Super Stringy: Stovetop Pumpkin Gnocchi ‘n’ Cheese.

“Pumpkin, I am always serious when it comes to you”. — Kylie Scott, Play

It’s autumn. You currently have THE ultimate excuse to eat yourself stupidly orange. Do it.

Super Stringy: Stovetop Pumpkin Gnocchi and Cheese. Quick, easy, and cheesy! Perfect for fall.

Read on and allow me to help you OD on beta-carotene and mozzarella… (You probably thought this was vegan, right? Look away now)

Let me just quickly reveal an awkward confession about myself…posting up my own savoury dishes always makes me cringe on the inside.

Unlike the world of baked goods and brownies galore; savoury stuff is so dauntingly vast, – there are a million and one different ways to prepare a particular dish…and everybody else likes it differently to you. Although the exact same could be said for the baked world too, the feeling isn’t quite the same. When it comes to all things sugar and spice, I feel so much more in tune with the ingredients. I have so much more confidence in the final product because I can actually *feel* the wholeness of the cake/brownie/buttery-sugary creation, which means that I generally can’t wait to show them off and share them on here. After all, I perfected those recipes myself – they are born from my world and I know them inside and out – what’s not to feel confident about? I anticipate every streak of flavour and every crumb of their texture. I wait patiently for the oven to be finished with them so that I can claim their perfection. I am in control.

On the other hand, when it comes to actually *cooking* I usually find myself lost in a sea of spices, hoping for the best as I chuck teaspoon after teaspoon of mystery herbs into the dinner-to-be. Suddenly, I am not in control. To be quite frank, I don’t really know what I’m doing at all. However I do know that if I stir the pot enough then something edible usually happens…I never follow my plans through. I like hacks. I like fast-food…like who doesn’t? I cook to my own/my family’s tastes and we enjoy the warped ingredient ratios that we invent for ourselves…all to the detriment of a well dusted recipe. But what can we say? Corner cutting is great, and ignorance is bliss…

Quick, easy, and cheesy! Perfect for fall.

The only downside to this however, is that the finished dishes that can’t really be classified as much more than a big scramble of our favourite things cooked-up together in such a way that *mildly* resembles last week’s delectable pin…This for example, *should* have been vegan. But we had so much cheese to use up. So we used it anyway and pretty much undermined the purpose of pumpkin-pasta as a dairy alternative. Dinners seem to be a constant battle between expectations vs reality. Needless to say, they don’t really get snapped and posted up here since I can’t really bring myself to believe in what they *are*…

Yet with that said, sometimes, something very special actually does end up being thrown together. In these instances, it becomes sort-of post worthy, even if it has broken all of the rules and feels cringe-y and way too over-personalized to share.

I sure hope that you guys you can appreciate a super cheesy, cheats “macaroni and pumpkin cheese”, as improvised and gnocchi (rather than macaroni) based as it may be… 😉 I love potato deeply.

Quick, easy, and cheesy! Perfect for fall.

Serves 2

  • 1 X 500g pack of gnocchi, cooked + salted (should = 2 servings)
  • 1 tsp butter
  • 1 x can of pumpkin
  • ¼ C cream cheese (any kind is fine really)
  • ¼ parmesan
  • ¼ C mozzarella (or cheddar, whatever you have at hand)
  • 1 tbsp English mustard
  • ½ C milk
  • ½ tsp garlic powder, ½ tsp onion powder. Salt and pepper to taste.
  • 3-4 handfuls of spinach to stir in.
  1. Add the butter to a saucepan heated on medium-high heat. Wait for it to melt. Swoosh it around a little.
  2. Add the cream cheese, pumpkin, spices, mustard, and milk stirring until smooth and thickened.
  3. Add the cheeses after the first load of ingredients has heated enough. You may need to add more milk if the sauce becomes too thick and stringy – but thicker sauce = richer and tastier!
  4. Add the spinach a few minutes before you are ready to remove the sauce, wait for it to wilt. Stir.
  5. Combine the cooked + drained pasta with the sauce. If you want you can bake it from here with some extra cheese + sage infused breadcrumbs on top…or you can just serve it as it is. It is perfect like so (and ridiculously easy). Lazy person approved. So long as you have a can of pumpkin and a decent amount of butter and cheese, you can’t go wrong. Just trust your cheese-tuition and make some freaking sauce (that was cheesy, I know).

Super Stringy: Stovetop Pumpkin Gnocchi and Cheese. Quick, easy, and cheesy! Perfect for fall.

So…What’s next?

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And also, this amazing recipe for pumpkin spice cookies shall be making their debut onto TLS soon too! (After my chronic procrastination has been overcome)

But until then…

Have a great weekend! X

 “The multicolored leaves were softly glowing against the black sky, creating an untimely nocturnal rainbow which scattered its spectral tints everywhere and dyed the night with a harvest of hues: peach gold and pumpkin orange, honey yellow and winy amber, apple red and plum violet. Luminous within their leafy shapes, the colors cast themselves across the darkness and were splattered upon our streets and our fields and our faces. Everything was resplendent with the pyrotechnics of a new autumn.”
― Thomas Ligotti, The Nightmare Factory

  • marcie

    Oh, this is pumpkin, cheesy, potato goodness at it’s best! Amazing meal, and your post is as well written as I’m sure the dish is delicious!

  • pam (Sidewalk Shoes)

    Looks amazing! It’s funny, I am the exact opposite. Baking is such a mystery, it seems like some sort of weird science, I never know what will happen. Whereas cooking is so easy, so forgiving.

  • Jamie @ Dishing Out Health

    Looks like the perfect fall comfort dish! I see this on my menu in the very near future!

  • Rachel @ Bakerita

    I totally get you on the baking vs cooking thing – I’m way more confident about my baked goods!! This gnocchi though, looks SO good! Cheesy stringy pumpkin-y gnocchi sounds like a little slice of heaven. Pinned!

  • Eva

    My children used consume the bowl of raw cookie ! your cookies looks amazing!

  • Alex @ True Femme

    This is a combination I wouldn’t have thought of myself but I think I would absolutely adore it! I had a pumpkin gnocchi a few years ago and thought it was incredible, but the addition of mozzarella and other cheese would just take it over the top!

  • Monica

    This makes me want to get cooking with pumpkin. I love to see savory uses of it and this just looks creamy and satisfying, just what I want right now! And I’m with you on posting savory dishes. I never thought I’d blog about anything but cakes and bakes but doing that made me more adventurous in trying savory recipes and figuring out how things works. It’s nice that there is lots of room for interpretation but it is hard to capture that in a post, isn’t it.

    • Tashiana

      Spot on Monica, I agree with you completely! Sometimes savoury stuff tastes, smells + looks so delicious in the home…but in photos? Nope! I think we will forever search for ourselves in the sweet recipes though, right? :)