Sin-free Sweet Potato & Blueberry Pancakes with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

Have you ever been in one of those moods where ALL you want is pancakes?

WP_20150602_856 (1)Sometimes I wonder whether it’s the actual pancakes that I’m craving, or if it’s just a hankering for anything oily-sweet and eggy, like a heap of maple syrup doused french toast or any slightly stodgy form of carbs, such as sweet potato fries or hot blueberry muffins or carrot cake with mounds of whippy cream. cheese. frosting…

The craving could be a-a-a-a-anythinggggg. And that’s just confusing. (although being personality-type indecisive has never seemed to help the situation).  And so most times, given the uncertainty; I try and ward off the whole lot with anything but the real things, convincing myself that *insert any food healthier-for-you-than-pancakes* will do instead. It doesn’t help how society kind of implies that, if you happen to squeeze in time for pancakes more than 2,3, or possibly 4 times a week, then you are having too much fun and should probably go and find something actual to do. That is, something besides layering IG filters over the sheen of your autumn-orange pancakes in the afternoon light… #proudpancakemama.

Sweet potato and low fat cream cheese vanilla pancakes Gah. Dilemmas. Can you see how easy it is to get carried away assessing the situation? But sometimes, it is truly in your own best interest to just start frying up the one brunch you’re really after. Even if it is 3 o’clock. On a Tuesday. And you haven’t got anything ‘actual’ to do after all.

Sweet potato pancakes are so so dreamy. They are nothing short of being the perfect balance between the 2 different carb groups – the heavy and stodgy kind, versus the feel good, energizing kind (in the lead here).

Unfortunately these sweet potato pancakes here are not gluten free (since oats + food processor + washing up + me wasn’t exactly on the brunch agenda…) – but feel free to replace the wheat flour with equivalent amounts of oat/almond flour). They are also low in fat and made with zero refined sugar. Better yet, who will ever need to settle for a bite of cake when their urge for some frosting fix calls again? This low fat cream cheese frosting is an absolute must! So creamy and vanilla-y and sweet, but not in the same sickening way that tops baked goods; it means you can go all out and build a towering pancake-sammie as high as you can handle – guilt free. You heard me.

  1. 1 x medium sweet potato (cooked and mashed) combined with 1/3 C flour (appx 5 tablespoons),  1 x tsp of baking soda, a pinch of salt, a sprinkle of cinnamon and 1/2 tsp of vanilla.
  2. Then mix the above ingredients with 2 x tbsp apple sauce (used in order to replace the oil + sugar), whisk with 1 x small egg, and lastly a splash of milk
  3. But don’t forget the blueberries! 
  4. Fry them in a lightly greased pan on medium-high, flipping only when bubbles appear on the top side.
  5. P.S. you will want your batter to be pretty thick/spoon-able. If it is too runny and spreads out in the pan before it has a chance to fry properly, then just gradually add some more flour. Thicker batter = thicker pancakes.
  6. For the frosting: you literally just gotta scoop out as much cream cheese as you want (I used 75% reduced) – say 3 tbsp? Add 1/3 tsp vanilla extract, a pinch of salt + a teaspoon or so of maple syrup (but no rules here) – and whip it all together with a big fork.
  7. Then the pancakes are a blank canvas!

*Ideally the above should serve 2 peeps. But I’d actually say… 1.5 persons? Which basically = they serve 1 (me or you) + leaves a bit leftover for snacking later on. In other words, double it if anyone is sitting down for brunch with you.

I think it’s fair to say these pancakes were definitely crafted by the carrot cake pangs we mentioned above, but there are also blueberries lurking in there, too. I promise you I didn’t just throw ‘blueberries’ into the name to cheat them into sounding fruitier and better-for-you. After all, anything so naturally orange has gotta have some kinda health benefit of it’s own anyway, no? I’m sure you don’t need any more persuading. Except that they also pair really well with some buttery scrambled eggs (do it).

Sweet potato pancakes with vanilla cream cheese low fat frosting

All in all, it turns out that pancakes are a food group of their own, one with little tolerance for substitutions. And yup, this was most definitely the 3rd, (and arguably the 4th) time that pancakes + me have crossed paths this week 😉 Yay for apple sauce and sin-free indulgence! This particular mood seems pretty determined if you ask me.

Anyhow, grab a plate and dig in. I don’t want to mind sharing. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


  • Lisa

    Oh wow, these look amazing. I am a huge lover of sweet potato!

  • Alex @ True Femme

    These look ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! I’m always in the mood for pancakes. In fact, the two things I could eat in large amounts are pizza and pancakes. Nobody really thinks I could put that much food away, but I seem to be a bottomless pit for them!

  • Kristi @ Inspiration Kitchen

    Oh my – these look like dessert on a plate. I love sweet potatoes and have never had them in pancakes, but now I have to try them!