monday sends out. Monday marks a new week, new goals, and new hope… Monday = permission for optimism.

Ha-ha: While everybody else has to leave the weekend behind them; start some ironing and battle the 9am commute; I get to enjoy a slow breakfast and I can photograph it to my heart’s content. A time limit does not exist; since there shall be no need to rush off asap, or blitz up the trio of escalators at Waterloo station today – no way.

(Scroll down for oats)


Sunrise over london blue sky

featuring…RICOTTA & APRICOT Overnight OATS!

Creamy, creamy oat-y fun…
Let’s sprinkle in some cinnamon,
…and then get in my TUM!

Er, cheesy… (literally) Ricotta is nice.

Overnight Cinnamon oats: Ricotta and apricot Overnight Cinnamon oats: Ricotta and apricot

The pictures failed a bit. The ricotta made a huge splash (despite my careful application of it to the very centre of the bowl) and disappeared quickly, while my beautiful Mr. Apricot jam drowned before he even had time to pose. Who knows what happened to them? I just stirred the whole thing in temper and hoped for the best…

(It was lovely and creamy; next time I will be adding nuts and yolo-ing a little less on the volume of milk…)

Yeah, these oats made me happy. I haven’t actually had oats for breakfast for a long time. I have recently become a serial cereal eater (I see what I did there 😉 I have become way too passionate about junky chocolate cereals, and the way that they encourage you to dollop huge swirls of peanut butter over them… It is lethal addiction. You come to develop a deep love for the craft, and the cravings thereon never end.  Breakfast is repeated day after day and fruit becomes a rare occurrence…It feels good to be ‘healthy’ again.

Quake me up to oats…

Overnight Cinnamon oats: Ricotta and apricot Overnight Cinnamon oats: Ricotta and apricot

Over the past few weeks my shift hours have been a little sporadic. From 5am wakeups to dinner at 11pm; after 8 straight hours of running around a big restaurant. Le body clock is a little out of whack me thinks; and a diet of carrot cakes, lemon meringue pie and food market bliss doesn’t tie one over too well…This week I’m going to learn from the headaches and sugar crashes and try to be a little more sensible when it comes to substance (Don’t judge my willpower by my Instagram).

I also plan to start incorporation more walks into my week! I used to walk so much everywhere. I began them for the exercise (because I am not about that gym life), but they turned into so much more – walks became meditative and peaceful. I speak in the past tense because ever since the start of university + a shift-working life, walks seem to have been thrown off of my priorities list and dismissed in honour of sleep time (and laziness). Although I get a ridiculous amount of cardio exercise from waitressing; I miss the sunshine, the breeze and the fresh air…I miss the directionless routes and the freedom of carving out your own trail. I miss the empty roads and watching the sunrise; the purple clouds and the orange sun.  If anything, I guess I just miss having an abundance of ‘me-time’. But I like to spend my ‘me-time’ out taking a good walk anyway…Is anyone on my wavelength with this?

And BOOKS! Books!! I have so many books that I want to read. Summer is the season for reading. Summer gives you permission to loll around with fiction and iced drinks in the sunshine all day long. I already know that summer comes and goes in a flash; the chance to read fiction and be idle is one of the most idyllic ways that I can think of spending my life…but unfortunately, a 3 month long opportunity like this doesn’t come around too often…I have to get started! With that said, I have just finished ‘Necessary Lies’ by Diane Chamberlain (my favourite author!!) And it was fantastic…I will forever be in awe at how she manages to craft her details and tailor her sub-climaxes so complexly. Good authors change how you see the world…Review to come!

&&&& Here are some pretty pictures from Sunday just gone:

weed flower photo overgrown garden blue sky overgrown garden blue sky and roses purple flower bramble plant baby plums green

1: Weeds can be pretty too| 2. The Allotments, it’s been 10 years now| 3. Roses & Weeds| 4. A leek plant: photo-bombed by a fly|5. Brambles|6 = A plum foetus.

Have a great week! Who else has Monday morning ambitions?

Tash x

  • http://www.rosas-yummy-yums.blogspot.com Rosa

    A wonderful breakfast treat and lovely pictures. I also need to walk more (I used to walk a lot)…



    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Walking is so relaxing in the summer! I hope you get back into it soon Rosa :)

  • http://evaetsandra.com Eva

    Very nice recipe for a happy monday !! I love breakfast and this is perfect for starting a new day !

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Loving your mountain pics, Eva! :)

  • http://www.kenzielife.com Alex @ Kenzie Life

    These oats look so good! I haven’t had the ricotta and apricot combination but it sounds heavenly! Hope you had a great Monday!

    • http://www.tealightsky.com Tashiana

      Yes they really thicken it up and add to the texture of the oaties – highly recommended :) Enjoy the rest of your week Alex <3