The Breakfast Club Soho – Birthday Breakfast

“Does trust have to be earned. Or is it simply a matter of faith?” 
― Nicholas Sparks, At First Sight

Firstly, I can’t believe that it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve posted something up on here – time is flying so quickly. I decided to give myself a blogging break over my ‘birthday week’ to just enjoy the food, music and photo’s without any pressure to write it all down as fast as possible…and it has been worth it. So, here is the first of three posts in tribute to my final year as a teenager…my fabulous little birthday week (making use of hash-tags wherever possible)

University re-starts exactly one month today. Opinions about this remain mixed… #SoNotReady.

Le birthday morning was lovely, however. I woke up at about 6:30am, way before everyone else – I realized that I can’t remember a birthday where it hasn’t been sunny, and that’s how I was confident that it wasn’t going to rain. #ProfessionalGeographer.

A while later, I went downstairs to find my youngest brother on the living room carpet in his pyjamas, attempting to iron his ‘casual-smart’ trousers so that he could “look nice” for “my birthday breakfast”…. I just wanted to hug him; it was a ridiculously cute (if hopeless) sighting that he definitely won’t be living down any time soon. Then, after pulling the other bro out of bed so hard that he actually managed to hit the floor, we went out to get stuffed with BIRTHDAY PANCAKES at the breakfast club in Soho. #DayMade.

IMG_6034The breakfast club soho pancakes

Despite getting there well before 10am, we still had a 35 minute wait or so. The queue got bigger and bigger during this time, so that by the time we left it had tripled in size. We found it funny how even though central London is utterly deserted in the early morning (The BC is tucked just behind Oxford Circus) – a tiny little establishment like the BC could have such a huge line. The BC doesn’t just have customers – they have devout fans that will wait 35 minutes or more for their Elvis shakes, eggs, and unlimited maple syrup; even if there is a love hate relationship based on the ridiculously tiny size of the BC in the first place…I had to remind my brothers of this at least 3 times during the queuing process. They were reluctant and whiny at firsts, but from the moment they set eyes on their finished orders, they were converted and feeling sorry.  #Converted #DevoutFans #PowerOfThree #RightHere.

The breakfast club soho all american The breakfast club soho elvis shake The breakfast club soho pancakes


The breakfast club soho hot chocolate marshmallows The breakfast club soho walls decor interior

And so, birthday breakfast 2014 was just that…

IMG_6024 IMG_6010 IMG_6038 IMG_6023 IMG_6044

There were marshmallows, hot chocolate, and bacon and berries too. The pancakes were finished with vanilla cream and icing dust and drenched in maple syrup (or sausages and eggs in the case of my bro’s) and all in all, it was perfect. There are no other words. I love the breakfast club. I wish I could bring myself to have something different every time I go, but I can’t – American style, syrup drenched Pancakes don’t surrender easily (although the Benedict style huevos have always looked good)….Maybe next time?

Lol. Who am I kidding?

Nonetheless, the BC = a birthday brunch done right. If you live in London and you haven’t been then you MUST go!

The breakfast club soho pancakes merchandise The breakfast club soho inside

The end.

brother and sister



  • Leigha @ The Yooper Girl

    Ohhhh my goodness. I could go to London just for those pancakes! That cream on top though <3 birthdays definitely deserve a special breakfast :) I hope I can come to London someday and we can meet up!

  • Eva

    I will go to London only to take a breakfast like that! Happy birthday to you!
    Have a nice “rentrée”;)

  • Natasha

    Happy belated birthday!!! I love the Breakfast Club (though I’ve only been once and didn’t have the pancakes so I must go back for those!); what a great choice of brunch place for birthday pancakes.